Chapter 039,Part 1 – This sword Xuanyuan

If there were leaves of the Tree of Immortality, Mu Qingge would really like to study this legendary object.

Because it is said that the leaves of the Tree of Immortality have the power to bring the dead back to life.

Unfortunately, this thing is really rare, and no one in the history of Medical King Valley has ever obtained anything related to the Tree of Immortality.

As for this Immortal Wood, although it is a treasure, it is of no use.

This piece of the Tree of Immortality will never grow leaves again.

However, this thing is useless to others, but it is a good treasure for Li Changqing.

In the eyes of a woodcarver, such good wood would be a waste if it is not used to carve something.

“Kid, I have a good thing for you.” Li Changqing looked at Yin Changli.

“Ah, senior wants to give me something?” Yin Changli’s eyes lit up.

“Friend Changqing, you don’t have to be so polite.” Mu Qingge quickly said, knowing that whatever Li Changqing gives must be extraordinary, how could she accept such a huge favor?

“Kid, you’re going to be rich!” Xu Muhai’s eyes lit up, he naturally knew that the things Li Changqing gave were all extraordinary.

Any wood carving could lead one to the pinnacle of life.

“Don’t call me kid, my name is Yin Changli.” Yin Changli protested to Xu Muhai.

Xu Muhai was taken aback, and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly: “You’re really double standard, you didn’t say anything when Brother Changqing called you that, but I can’t.”

“Hmph, Senior Changqing can.” Yin Changli said with a bit of a proud tone.

“Then wait a moment.” Li Changqing said, and sat down next to the Immortal Wood, then took out various tools from his arms.

Various knives were taken out by Li Changqing, which surprised both Mu Qingge and Yin Changli.

What kind of knife is that?

Why do they all look so strange, they are all shapes they have never seen before.

Even Xu Muhai showed a curious expression, because Xu Muhai was also seeing this kind of knife for the first time, and he didn’t expect to see Li Changqing making wood carvings on the spot.

Seeing the surprised looks on their faces, Li Changqing thought they were wondering why he carried so many knives with him, so he coughed and said: “As a woodcarver, it’s quite reasonable for me to carry six or seven knives with me, right?”

“Woodcarver?” Mu Qingge and Yin Changli showed puzzled expressions: “Isn’t Friend Changqing a painter?”

“Brother Changqing is not a painter, he is a woodcarver.” Xu Muhai explained: “This is a path Brother Changqing has carved out for himself. Although it is similar to a painter, the wood carvings Brother Changqing creates have a much stronger impact!”

After all, Xu Muhai had really seen it, the wooden cauldron that Li Changqing gave him was still on him.

Just one glance at it would make him fall into it.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was dealing with the matter of the Southern Mountain now, he would be eager to return to Mount Muhai and carefully comprehend this wooden cauldron.

Mu Qingge and the others were just unaware of the history.

At this time, Li Changqing started to work.

Various tools were used on the Immortal Wood, and Li Changqing took out a relatively long piece.

Each knife has its own use, Li Changqing’s movements were fast, he had reached a master level of proficiency, which dazzled the others.

They found that the wood in Li Changqing’s hand in the previous second and the wood in the next second were completely different.

It was as if they were watching the process of a creator creating an object, which caused a huge shock to their souls, and even they all felt that the true essence in their bodies couldn’t help but automatically operate.

Their Divine Souls trembled, and they were completely fascinated by the movements in Li Changqing’s hands, forgetting time and everything else.

At the same time, many insights were added to their minds.

It seemed that the process of creation brought them many insights into the Dao of Heaven and Earth.

Even the bottlenecks in their martial arts seemed to loosen at this time.

Gradually, as time passed, everyone didn’t know how long it had been, and an object was formed in Li Changqing’s hands.

It was a sword.

A wooden sword.

The blade was wide, and the overall feel was different from the thin swords they usually saw.

On the wooden sword, one side was carved with the sun, moon, and stars, and the other side was carved with mountains, rivers, and vegetation.

Even though they hadn’t touched the sword yet, for some reason, they all felt a kind of pressure from this wooden sword!

It was as if they had seen some superior being that they could not reach.

Li Changqing carefully inspected the sword in his hand, to be precise, this sword was only a semi-finished product, because Li Changqing did not intend to finish carving this sword.

He didn’t need such a strong aura of the emperor.

He just needed the power of mountains, rivers, vegetation, sun, moon, and stars, which would be the best for Yin Changli.

“Go.” Li Changqing’s palm opened, and the sword actually stood in the air.

But the wooden sword was trembling slightly, as if it was reluctant to leave.

“Go.” Li Changqing smiled: “Your master is that kid, I don’t know swordsmanship, I’m not suitable for you.”

With that, Li Changqing flicked his finger, and the wooden sword flew out directly, coming to Yin Changli’s face.

Feeling the wooden sword flying towards him, Yin Changli was pushed back two steps, his eyes showed awe, but behind that awe was a glimmer of desire.

“This is… wood carving?” Mu Qingge was also so shocked that she couldn’t speak.

She is the daughter of the Valley Master of Medical King Valley, a genius of the younger generation of Medical King Valley. She thought she had seen a lot, but after meeting Li Changqing, she found that the world she had seen was so small.

This wooden sword, although it hasn’t reached her hand, but she can still feel the spiritual power coming from this wooden sword, vast and endless, as if it is infinite.

Looking at the patterns on the sword, vast stars, thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, it seems to contain a small world!

Such a treasure!

It’s simply amazing!

“Kid, take the sword.” Li Changqing said seriously: “This sword is called Xuanyuan, you are a Xuanmu body, this sword suits you.”

“What I want to tell you is, there is a Dao of Medicine, there is a Dao of Sword, but all the three thousand Daos lead to the same goal.””Some people can tread the path to becoming unparalleled powerhouses through reading, some can rival immortals by perfecting the art of wine tasting. Swordsmanship is not just about killing, your understanding of plants and trees can also lead you to your own path of the sword.”

“So, in the future, you can not only become a medical immortal, but also a sword immortal. The world of nature, within the plants and trees, hides your path of the sword. I give you this sword, go and comprehend your own path.”

Li Changqing racked his brains, recalling phrases from the web novels he had read before, and spoke in a jumbled manner.

However, his words struck the people present like a thunderbolt, and to Yin Changli, it was like a sudden enlightenment!

Is this the difference in realms?

“Thank you, Elder Li Changqing.” Yin Changli knelt down solemnly and kowtowed three times to Li Changqing.

“I, Yin Changli, will remember this kindness for three lifetimes!”

Yin Changli was truly moved.

He was given such a treasure, and even guided to find his own path of the sword.

Such a great kindness, it was comparable to having a second set of parents!

“The future belongs to you youngsters.” Li Changqing looked at Yin Changli seriously, “Perhaps in the future, amidst the competition of your generation, my son will also participate. I only hope that we have a good karma. If my son encounters any difficulties, I hope you, the future sword immortal, can lend him a hand.”

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