Chapter 047 – There will be a parting

“Senior Li Changqing, I want one too.” Yin Changli was looking at Li Changqing with eager eyes.

This time, not only Yin Changli, but also Mu Qingge was looking at Li Changqing with full of expectation.

They had all seen the painful expression on Xu Muhai’s face just now.

If it happened to them, they wouldn’t be able to withstand it. Even a strong person like Xu Muhai wanted to crash into a wall and die, let alone a child and a woman.

“Hmm.” Li Changqing was also shocked by Xu Muhai’s behavior just now.

So before Yin Changli and Mu Qingge experienced this feeling, he planned to carve one for them quickly.

The two were anxiously waiting for Li Changqing to finish carving.

They were all worried. What if the Ghost Resentment curse on their bodies broke out during Li Changqing’s carving?

At least suppress it first, and then find a way to solve this Ghost Resentment curse after returning to the Medical King Valley.

Otherwise, relying solely on this wooden carving to suppress it is not a long-term solution.

Li Changqing was carving very seriously. Fortunately, until Li Changqing finished carving two Earth Zang Bodhisattvas, neither of them had a Ghost Resentment curse outbreak.

After threading the string and hanging this thing around their necks, the two finally felt relieved.

“Senior Li Changqing, I really don’t know how to thank you. You have saved us many times, and this time you gave us such a precious protective item.” Mu Qingge’s eyes were soft and tender at this moment, as if she wanted to say something like offering herself in gratitude.

But in the end, Mu Qingge still said, “If there is anything that needs the help of the Medical King Valley in the future, just send a message to Senior Li Changqing, and the Medical King Valley will definitely help.”

“It’s nothing.” Li Changqing patted the wood chips on his body, then stood up and said, “If my son Li Hengsheng encounters any trouble in the future, I hope the Medical King Valley can help him. If he encounters a strong enemy and is seriously injured, I also hope the Medical King Valley can do its best to save him and keep him alive.”

In this mysterious world, how could anyone have a smooth journey?

Li Changqing understood this truth. Who hasn’t been injured? It’s natural to build a good relationship with the Medical King Valley, a legitimate medical sect.

When reading novels in the past, the protagonist had a protagonist’s halo, and someone would come to rescue him when he was in danger.

But reality and novels are definitely different. Where does his son get the protagonist’s halo? He might die if he encounters danger.

He finally experienced the feeling of having a normal son, and he didn’t want to lose it.

So since there is no halo, then dad will create a halo for you.

Hearing Li Changqing talk about his son, Mu Qingge remembered that Li Changqing had a son, but she didn’t know if he had a wife.

If he has a wife, wouldn’t she only be a concubine in the future?

Wait, where am I thinking?

“Of course.” Mu Qingge smiled and said, “With such a father, your son is really lucky. It seems that your wife must be very relieved.”

“I don’t have a wife.” Li Changqing shook his head.

“You don’t?” Mu Qingge’s eyes lit up.

“May I ask your wife…?” At this moment, Mu Qingge wanted to know whether Li Changqing had divorced his wife or his wife had passed away.

These two results naturally represent different meanings.

But this question stunned Li Changqing.

Yeah, where is his wife?

He hadn’t seen her since he came to this world, and there was no mention of her in any information. Li Changqing subconsciously thought he didn’t have a wife and was a single dog.

But if he doesn’t have a wife, where did Li Hengsheng come from?

But if he has a wife, where is she?

Did they separate, or did she pass away?

If she passed away, it would be fine. But if they just separated and met again in the future, and he didn’t recognize her, wouldn’t it be very awkward?

It’s easy to be exposed?

Seeing Li Changqing in deep thought, Mu Qingge quickly said, “Senior Li Changqing, I’m sorry, I asked something I shouldn’t have.”

“It’s okay.” Li Changqing shook his head, the key is that I don’t know where his mother went.

It seems that when he has a chance, he needs to get some information from Li Hengsheng.

Li Changqing, who had been reborn, really wanted to protect his current life.

Calm with excitement, and a hard-working child in the distance.

This was something he could only dream of in his previous life.

“Let’s leave here first.” Li Changqing looked around and suddenly said curiously, “Strange, where is Fei?”

He hadn’t seen Fei since they came out.

Before, Li Changqing and the others were only paying attention to the Ghost Resentment curse, and they didn’t notice.


With a roar, the Golden Silk Linlang Beast actually ran out from the scroll on the ground. The glow on its body had dimmed. It seemed that if no one helped it, it would lose all its spiritual energy and disappear in a few months.

“Fei, you carry Xu Muhai, we are ready to go. When I get back, I will help you rebuild your body.” Li Changqing ordered.

Fei stepped forward, placing the unconscious Xu Muhai on his back, then led a few people out of the cave in a different direction.

Surprisingly, this path was dry, without any water.

However, once they emerged, they had no idea where they were in the Nan Mountain Range.

But this was not a problem for them.

“Song Fairy.” Li Changqing turned to Mu Qingge and said, “I will take Peak Master Xu back first.”

“Alright.” Although Mu Qingge was somewhat reluctant to part with Li Changqing so soon, she knew she had no reason to stay.

“When I find a way to break the Ghost Resentment curse, I will come to Dao Mountain Ancient Land to find Peak Master Xu.” She said this, but what Mu Qingge really wanted was to visit Li Changqing.

“Okay.” Li Changqing seemed to remember something and said to Mu Qingge, “About the wooden carving, if possible, please don’t spread it around, Song Fairy.”

“Don’t worry, Brother Changqing.” Mu Qingge knew that if this thing was spread around, it might cause trouble.

She would naturally not say it.

Especially the Xuanyuan Sword in Yin Changli’s hand, if it was exposed, it might attract many people’s covetousness and bring trouble to Medical King Valley.

“Let’s go, Song Fairy, we will meet again.” After Li Changqing finished speaking, he directly mounted Fei and soared into the sky. Once he reached a high altitude, he naturally knew the general direction of Changting Town.

Mu Qingge watched Li Changqing’s departing figure from a distance, remaining silent for a long time.

“Master, stop looking, he’s already far away.” Yin Changli said with a grin.

“Stop it.” Mu Qingge frowned and scolded.

In an underground cave.

There was a huge altar here, with blood flowing across it, not yet dry.

In front of the altar stood a figure in a black robe. The figure was somewhat short, and although his face was not visible, he exuded a chilling aura.

In front of him, several figures were kneeling on one knee.

As if waiting for orders.

“Although the master’s plan failed, the Ghost Resentment curse has been planted. It’s time for our Longevity Sect to take action.” The man in the black robe said indifferently, “You go find the person who has been cursed with Ghost Resentment, and make clear our Longevity Sect’s stance.”

“If they resist, let them experience a fate worse than death.” The man in the black robe sneered.

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