Chapter 078 – Sister is not that scary

Upon hearing these words, Li Hengsheng shuddered all over!

An inexplicable sense of intense fear welled up within him.

Looking at Yang Tiantian, who was slowly approaching, Li Hengsheng felt an ominous sense of mortal danger. This seemingly harmless young girl was the epitome of danger.

Beside him, Zhou Jun was babbling incoherently, seemingly trying to explain something on behalf of Li Hengsheng.

However, Yang Tiantian paid no attention to Zhou Jun.

In just a few steps, she was in front of Li Hengsheng.

At this moment, Li Hengsheng felt as if his heart was about to stop. He didn’t know why, but there was no deliberate aura emanating from Yang Tiantian. Yet, just one glance from her was enough to render him immobile.

Li Hengsheng wanted to turn and run.

But his legs felt as if they were nailed to the ground.



Li Hengsheng’s inner turmoil was of no avail.

Yang Tiantian was scrutinizing Li Hengsheng up close. Those few moments felt like centuries to him.

She stood there, her height only reaching Li Hengsheng’s chin. This seemingly innocent young girl was exerting an immense pressure on him!

Is this the power of the second senior sister?

So terrifying!

“Did you enjoy the spirit chicken I raised?” Yang Tiantian asked leisurely, her face beaming with an innocent smile.

However, this smile sent chills down the spines of both Li Hengsheng and Zhou Jun.

Could it be that Yang Tiantian harbored murderous intentions?

Li Hengsheng couldn’t help but swallow hard.

Still, he instinctively replied, “It was… very delicious.”

“Is that so.” Yang Tiantian’s smile remained. Zhou Jun had already closed his eyes in fear.

Fourth Brother, I’m sorry.

I never expected the second senior sister to return so soon.

It’s my fault. I must have been careless last night and was spotted by the people of Bai Ling Peak. Fourth Brother, rest assured, I will make sure your funeral is grand.

“That’s good.” Yang Tiantian said with a smile, “Little junior brother, if you want to eat spirit chicken in the future, just tell me. I’ll have someone prepare and roast it for you and send it to Qing Yu Mountain. You can just eat it.”

“Just say it whenever you want to eat, don’t be polite with your senior sister. I’ll raise more in the future to ensure there’s enough for you.” Yang Tiantian winked.

“Huh?” Li Hengsheng was dumbfounded.

“Eh?” Zhou Jun was even more stunned. It was as if he had heard a fairy tale. He stared at Yang Tiantian, unable to resist slapping himself twice.

I must be still dreaming.

What did the second senior sister just say?

Did I hallucinate after being hit by the second senior sister?

I’m done for. My brain must have been damaged by the second senior sister. Damn it, I’m hallucinating.

What should I do?

Is there a cure?

Does anyone have medicine?

This is too absurd.

Unable to resist, Zhou Jun slapped himself a few more times, hoping to snap his damaged brain back to reality.

Ignoring Zhou Jun’s actions, Yang Tiantian’s gaze remained on Li Hengsheng. She said warmly, “I just found out that our master has taken in a new junior brother. As your senior sister, I didn’t have time to prepare a gift for you. Anyway, if you want to eat spirit chicken, just come to Bai Ling Peak to find me.”

“If I’m not around, just tell Old Hu. I’ve already told him, he’ll help you catch the chicken.” Yang Tiantian’s face was full of gentleness.

Li Hengsheng was a bit confused.

This wasn’t the second senior sister that Zhou Jun had described.

She’s very cute.

“Hahaha.” Zhou Jun couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He mumbled, “It’s over, I can’t come back.”

“My hallucinations are getting worse.”


“Thank you, second senior sister.” Li Hengsheng didn’t know why, but since Yang Tiantian had said so, he naturally expressed his gratitude.

This second senior sister seemed a bit violent towards the third senior brother, but she was a nice person.

Li Hengsheng thought to himself.

“Well then, little junior brother, I have things to do, so I’ll leave first. If anyone bullies you in the future, just mention my name.” After saying this, Yang Tiantian gave Li Hengsheng a brilliant smile, then shot Zhou Jun a fierce glance that made him shudder. She then turned and left.

“Third senior brother, are you okay?”

Seeing Yang Tiantian leave, Li Hengsheng quickly helped Zhou Jun up.

Zhou Jun’s face was even more swollen.

Li Hengsheng thought Zhou Jun looked less like his third senior brother and more like a monk on a pilgrimage.

Zhou Jun was babbling incoherently, and Li Hengsheng didn’t understand a word.

He quickly arranged for someone to take good care of Zhou Jun. After applying some medicine to his wounds, Li Hengsheng finally left San Jun Peak.

“The heart of a woman is as deep as the ocean.” Although Li Hengsheng hadn’t interacted with many women, he felt that the second senior sister, Yang Tiantian, was truly an enigma.

Why was she so kind to him?

Could it be because he was too handsome?

Li Hengsheng wanted to take a look at himself, but he held back.

Upon returning to Qing Yu Mountain, he grabbed the Chasing Immortal Spear and headed for Ying Xin Lake.

He wanted to try the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion that Zhou Jun and his master had mentioned, to test his current level.

Ying Xin Lake.

Located in the very center of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, surrounded by mountains, it was a vast lake.

The scenery here was breathtaking.

A faint mist shrouded the lake all year round, adding a touch of mystery to its beauty.

To enter Ying Xin Lake, one had to pass through a narrow valley. The valley was filled with flowers, making it seem like a giant garden.

The fragrance of flowers was intoxicating, and the scenery was breathtaking. Many Dao couples were enjoying their leisure time here, casually flaunting their affection.This reminded Li Hengsheng of Lu Qiaoqiao. He decided that he must bring Junior Sister Lu here in the future to enjoy this most beautiful scenery.

Along the way, he saw many disciples, each serving in different manners, from various mountain peaks.

There were outer sect disciples, inner sect disciples.

Even direct disciples from unknown peaks.

However, as he observed the comings and goings, Li Hengsheng noticed that the momentum of the people was different.

Those heading towards the Reflecting Heart Lake were all full of vigor and excitement, their faces beaming with joy, as if they were going to get married.

But those who came out of the Reflecting Heart Lake were mostly wilted like frostbitten eggplants, as if they had arrived late to their own wedding and their bride had married their cousin.

Their eyes had lost their sparkle.

“Junior Brother Li Hengsheng.” At this moment, a voice called out to Li Hengsheng from behind.

Hearing his name, Li Hengsheng turned around curiously and saw two young girls approaching from a distance.

He didn’t recognize one of them, but the girl in the lead, dressed in fiery red clothes, was familiar to him.

“Sister Lin Tong.” Li Hengsheng said in surprise, “It’s been a long time, are you here for the challenge too?”

Having met Lin Tong at the Floating Image Pavilion, Li Hengsheng remembered that she was a direct disciple of the Distant Peak.


Lin Tong walked up with a smile, “As direct disciples, we have several opportunities every month to challenge the Beast Collection and the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion. Of course, we have to come and hone ourselves. What I didn’t expect was to see you here, Junior Brother Li.”

“You’re only at the seventh level of the Transcendence Realm, and you’re already challenging?” Lin Tong was somewhat surprised.

“I just want to give it a try.” Li Hengsheng said with a smile, “Constant cultivation can be quite boring. It’s almost the end of the month, and if I don’t challenge, the opportunities won’t accumulate to the next month.”

“That’s true.” Lin Tong said, “But I hope you maintain a good mentality.”

At this moment, the girl next to Lin Tong was curiously looking at Li Hengsheng.

The biggest waste in the history of Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Becoming a direct disciple at the Transcendence Realm, with poor aptitude but high comprehension, many people in the sect were curious about who Li Hengsheng really was.

Seeing the girl staring at him, Li Hengsheng couldn’t help but ask, “And you are…?”

“Oh.” Lin Tong suddenly raised her eyebrows, “I just remembered, you two are from the same place, both from Changting Town, right?”

“You’re also from Changting Town?” Li Hengsheng said in surprise, he didn’t expect to meet a fellow townsman here.

“Greetings, Brother Li.” The girl revealed a pair of tiger teeth and said with a smile, “I’m Yan Yuyun from the Yan family of Changting Town.”

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