Chapter 048 – Linglang Rebirth


The figures responded with a resounding and powerful voice.

“The master’s plan is about to be implemented, and the entire Cangyuan Realm is about to undergo earth-shattering changes.” The voice of the man in the black robe was filled with excitement. “The day the master returns, everything will be rewritten!”

“The master is invincible!”

The people below also began to cheer.

Returning from the Nanshan Mountain Range, because they rode back on Fei, it only took an hour to reach the outskirts of Changting Town.

“Brother Changqing, I’m much better now. Let’s go in to avoid unnecessary trouble,” Xu Muhai said to Li Changqing in a somewhat weak voice.

“Alright.” Li Changqing also felt that flying into Changting Town on the Golden Silk Linlang Beast would attract too much attention.

So they found a secluded place outside the town for Fei to land.


Li Changqing flicked the scroll, and the Golden Silk Linlang Beast flew directly into it and disappeared.

It turned into a painting.

Although it wasn’t the first time he had seen this, Li Changqing still found it somewhat magical and unbelievable.

“I’ll support you.”

Li Changqing wanted to help Xu Muhai, but Xu Muhai waved his hand, indicating that he could walk now, there was no problem, he was just a bit weak.

The torment from the Ghost Resentment curse had not only affected his spirit but also his body.

Fortunately, after more than an hour of rest, Xu Muhai was now able to walk normally and wouldn’t be noticed by others.

They followed Li Changqing back to the Yan family in Changting Town.

“Peak Master Mu Haifeng, Great Venerable, you’re back.”

Hearing that the two had returned, Yan Botao hurried out to greet them with a few people.

“The matter in Nanshan has been resolved,” Li Changqing said to Yan Botao. “Peak Master Xu has had a hard journey. Please arrange a place for us to rest.”

“Yes!” Yan Botao quickly agreed.

The house had already been arranged.

In the vast Yan family, a very quiet courtyard was arranged for Li Changqing.

In the courtyard, there was a small pond with golden carps swimming in it.

Behind the house, a dense bamboo forest swayed in the wind. The rustling sound of the bamboo leaves was very calming.

Yan Botao arranged many servants for Li Changqing.

These servants and maids were carefully selected by the Yan family. They were smart and knew their boundaries. The servants were only responsible for cleaning the courtyard every day.

Without Li Changqing’s permission, they would not enter his courtyard.

The maids were young and beautiful, all between sixteen and eighteen years old. They were beautiful and had sweet voices, very pleasing to the eye.

If it had been before, Li Changqing might have thought these young girls were very pretty, all of them were very charming.

But after seeing Mu Qingge, these people could no longer make Li Changqing feel any different from ordinary people.

Moving from Changqing Art Workshop to such a luxurious place, Li Changqing didn’t feel uncomfortable, but rather enjoyed it.

He had carved wood for a lifetime in his previous life, couldn’t he enjoy himself in this life?

However, without a computer, a mobile phone, and modern things, Li Changqing was somewhat bored.

“Great Venerable.”

At this time, a young man’s voice came from outside.

Li Changqing came out and saw.

Standing at the gate of the courtyard was Yan Hanzhou.

Yan Hanzhou was now dressed in golden clothes, full of vigor and vitality, completely different from his previous state. When he saw Li Changqing, Yan Hanzhou bowed respectfully from the bottom of his heart.

It was this man in front of him who had changed his fate.

He had comprehended a set of “Furious Thunder Nine True Fist” from the small wooden carving that Li Changqing had given him. Although he had just stepped into the Postnatal Realm, with this set of fist techniques, he was already unmatched among the disciples who had just entered the Postnatal Realm.

Following Yan Hanzhou were the servants of the Yan family, carrying some wood.

This was what Li Changqing had ordered, asking the Yan family to find suitable wood for him.

Yan Botao had found the most suitable wood for Li Changqing and had it delivered here.

“Thank you, just put it in the courtyard,” Li Changqing ordered.


The people put the wood in the small courtyard and then left respectfully.

Yan Hanzhou also left after paying his respects.

Li Changqing then took out the scroll and released the Golden Silk Linlang Beast.

As soon as the Golden Silk Linlang Beast came out, it looked at Li Changqing eagerly. It felt that its spiritual energy was getting lower and lower.

“Don’t worry.”

Li Changqing reached out and patted the Golden Silk Linlang Beast’s head, then told it to lie down obediently on one side.

Then Li Changqing carefully observed for a while before choosing a large piece of wood and began to carve.Carving the Golden Silk Linlang Beast was not as casual or quick as other carvings, mainly due to its large size, which required a considerable amount of effort from Li Changqing.

Nevertheless, after two days of hard work, on the third day, a lifelike wooden carving of the Golden Silk Linlang Beast appeared in the courtyard.


Fei let out a loud cry. He carefully examined the wooden carving in front of him, his eyes revealing an incredulous expression, as if he had discovered an astonishing treasure.

He had been watching all along, witnessing how Li Changqing transformed an ordinary piece of wood into a carving that resembled him using a special knife.

And it was an exact replica.

He even had a vague feeling that the wooden carving looked a bit more handsome than him?

Such a miraculous craftsmanship made Fei once again realize the extraordinary nature of his master.

“Give it a try,” Li Changqing said to the Golden Silk Linlang Beast.

The Golden Silk Linlang Beast stood up and circled the wooden carving several times. It could sense the extraordinary nature of the carving, and an immense Spiritual Power, like a vast river, was emanating from it!

An inexplicable attraction drew it in, much like a dog’s irresistible temptation for a bone.

The Golden Silk Linlang Beast leaped up and jumped towards the wooden carving.

In an instant, the physical body of the Golden Silk Linlang Beast shattered and turned into tiny balls of light, all of which poured into the wooden carving.

The entire carving was enveloped in golden light, and at the same time, it began to emit a breath of life.

A genuine breath of life.

Completely different from when it emerged from the painting before.

The sense of oppression was also different, as if the Golden Silk Linlang Beast had been endowed with more things. However, what exactly these things were, even Li Changqing himself did not know.

Yet, the aura of the Golden Silk Linlang Beast harmonized with heaven and earth, blending with all things, giving a sense of unity with the universe.

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