Chapter 040 – Mysterious Scroll

Everyone’s gaze fell on the skeletal palm of the corpse.

“It’s a scroll!”

In the palm of the skeleton, there was a tightly held scroll.

The scroll was permeated with an extremely ancient aura, and even from a distance, one could feel the traces of time flowing on it.

“An ancient painting left by the Painting Immortal?” Xu Muhai and Mu Qingge found their breaths heavy at this moment.

This was a real treasure.

If word got out, it could potentially incite a bloodbath among the many sects of the Cangyuan Realm.

Who knew how much blood would be shed, and how many lives would be lost.

Xu Muhai and Mu Qingge glanced at each other, their eyes revealing a hint of caution.

They seemed to be worried that the other would suddenly strike at this moment.

Although one was from Medical King Valley and the other from Dao Mountain Ancient Land, both were reputable sects.

Their relationship was not bad.

But in front of the ancient painting left by the Painting Immortal, who could say they had no selfish intentions?

It was common to stab one’s own brother in the back for the sake of a treasure, let alone two people meeting for the first time.

“Brother Changqing, I’ll repeat what I said before, since you brought us here, you should have more authority to handle this.” Mu Qingge took a deep breath and passed the ball to Li Changqing.

“Brother Changqing, you decide.” Xu Muhai also sobered up at this moment.

There was still Li Changqing beside them.

This was a treasure left by the Painting Immortal.

If they really had selfish intentions, it was hard to guarantee that Li Changqing wouldn’t kill them both here.

In front of such a treasure, even one’s own father couldn’t be trusted!

So both of them quickly clarified their positions and left it to Li Changqing to handle.

The two of them were hoping that Li Changqing might not be interested in the painting.

In that case, the painting could fall into their hands.

Although the hope was slim, they didn’t want to lose their lives over a treasure.

Upon hearing their words, Li Changqing didn’t say anything.

He just looked at the corpse and the ancient painting in its hand from a distance.

For some reason, Li Changqing thought of the river of time that had suddenly appeared in his consciousness when he entered the cave.

He thought of the mysterious figure on the river of time.

Even now, as he looked at the ancient painting from a distance, he felt a bit uncomfortable.

As if something was wrong with the painting.

But Li Changqing didn’t know whether it was his own feeling that was wrong, or if there was really something wrong with the painting, because he didn’t know much about paintings.

“I’m not interested in this thing. You two can take the painting, open it and see. Whoever needs it can take it.” Li Changqing said indifferently.

He really didn’t need this thing.

Li Changqing was very clear about one thing, that his wood carving was more effective than painting.

So he didn’t need to use the painting to help Li Hengsheng, and naturally he didn’t need to take this thing.

As for selling the painting for money, Li Changqing felt that he should not act rashly before he truly mastered his own power and understood this world.

It was easy to bring about his own demise.

Although Dao Mountain Ancient Land and Medical King Valley both thought of him as some peerless expert, there were always those stubborn people. If they came to cause trouble, with his mediocre power, it would be hard to protect himself.

It might even bring trouble to his son.

As for the wood carving he gave away, whether it was Xu Muhai or Mu Qingge, they were both smart people and it was unlikely to be leaked out.

The Yan family was also under his control for now, so there was no need to worry.

Li Changqing was also a bit curious about what was in the painting, but he was somewhat resistant to it, so he didn’t want to go up and take it.

He always felt that something was strange.

Hearing Li Changqing’s words, Xu Muhai and Mu Qingge could hardly believe their luck.

Such a thing had actually happened.

The two looked at each other, then rushed towards the corpse.

But even though they really wanted the painting, they were very cautious, worried that there might be some traps here.

It took them a while to safely reach the corpse, even though it was only a few dozen meters away.

The corpse was unrecognizable, but Mu Qingge could tell that it had been there for at least a hundred years.

“Perhaps it really is Senior Gu Hanxi.” Mu Qingge said with a complex expression.

“If it really is him, then this painting is indeed left by the Painting Immortal.” Xu Muhai reached out and carefully pulled out the painting: “Maybe this painting is a Painting Treasure.”

“Anything that the Painting Immortal held in his hand even at the moment of death must be a peerless treasure!” Mu Qingge agreed.

“I can’t wait to open it and see.” Xu Muhai couldn’t even wait to get back to Li Changqing before opening it.

Xu Muhai knew that Li Changqing wouldn’t blame him for this. Although they hadn’t known each other for long, he had figured out some of Li Changqing’s character.

He was a reasonable person, not one to fuss over small matters.

Thinking this, Xu Muhai quickly unrolled the scroll, eager to see this masterpiece!

But the moment Xu Muhai opened the scroll.

Li Changqing’s face changed!

A sense of crisis arose!

This was the first time Li Changqing had felt such a great crisis since he came to the Cangyuan Realm.

“Danger.” Li Changqing exclaimed.But at this moment, Xu Muhai had already unrolled the scroll!

Inside the scroll, there was almost nothing, except for a pair of eyes!

A pair of blood-red eyes!

The eyes seemed to be completely formed by coagulated blood, covering the heavens and the earth, as if they wanted to dye everything blood-red.

At this moment, the wind and clouds changed color, and the entire cave dimmed.

An endless momentum rose to the sky, and an extremely strong ghostly aura seeped out from the scroll!

Xu Muhai and Mu Qingge were immediately engulfed by this ghostly aura!

The two seemed to have fallen into an ocean of ghostly aura. They had been cultivating for so many years, but they had never felt such a terrifying ghostly aura!

It was so powerful that they almost lost the will to resist.

What level of Ghost Clan was this?

Innate pinnacle?

Could it be the legendary land immortal?

Or perhaps……

Something they couldn’t touch?

It had already exceeded their understanding.

And this ghostly aura filled the entire cave, swallowing everything. Yin Changli and Li Changqing, who were far apart, were also engulfed by this ghostly aura.

“This is the aura of the Ghost Clan.” Li Changqing was in this boundless ghostly aura, and the space around him seemed to be distorting.

Li Changqing was a little scared, but at this moment, a red light descended from the sky.

Li Changqing couldn’t help but look up, only to find that in the pitch-black night sky, there were two blood moons hanging!

No, that’s not right.

Rather than calling them blood moons.

It’s better to say they were those two blood-red eyes.

There seemed to be some astonishing power in those eyes, and at this moment, Li Changqing’s Divine Soul Lake was trembling wildly!

As if something had invaded his Divine Soul.

So strong!

Even though he didn’t fully understand the Divine Soul, Li Changqing could still feel the terrifying strength of the power that had invaded his Divine Soul Lake.

What exactly was sealed in this scroll?

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