Chapter 037 – Longevity Wood


Mu Qingge looked at Yin Changli, her face filled with worry.

He had great potential, but he was not focused on the right path.

All day long, he was obsessed with sword training, dreaming of becoming a sword immortal, wasting his excellent talent.

As everyone ventured deeper, even Xu Muhai and the others began to smell the rich aroma of herbs.

“The scent of Sky Blue Grass.”

“And this is Soul Fragrance.”

“Such a strong smell of vitality, could it be Blood Jade Lotus?”

Smelling all kinds of scents, Mu Qingge also became excited, because these were all valuable treasures. Even in Medical King Valley, there weren’t so many, and the treasures here must have been aged for a long time.

What came into view was a large pond, the water in the pond was faintly milky white.

In the pond, many blood lotuses were blooming.

They looked very enchanting.

At the same time, not far away was a medicinal field, filled with green light. But in such a large medicinal field, there were only a few medicinal plants standing tall.

The rest of the field was filled with withered herbs, probably dead for a long time.

“What a pity.” Mu Qingge walked up, squatted down, picked up a handful of soil from the ground, and sniffed, “This is all top-quality spirit soil.”

“It’s very suitable for the growth of treasures, but because it’s been too long, the surviving treasures have absorbed all the nutrients of the other herbs in order not to wither and die.”

“Now only these are left.” Mu Qingge sighed softly.

“It’s good that there are some left.” Xu Muhai said with a smile, “There are so many Blood Jade Lotuses still alive here, these are also good things.”

Mu Qingge wanted to reach out and pick some of these herbs, but her hand that had just stretched out stopped in mid-air, as if she remembered something, and withdrew it.

“Friend Li Changqing, we are here all because of you, so the treasures here should also belong to you. I was presumptuous.” Mu Qingge quickly said to Li Changqing.

“No harm done.” Li Changqing looked at these treasures, knowing that they must be very valuable.

But he definitely couldn’t monopolize these things.

“Song Fairy, if you want to pick anything here, feel free to do so. What’s wrong with giving it to you?” Li Changqing said, “But my son is about to start his cultivation, and he lacks spiritual medicine. I hope Medical King Valley can provide some pills for his cultivation, how about it?”

“Of course!” Mu Qingge quickly said, “That’s for sure.”

Mu Qingge was very happy in her heart.

Because not only did she get many treasures, but more importantly, after doing this, Medical King Valley made a friend who is a high-level expert.

For Medical King Valley or for her personally, it was a good deal.

Seeing Mu Qingge so happy, Li Changqing was stunned for a moment. Mu Qingge’s smile could really be said to be captivating.

As a normal man, Li Changqing couldn’t resist.

“Cough cough.” Li Changqing wasn’t interested in the spiritual medicine here, mainly because he didn’t understand it, but when he glanced at the distance, something caught his attention.

It was a piece of round wood.

Half of the round wood was buried in the ground.

It wasn’t thick, about the size of a bowl, but the grain of the wood was very beautiful.

It was also shimmering with green light. In Li Changqing’s eyes, the round wood was filled with the breath of life.

“What is that?” Li Changqing took a step forward.

But at this moment, Li Changqing felt that the scenery around him had changed.

The world dimmed.

Xu Muhai, Yin Changli, Mu Qingge, and even Fei disappeared.

Everything in the cave disappeared, as if he had entered his own Divine Soul.

This made Li Changqing a little nervous.

What happened?


A loud noise startled Li Changqing. He looked up and saw a huge river appearing in the sky above his head!

The river was so vast, spanning across the heavens!

Above the long river, figures emerged.

Some of these figures he had seen before, some he hadn’t. Each drop of river water was filled with countless fragments.

It was like watching a movie.

Li Changqing was shocked.

“Is this… the River of Time?” Li Changqing didn’t know if this world had such a thing, but judging from the novels he had read before, this was very similar to the River of Time described in the novels.

Each of them seemed like the flow of time.

But why did he see the River of Time here?

Li Changqing didn’t understand.

Just then, Li Changqing suddenly noticed something.

He saw a figure standing in the River of Time.

The figure was short, his face shrouded by time, completely obscuring his features.

He was looking down at Li Changqing, only his pair of blood-red eyes, like a hungry wolf.Feeling the man’s gaze on him, Li Changqing’s heart skipped a beat, an uncomfortable sensation washing over him.

Just as Li Changqing thought the man was about to descend from the river of time to kill him, the man surprisingly turned and left.

Vanishing without a trace.

At this moment, the river of time slowly disintegrated into fragments that fell down.

The fragments solidified in mid-air, turning into snowflakes.

As if a cold wind was blowing, the snowflakes danced in the air.

Li Changqing stood amidst the snow, unable to snap out of his daze for a long time.

“Brother Changqing.” At this moment, Xu Muhai’s voice came from beside Li Changqing. Only then did Li Changqing come back to his senses, the scene of snow before his eyes had already disappeared.

Li Changqing was still standing there, unchanged.

“Brother Changqing, what are you looking at?” Xu Muhai curiously looked at Li Changqing, who had just been standing there in a daze.

“Looking at that piece of wood,” Li Changqing muttered.

“Wood?” Xu Muhai also followed his gaze to the piece of wood buried in the ground.

But what was so interesting about that piece of wood?

Li Changqing walked over to the log, carefully examining its grain. Although he didn’t recognize it, he knew it was a very good piece of wood.

“Come out.”

Li Changqing softly commanded, and the Dragon Seizing Hand was once again displayed.

Like a dragon soul crossing the sky, the dragon’s aura swept across all directions, even Xu Muhai was startled and quickly retreated.

Li Changqing, like a humanoid dragon, reached out with a dragon claw and forcefully pulled the log from the mud.

As the log was pulled out, a life force began to permeate the air.

That kind of aura made everyone feel incredibly comfortable, as if the cells in their bodies were awakening.

“Longevity Wood!” Mu Qingge exclaimed upon seeing the log.

Clearly, she didn’t expect to see such a treasure here.

“This is Longevity Wood?” Xu Muhai was also taken aback, then said, “Legend has it that Longevity Wood is a part of the ancient Longevity Tree, which only exists in legends. I didn’t expect to see it here.”

Li Changqing felt the Longevity Wood, thinking that it must be excellent timber.

“Strange, where’s the Golden Silk Linlang Beast?” At this moment, Yin Changli curiously looked around.

The Golden Silk Linlang Beast was nowhere to be found.

“Let’s not worry about it for now.” Mu Qingge walked up at this moment, staring at the Longevity Wood, a look of regret in her eyes: “What a pity, if only there was a Longevity Leaf on it.”

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