Chapter 079 – First level, Iron-faced man

“The Yan family?”

Li Hengsheng was somewhat surprised. Yan Yuyun?

He seemed to have heard this name before. It seemed to be the daughter of the Yan family’s head, Yan Botao!

“So, it’s the Yan family’s young lady.” Li Hengsheng bowed with a fist.

His tone unconsciously became much more polite.

Just talking about status, he was a direct disciple and didn’t care about the Yan family at all.

But his father was still working for them. He had to maintain a good relationship. Otherwise, if the Yan family was unhappy one day, they might kick his father out.

Li Hengsheng was afraid that Li Changqing would revert to his previous vagabond-like state.

“In Dao Mountain Ancient Land, I’m just your junior sister.” Yan Yuyun quickly said. She was just an outer disciple, how could she let Li Hengsheng pay his respects?

“You two are… polite.” Lin Tong found it a bit strange watching from the side.

Why was Li Hengsheng, a direct disciple, being so polite to an outer disciple of the distant peak?

“Junior Sister Yan, are you also here to challenge the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion?”

As they walked inside, Li Hengsheng started to make small talk.

“No, I’m here to test the Beast Collection.” Yan Yuyun said with a bitter smile: “I’ve challenged the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion once, and I don’t want to challenge it again. There’s no chance of winning.”

“The Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion is not that simple.” Lin Tong laughed: “Junior Brother, you haven’t been here, you don’t know. Even though Junior Sister Yuyun has reached the Postnatal Completion Realm, there are many at this realm who can’t even pass the first tier of the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion.”

“Postnatal Completion can’t beat the first tier of the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion?” Li Hengsheng was truly shocked.

The guardian of the first tier should only be in the Postnatal Realm.

But even the Postnatal Completion couldn’t resist.

Was it really that terrifying?

At this moment, the scene in front of them suddenly opened up, and the Heart Reflection Lake appeared before everyone.

On the shore near the lake, many people were sitting cross-legged, as if they were in meditation.

And on the Heart Reflection Lake, there was a huge ancient tree that covered half of the sky, almost covering the entire Heart Reflection Lake.

The pink leaves made the scene even more beautiful.

On both sides of the Heart Reflection Lake, there were several huge stone tablets standing there.

“What’s that?” Li Hengsheng looked at the stone tablets. There were three on the right and one on the left, all covered with names.

“That’s the leaderboard.”

Yan Yuyun explained to Li Hengsheng: “The one on the left is the Beast List, corresponding to the trial results of the Beast Collection, which changes at any time. The three on the right correspond to the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion, they are the Transcendence List, Hidden Dragon List, and Celestial List.”

“If a disciple in the Transcendence Realm can challenge the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion, then their name will appear on the Transcendence List.”

“The Hidden Dragon List corresponds to the Postnatal warriors, and the Celestial List corresponds to the Prenatal Realm.”

“Each list only takes the top hundred. If they are on the same level, they are ranked by the time they pass.” Yan Yuyun explained seriously to Li Hengsheng.

“I see.” Li Hengsheng walked up curiously, looking at the Transcendence List.

Among the four lists, only the Transcendence List was the emptiest. On the huge stone tablet, there were only seven names.

They all passed the first tier of the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion.

The disciple ranked first was called Gu Lai.

The time to pass was thirteen breaths.

The rest were almost all above twenty breaths.

“It is said that this Gu Lai was a genius disciple of Dao Mountain Ancient Land four hundred years ago. The names on the Transcendence List will be permanently preserved here, but the Hidden Dragon List and Celestial List will change according to your cultivation.”

“For example, if you are on the Hidden Dragon List, but when your cultivation steps from Postnatal to Prenatal, your name will disappear from the Hidden Dragon List and appear on the Celestial List.”

Yan Yuyun said next to Li Hengsheng.

Yan Yuyun felt it was important to get along well with Li Hengsheng.

Being a direct disciple of Mu Haifeng and backed by Xu Muhai.

If she could cling to such a big thigh, it would be of great benefit to the Yan family.

So she was very patient with Li Hengsheng.

Seeing the two of them getting along so well, Lin Tong felt that she shouldn’t be a third wheel and turned to walk towards the lake.

“Thank you for the explanation, Junior Sister Yan.” Li Hengsheng nodded, then turned to ask: “So how do I enter the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion?”

“It’s simple, just sit by the Heart Reflection Lake and comprehend the lake water, and you’ll naturally enter.” Yan Yuyun said with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll give it a try.” Li Hengsheng was eager to try.

Seeing Li Hengsheng’s look, like a child who had found a new toy, Yan Yuyun smiled, even thinking about how to comfort him after he was completely defeated later.

“Then Brother Li, let’s go together, I’m also going to the Beast Collection for a trial.”


The two of them sat cross-legged by the lake.

Li Hengsheng’s Divine Soul immediately felt a force pulling him into the Heart Reflection Lake.

The next moment, Li Hengsheng’s eyes suddenly opened!He found himself under the ancient tree by the Mirror Heart Lake.

Li Hengsheng looked around. This was indeed the Mirror Heart Lake, almost identical to the one he knew, but he found himself alone.

This must be the world within the Mirror Heart Lake.

“Beast Gathering, Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion, you have three chances to challenge each. Where do you want to go?” A voice came from the ancient tree, drifting into Li Hengsheng’s mind.

“Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion,” Li Hengsheng replied.


As soon as he finished speaking, Li Hengsheng felt as if the entire world had refreshed at that moment.

And he found himself in a wasteland.

Everything around him felt so real.

The wind blew against his clothes, causing them to rustle. Li Hengsheng reached out and touched, finding the Chasing Immortal Spear still on him, which reassured him.

At this time, Li Hengsheng saw a figure sitting on a rock not far away.

The man wore a cold iron mask, only revealing a pair of eyes, which was quite mysterious.

“Transcendence Realm, seventh tier?”

The man with the iron mask spoke in a somewhat cold voice, but he didn’t seem surprised by Li Hengsheng’s cultivation level. Perhaps there were many challengers who didn’t value their lives in the past.

He slowly reached out his hand and pulled out a curved blade from behind him.

Seeing the man draw his blade, Li Hengsheng also flicked his wrist, and the Chasing Immortal Spear appeared in his palm.

Although the man in front of him hadn’t moved yet, he gave Li Hengsheng a mountain-like pressure.

This man was really strong!

“They say you’re strong, let me see how strong you really are.” Li Hengsheng grinned, his Chasing Immortal Spear seemed to be thirsty for battle!

Li Hengsheng went all out as soon as he made his move!

Overlord Immortal Spear Technique!

With a spear thrust, his internal energy roared like a dragon!

The explosive power of this spear, Li Hengsheng dared to say, even if it was the ninth tier of the Transcendence Realm, no one would dare to resist it!

Like a volcanic eruption, the spear pointed directly at the chest of the man with the iron mask!

At this moment, the man with the iron mask also made his move with his curved blade.

What seemed like a simple lift of his hand directly blocked Li Hengsheng’s spear.

Li Hengsheng’s explosive spear was directly blocked.

And the man with the iron mask remained unmoved.

Instead, the strength of his blade swing made Li Hengsheng’s arm tremble, almost shaking the Chasing Immortal Spear out of his hand.

“What terrifying strength.” Li Hengsheng was shocked. This man’s physical strength was definitely beyond the ordinary Postnatal Realm.


The man with the iron mask also exclaimed in surprise, seemingly astonished that he hadn’t been able to shake the Chasing Immortal Spear out of Li Hengsheng’s hand with one strike.

The opponent was just a seventh-tier Transcendence Realm, yet he blocked his attack?


Li Hengsheng’s energy exploded again. The Overlord Immortal Spear Technique was stronger with each spear thrust. Li Hengsheng’s second spear was already out, and he wanted to see how many spears this man with the iron mask could block.

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