Chapter 039,Part 2 – The Remains of a Painting Immortal


Yin Changli didn’t expect Li Changqing to say such a thing.

Xu Muhai was also somewhat surprised. Li Changqing was simply a fanatic for spoiling his child.

Investing a treasure in a young man, just to help his own son in the future?

But Xu Muhai also understood that Li Changqing was not only investing in Yin Changli.

He was investing in Yin Changli’s background.

Medical King Valley.

The first orthodox medical sect in the Cangyuan Realm.

The power behind Medical King Valley was immense.

Yin Changli was a Xuanmu body, and also the personal disciple of Mu Qingge. His future position in the Medical King Valley would definitely be high. Moreover, Mu Qingge was the daughter of the head of the Medical King Valley. The implications of this relationship were self-evident.

However… Xu Muhai still felt that Li Changqing, with his strength and miraculous abilities, was extraordinary.

If he were to make his move, with a wave of his hand, there would be countless strong people who would want to follow him.

By that time, his son would be the favored child of heaven. What couldn’t he have?

Why did Li Changqing have to be so low-key?

Xu Muhai could only guess that there were other reasons that he didn’t know about.

“Senior Changqing, rest assured. If there is any trouble for your son in the future, I, Yin Changli, will go through fire and water!” Yin Changli said solemnly.

“Good.” Li Changqing nodded.

At this moment, the Xuanyuan Sword was still floating in mid-air. Yin Changli stared at the floating wooden sword and slowly reached out his hand.

He gently grasped the hilt of the sword.

The moment he held the sword, Yin Changli felt a surge of electricity throughout his body. He felt the vast expanse of the universe!

He seemed to see the Tree of Eternity in front of him.

Even his Xuanmu body’s bloodline began to tremble.

Yin Changli saw the world of stars and the land of grass and trees on the sword, as if brewing some kind of rule.

This rule was too mysterious for Yin Changli, but it made him feel so familiar.

This sword was not a weapon, it couldn’t really be used as a weapon, but by comprehending this sword, Yin Changli knew he would definitely achieve something.

“Thank you, Daoist Changqing.” Mu Qingge also bowed with a fist.

At the same time, Mu Qingge’s mood was not calm. This Xuanyuan Sword was such a treasure, she could feel the power coming from the Xuanyuan Sword, how strong it was.

She also knew what a treasure it was.

She wanted it too.

But where would Mu Qingge dare to ask for it?

She could only watch her disciple receive a treasure that she couldn’t get.

Xu Muhai was fine, although he also envied the sword, but Xu Muhai had received a cauldron before, which had already made him very happy.

However, Xu Muhai also smiled bitterly in his heart.

Li Changqing really spoiled his son, Li Hengsheng, too much.

His son was still a warrior in the Transcendence Realm, and he had already started paving the way for his son here.

Such a child-spoiling fanatic.

His son was his disciple, and Xu Muhai suddenly felt overwhelmed.

What’s the difference between this and teaching the crown prince?

If his son got hurt under his watch, wouldn’t Li Changqing’s anger tear him apart?

Thinking of this, Xu Muhai couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, breaking out in a cold sweat.


At this moment, the sound of the Golden Silk Linlang Beast came from not far away.

Everyone turned their heads and saw that the Golden Silk Linlang Beast had actually walked out from the deepest part of the cave.

Similarly, the Golden Silk Linlang Beast was holding a scroll in its mouth.

“A painting?”

Xu Muhai was somewhat excited.

There were indeed treasures here.

The Golden Silk Linlang Beast ran to Li Changqing’s side, then put the painting on the ground, looking at Li Changqing eagerly.

Li Changqing curiously reached out his hand, and the scroll was warm to the touch.

The feel of the paper was not like the paper he had touched at home, indicating that this paper must be very expensive.

Opening the scroll, what came into view was a jungle, and in the jungle, a Golden Silk Linlang Beast was sleeping.

The moment he saw this painting, Li Changqing almost subconsciously thought that this painting contained a world!

Because the painting was too realistic.

Whether it was the mountains and forests or the clouds in the sky, they all gave people a sense of immersion.

Not only visually, but even the air was filled with the scent of wild fruits in the forest.

The breeze seemed to blow on his cheeks.

As for the sleeping Golden Silk Linlang Beast in the painting, it had even breathing, as if it could wake up at any time.

Such a painting, Li Changqing found it very astonishing.

Xu Muhai and Mu Qingge felt that this painting was several times stronger than any painting they had ever seen.

“Such a masterpiece, I’m afraid it was painted by a painting immortal.” Mu Qingge nodded.

Only Yin Changli on the side didn’t care at all, playing with the Xuanyuan Sword in his hand with great interest. Because in his view, no painting could compare to the sword in his hand.

“This painting is of you, isn’t it?” Li Changqing looked at the Golden Silk Linlang Beast and said, “I can feel that the spiritual energy contained in this painting has almost been exhausted. If this painting loses its spiritual energy, your spirit as the painting will cease to exist.”

“Ow…” The Golden Silk Linlang Beast whimpered pitifully, then rubbed its head against Li Changqing’s leg, as if it was acting coquettishly.

“No worries.” Li Changqing casually stroked the head of the Golden Silk Linlang Beast and said, “When we return to Changting Town, I will recreate a body for you.”

Upon hearing this, the Golden Silk Linlang Beast turned its head and called out a few times towards the end of the cave.

“Is there something good inside?” Xu Muhai looked deep into the cave and asked.

The Golden Silk Linlang Beast seemed hesitant, as if it wanted to say something, but then it closed its mouth.

“Since we’re here, let’s go in and take a look. Wouldn’t it be a waste if we missed any treasures?” Xu Muhai said with a smile.

Everyone else thought it made sense.

Mu Qingge packed up all the heavenly treasures, and Li Changqing casually waved his hand, the remaining longevity wood also floated behind him.

Such good wood, if it were just discarded, wouldn’t it be a pity?

However, as they continued to move forward, Li Changqing had a faint sense of oppression.

It was as if there was something unknown deep in the cave that made Li Changqing feel uncomfortable.

But what could it be that made him feel uncomfortable?

After crossing several streams, they finally arrived at the end of the cave.

When they entered, their eyes were deeply attracted by something.

In the center of the cave, on a stone platform, there was a person sitting in meditation.

However, this person had already turned into a pile of white bones.

“Could this be the predecessor, the painting immortal?” Mu Qingge looked from a distance, then scanned the last part of the cave, only to find that there was almost nothing here.

She had originally thought there would be some treasures here.

“Master, in his hand…” At this moment, Yin Changli pointed at the skeleton in surprise.

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