Chapter 041 – Cold Chisel Ancient Temple

At this moment, Li Changqing saw the ghostly aura in front of him being torn apart as if by some force.

A massive rift appeared within the ghostly aura, hovering above Li Changqing’s Divine Soul lake, creating an eerie sight.

Simultaneously, an astonishing suction force was released from the rift.

Li Changqing’s clothes rustled in the wind, and it seemed as if he was about to be sucked into the rift by this force.


Li Changqing snorted in anger, his voice resonating like a bell. Although he was not very proficient in controlling his Divine Soul, at this critical moment of life and death, he resisted the suction force with his powerful Divine Soul.

Despite the strong suction, it could not affect Li Changqing.

Li Changqing stood firm as a rock, unmoved.

Even in the face of a raging storm, he stood tall and unyielding.

The power released from this strange painting was strong, but not strong enough to overpower him.

“What is that…”

Li Changqing peered through the rift and discovered a small world hidden within.

He vaguely saw a massive temple beneath the ghostly aura.

“Peak Master Xu?”

“And Song Fairy and that little guy are all inside.” Li Changqing saw the three of them in front of the temple, moving towards it like zombies.

“What exactly is this place, and why is it sealed in this ancient painting?” Li Changqing felt that there was a huge secret hidden within.

He watched as the group slowly approached the dilapidated temple.

The sky was moonless.

Only a pair of blood-red eyes hung in the air, as if observing everything in the world.

Amidst the pervasive ghostly aura, Xu Muhai and the others were unconscious, their bodies stiffly moving towards the ancient temple.

Two stone lions crouched in front of the temple.

The stone lions were covered in moss, and weeds grew all around, indicating that it had been a long time since anyone had cleaned the area.

A cold wind blew, stirring up the dead leaves on the steps in front of the temple.

Not only were the leaves dead, but the old tree next to the wall had also been dead for many years.

A sense of desolation permeated the area.

The three of them slowly ascended the steps, their eyes empty as they stared ahead.

At this moment, the ancient temple’s doors slowly opened, the wooden doors creaking loudly in the silent night.

The three of them stepped into the ancient temple.

Li Changqing watched them enter the temple with wide eyes.

“What exactly is this place?” Li Changqing took a step forward, approaching the rift and peering down carefully.

The moment the three of them entered the temple, their eyes gradually cleared.

They heard the sound of ghostly wails and howls in their ears.

It was as if they had fallen into hell.

“What’s happening to us?” Yin Changli was startled, looking around in confusion. The place was filled with ruins and was incredibly gloomy.

The vast courtyard was devoid of any signs of life.

And it seemed to have been abandoned for many years.

“Where is this…” Mu Qingge and Xu Muhai also woke up from their daze.

When they realized they had entered this courtyard, they became extremely vigilant.


With a dull thud, the ancient door behind them slammed shut!

The heavy sound seemed to seal their vitality.

“Not good!” Xu Muhai’s face suddenly changed.

Mu Qingge was about to ask Xu Muhai what was wrong, but before she could ask, her face also changed drastically.

Because both Mu Qingge and Xu Muhai felt that their cultivation was being suppressed.

The cultivation within their bodies was like a wheel stuck in the mud, struggling to move.

In other words, they were unable to use any of their cultivation in this terrifying place. If they encountered danger, wouldn’t they just be waiting to die?

“Our cultivation is being suppressed.” Xu Muhai turned around and tried to push the heavy door, but it wouldn’t budge.

“What kind of place is this, that it can suppress our cultivation?” Mu Qingge suddenly looked around: “Right, where did Daoist Li Changqing go?”

“Right.” Xu Muhai suddenly remembered.

Where was Li Changqing?

Just now, although Li Changqing and Yin Changli were standing a bit far away, they were close to each other. Yin Changli had come in, so Li Changqing should have come in too.

But there was no sign of Li Changqing.

“Did Senior Li Changqing not come in?” Yin Changli cautiously suggested.

“If Brother Li Changqing didn’t come in, that’s even better. He will find a way to save us.” Xu Muhai nodded: “Let’s go inside and take a look first. Standing here gives me a bad feeling.”

“I feel the same, as if someone is watching us.” Mu Qingge took a few steps forward, subconsciously looking back.

“Hmm?” Mu Qingge saw a huge plaque hanging under the eaves.

The plaque was hanging crookedly, and the words on it were decayed.

But she could still clearly see the four big characters written on it.

Cold Chisel Ancient Temple.

“Cold Chisel Ancient Temple…” Seeing these four words, a trace of fear appeared in Mu Qingge’s eyes, and she subconsciously took a step back.

“It really is the Cold Chisel Ancient Temple.” Xu Muhai also looked up at the plaque, equally incredulous.

“Master, what is the Cold Chisel Ancient Temple?” Yin Changli saw their expressions and knew that this place was definitely not simple.

Mu Qingge took a deep breath to calm her emotions.

“The Cold Chisel Ancient Temple was once the most powerful Buddhist sect in the Cangyuan Realm.” Mu Qingge said.

“Buddhist sect?” Yin Changli was surprised: “What is that?””They worship Buddha, gaining enlightenment from the scriptures in the scrolls. Their cultivation methods are quite miraculous, especially effective against the Ghost Clan.”

“Many years ago, led by the Hansha Ancient Temple, dozens of Buddhist temples in the Cangyuan Realm waged a world-shaking war against the Ghost Clan.” Xu Muhai continued, “The Ghost Clan won that war, but it was a pyrrhic victory. The other sects of the human race joined forces to drive the Ghost Clan into the Yunhuang Wilderness.”

“However, almost all the Buddhists were wiped out. After that war, the Hansha Ancient Temple disappeared from the Cangyuan Realm. It’s been nearly a thousand years now.”

“I never thought that the Hansha Ancient Temple would be sealed in a scroll. It’s truly beyond comprehension.” Xu Muhai felt that this matter was truly baffling.

“We’ve been set up.” Mu Qingge’s eyes narrowed slightly, “That painting was used to trap us. We were transported here as soon as we opened the scroll. Although I don’t know what their purpose is, I know that if we don’t find a way out quickly, we will have no way to retreat.”

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