Chapter 16 – The connected phone call

Yang Jian put down the phone in his hand and looked back at the green woods with great dread and fear.

This old man is indeed terrifying.

No matter how many times you come into contact with him, even if you just look at him from afar, it makes people shudder and feel afraid.

“Fang Jing should be dead by now?”

Yang Jian’s gaze flickered slightly. “The most urgent task now is to leave the Ghost Realm and stay away from this old man. If we are caught by him again, it is likely that we will die without a doubt. Whether it’s Zhang Wei, Wang Shanshan, or me, the result will be the same.”

What’s the point of becoming a Ghost Tamer? Isn’t Zhou Zheng dead because he used the power of the malevolent ghost too much and triggered its revival?

And the reason why Zhou Zheng died must be because this old ghost’s terror level exceeded that of the ghost infant.

The ghost infant couldn’t suppress this old man, so he naturally dragged people down.

Soon, Zhang Wei saw Yang Jian coming back and breathed a sigh of relief. “Yang Jian, where did you go? Did you find Fang Jing? There are ghosts everywhere in the school. You have the guts to run around. I don’t dare to move a step.”

“Although I got through Fang Jing’s phone, he should have run into a ghost as expected,” Yang Jian said. “And over there, I saw the old man who knocked on the door of the classroom before. That place is no longer approachable. The most urgent task now is to leave here. If we continue to stay, I don’t know how many more people will die here.”

As he said that, everyone fell silent, with fear and lingering fear on their faces.


It’s only been a few hours since the classroom was haunted until now, running all the way, but only a few people including the teacher are still alive out of more than 40 classmates.

Everyone else is missing.

And in a haunted classroom, missing means something that everyone knows.

This is not a dream, nor a movie, but a real haunting event… where people can die.

“Yang Jian, thank you for leading us out. Without you, we would have certainly encountered an accident,” someone said.

“Yes, thank you. And we’re sorry for what happened before. We didn’t stop Fang Jing when he pushed you into the toilet. Later we found out that Fang Jing was a demon. He left behind Zhao Qiang and Wang Gang along the way, and even the female classmates were left behind to cover our escape…”

“That guy is a beast.”

Several classmates behind them cursed Fang Jing and expressed their apologies to Yang Jian.

These four people were brought out by Yang Jian from the green trees before, and they were classmates with Fang Jing.

He thought Fang Jing deserved to die, but the others didn’t deserve to die. Since he had the opportunity to bring them out, it was just a matter of raising his hand. They were classmates, and there was no need to be so ruthless.

“It’s too early to say thank you now. As you can see, we are still in the school and within the Ghost Realm. Whether we can get out alive is still a question,” Yang Jian shook his head and said.

“Although you are all tired now, it’s not time to rest yet. Although I don’t know much about the situation in the Ghost Realm, we still need to try to see if we can get out of the school. Follow me.”

At this moment, he became the backbone of these people. After he finished speaking, several people who were sitting on the ground resting immediately stood up.

“One, two, three, four… there were more than 40 people in our class, and now only 13 are left. The survival rate is only 30%. Who knows how many more people will die next. If I knew this earlier, I should have taken a day off today. Why go to school? Other people go to school for money, we go to school for our lives,” Zhang Wei’s mood was a bit irritable.

The others glanced at him and remained silent, looking very depressed and in a bad state.If they couldn’t see any hope of survival again, Yang Jian believed that they were not far from a mental breakdown. He had already seen a girl’s face turn pale and start muttering to herself.

“Let’s go.”

At this moment, Yang Jian didn’t care about the issue of mental breakdowns.

The problem now was to leave this place alive.

With him leading the way, the others didn’t have to worry about getting lost, and they seemed to be constantly moving away from the ghost realm.

The darkness around them wasn’t too thick. Although the sky was still dim, they could see the road clearly and the buildings around them.

Soon, they arrived at the school gate.

The security booth was empty.

The road was silent and terrifyingly quiet.

The streetlights weren’t on, and there were no cars passing by.

The surroundings were eerie, and besides their own voices, there was no sound at all.

Yang Jian glanced at the closed door of the security booth and looked extremely cautious. He didn’t dare to approach any door. Who knew what terrifying things would come out if they opened the door?


Looking at the dead silence outside, he knew that even if they walked out of the school, it would be useless. As long as they were still in the ghost realm, it would be the same anywhere.

“What’s going on outside? Why isn’t anyone here? There are usually many parents picking up their children at this time.” Miao Xiaoshan asked curiously and a little panicked.

Indeed, the area outside the university was usually crowded with people and traffic.

But now, there was nothing but darkness, and they were the only ones around.

“I’ll go out and take a look.” Zhang Wei volunteered and climbed over the fence, walking onto the road outside.

Looking left and right along the road, he saw that the end of the road was shrouded in endless darkness, as if it led to the depths of hell. The way they came was also shrouded in darkness.

The whole place seemed to be cut off from the world.

“It’s useless. We can’t walk out of here. Don’t waste your energy.” Yang Jian said.

“So, are we going to be trapped here and die? I don’t want to die!” A girl immediately collapsed and sat on the ground, tears streaming down her face.

Although the other male students didn’t collapse, their fear of death was evident in their eyes.

“Yang Jian, can’t you think of a way to save us? I don’t want to meet ghosts again.” Wang Shanshan pleaded with him, tears in her big eyes.

Yang Jian fell into a brief silence. “I’ll think about it seriously.”

He didn’t plan to continue walking. Instead, he sat on a nearby stone bench and rested for a while. Running away all the way had exhausted him.

Suddenly, he looked down at Zhang Wei’s phone in his hand.

“Have any of you tried calling for help?”

“I did. The phone could connect, but… ” a classmate said.

“Zhao Lei, but what?”

“There was no sound on the other end of the phone, and it was connected… I dare not call again.” Zhao Lei said after a moment of silence.

The phone was connected, but there was no sound on the other end.

Yang Jian’s heart sank.

There were already ghosts haunting this place, and with such strange things happening, it was indeed too dangerous to continue calling for help.

“However, the phone could still connect when we were in the classroom. This situation only occurred shortly after we left the classroom.” Miao Xiaoshan suddenly reminded them. “Zhang Wei called for an ambulance before.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Zhang Wei nodded.Not long after leaving the classroom… if he calculated the time, it should be when the Ghost Realm appeared again. It was the moment when Yang Jian walked to the half-floor corridor on the second floor and the lights flickered and went out.

“Well, let me try another phone.”

Suddenly, Yang Jian thought of someone’s phone number and decided to give it a try.

He opened Zhang Wei’s phone, logged onto the forum, and then used the satellite positioning phone that Zhou Zheng gave him to dial a number.


This was the phone number left by the Thunderbolt King on the forum.

He wanted to know if the Thunderbolt King had any problems. If he did, his phone might appear as evidence in the hands of a Ghost Tamer. After all, there was Zhou Zheng, a police officer who dealt with supernatural events, who might be responsible for this case.

Let’s give it a try.

The phone did not lose its signal. On the contrary, it was connected smoothly.

However, the situation was worse than expected.

Ring, ring……

The phone on the other end rang, but it echoed in the silent school, entering everyone’s ears. Although it was not loud, it was particularly clear and eerie.

Yang Jian’s hand holding the phone froze.

“Is the Thunderbolt King’s phone in this school?”

His eyes suddenly shrank, and he stood up in a panic, looking around and subconsciously looking for the source of the phone ringtone.

At the same time, cold sweat appeared on his face.

The Thunderbolt King was an emergency room doctor from another province, hundreds of kilometers away from here. If his phone ringtone appeared here, it meant that… he was also here.


However, at this moment, the phone was connected, but there was no sound on the other end.

But at the same time, the ringing of the phone echoing in the school disappeared.

At this moment, Yang Jian saw a faint light from a window on the third floor of a teaching building. He vaguely saw a blurry figure standing at the window, seeming to be looking this way.

“Damn it.” Yang Jian was frightened and hung up the phone in a hurry.

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