Chapter 18 – Approaching death

At this moment, Yang Jian was frantically thinking of countermeasures.

Because he knew very well that the knocking sound from the phone earlier would definitely bring the old man here.

And once that old man appeared, the outcome was obvious.

Forums, stories, audio files… the knocking old man, and the phone calls.

All the conditions collided in Yang Jian’s mind, creating chaos. He had figured out one rule, but couldn’t deduce any more information.

Because this was his first encounter with a ghost, he had never dealt with one before. It was already quite good that he had made it this far. He wasn’t like Fang Jing, who claimed to know everything that would happen in the future.

“Wait, Fang Jing… the future.” Yang Jian suddenly had a change in expression. “That sheepskin paper.”

Suddenly, he hurriedly took out the stack of dark brown sheepskin paper from his pocket.

“Yang, Yang Jian, look over there…” Suddenly, Zhang Wei’s trembling voice pointed in the direction of the school.

Yang Jian looked up and suddenly felt a chill.

A thick, ink-like darkness was gradually creeping over a few hundred meters away, engulfing everything in its path. The ground around it began to decay, trees withered and rotted… cement became moldy and rusty, streetlights were covered in rust and on the verge of collapse.

An old man wearing a black robe, covered in corpse spots, with a dead gray face and a numb gaze, was walking towards them step by step.

“Damn it, is he here already?” Yang Jian’s heart was pounding.

“Yang Jian, w-what should we do now? Are we going to die?” Zhang Wei’s eyes were filled with tears. “I don’t want to die, I’m still young, and I’m still a virgin. Yang Jian, you have to think of a way, right? Fang Jing said you’re going to be amazing in the future, you must have a way.”

“We can’t get out, can we?” Wang Shanshan, who was standing by the side, grabbed his arm with white knuckles and a terrified expression.

Zhao Lei was so scared by the approaching darkness that he kept retreating, trying to escape from the school. But when he turned around, he found that there was also a thick darkness approaching behind him.

They were all surrounded by darkness, with nowhere to run.

At this moment, Yang Jian ignored them and opened the sheepskin paper in his hand, trying to find some key information.

On the sheepskin paper, a clear line of large characters appeared before his eyes: “At five o’clock in the morning on June 22nd, we will once again enter the Ghost Realm, yes, that ghost is back…”

“At five thirty in the morning on June 22nd, we will all be dead, no one will survive… I am Yang Jian, and when you read this sentence, I am already dead.”

“You wrote us dead? Bullshit, there must be a way to leave here. When I was caught in the toilet earlier, the old man didn’t follow me. I want to know why. If you don’t tell me now, I’ll bury you somewhere and you’ll never see the light of day again.” Yang Jian gritted his teeth and threatened.

The sheepskin paper in his hand seemed to have heard this sentence. The writing on it gradually became blurred, and then all the writing disappeared. Then, another line of text appeared:

“On the evening of June 21st at nine o’clock, I was caught by a ghost in the toilet. I didn’t die because there was an even more terrifying ghost in there. It was another Ghost Realm, and I saw some very scary things, but I didn’t realize it at the time.””On the evening of June 21st at 9:30 pm, I got lost in the bathroom, but the old man came to the door of the bathroom looking for me. However, I didn’t hear him knocking, and perhaps that’s why I escaped death.”

When Yang Jian saw this sentence, his heart skipped a beat.

Did the old man knock on the bathroom door when he was lost in there earlier?

Soon, more words appeared on the parchment.

“…After that incident, I guessed that the key to surviving was the Ghost Domain. If I could use the Ghost Domain, perhaps I could have a chance to survive. After all, now I am…a ghost. What Zhou Zheng said is right, only ghosts can deal with ghosts, and the only way to leave the Ghost Domain is to enter another Ghost Domain.”

“At 5:01 am on June 22nd, the old man appeared. I tried to use the Ghost Domain, but failed. My power was not enough.”

“At 5:30 am on June 20th, we all died…”

When Yang Jian saw this sentence, his eyes narrowed.

Although the outcome was still death at 5:30 am, he saw a glimmer of hope to survive.

Ghost Domain!

Yes, the old man’s appearance gave birth to the Ghost Domain. Now he was also a Ghost Tamer.

Why couldn’t he use the Ghost Domain?

If Zhou Zheng were here, he would find Yang Jian’s idea very funny because not every ghost could have a Ghost Domain. Ghosts with a Ghost Domain were rare…but correspondingly, they were also terrifying.

“I must try it. There is no other way.” Yang Jian tightly held the parchment. “Tell me, how to use the Ghost Domain.”

More words quickly appeared on the parchment.

“Yang Jian, who are you talking to? Look, everything around us is abnormal. What should we do now?” Zhang Wei cried in fear. He relied on Yang Jian to save his life and was afraid of hearing bad news from him.

“Don’t make a sound, I’m thinking of a way. Give me some time.” Yang Jian’s tone was urgent, and his gaze flickered.

The old man was still walking towards them, less than a hundred meters away.

They were anxious and afraid, just like him.

After all, no one wanted to die.

More words appeared on the parchment: “At 5:20 am on June 20th, after my first failure, I thought it was because the ghost in my body had not fully recovered. Perhaps it would be useful to open more eyes.”

The number of eyes?

Yang Jian didn’t have time to think about it. There were only ten minutes left until 5:30 am, and he didn’t want to die here with the parchment.

Immediately, he tore open the flesh on his arm, and five blood-red eyes opened at the same time.

Each eye emitted a faint red light.

“At 5:22, I decided to increase the number of eyes.” The words appeared on the parchment. “I need a method.”

Yang Jian roared at the parchment, “If I die, you will be left behind. You didn’t want to be discarded by me before, so do you think others will pick you up after I die?”

The words on the parchment became blurry again, and finally, another line of words appeared: “At 5:24, after my attempt, I ate one of the eyes on my arm and successfully increased the number of eyes. With six eyes, I successfully used my own Ghost Domain…I am becoming more and more like a ghost.”

At 5:30, I didn’t use the Ghost Domain, and we all died…

Eat the eyes?Yang Jian was stunned as he looked at the five eerie blood-red eyes on his arm.

But when he read the last sentence, “We all died at 5:30,” he knew he had no choice.

At this moment, darkness enveloped them, and the surroundings quickly dimmed. The old man was less than twenty meters away from them.


As the darkness descended, the door of the security room nearby slowly opened, and a pale hand reached out.

Outside the railing behind them, a blurry figure slowly approached in the darkness.

Nearby, several cellphone lights shone weakly through the darkness, as if the classmates who had gotten separated earlier were slowly approaching with their phones.

Yang Jian, Zhang Wei, Zhao Lei, Wang Shanshan, Miao Xiaoshan, Qian Wanhao…all of them were surrounded by ghosts.

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