Chapter 035 – Nanshan Secret Realm

Li Changqing held the Golden Silk Linlang Beast by the neck, as if he was holding a dog, and returned on his long sword.

He lightly jumped down from the sword, casually threw the Golden Silk Linlang Beast aside, and said, “Behave yourself, don’t run around.”

It was strange that the Golden Silk Linlang Beast, at this moment, showed a timid look in its eyes when facing Li Changqing. It lay on the ground, completely like an obedient dog.

Li Changqing shook his sleeve, and the long sword flew out directly. With a clang, it returned to Yin Changli’s scabbard.

“Little guy, thank you.” Li Changqing said satisfactorily, “It’s really a good sword.”

“Eh.” Yin Changli hadn’t recovered from his stupor. Li Changqing’s smooth and flowing movements had really impressed him.

This was the sword immortal in his heart.

Walking on the sword, controlling the sword with a wave of his hand, killing enemies thousands of miles away.

If this wasn’t a sword immortal, what was?

“Brother Changqing, you really opened my eyes.” Xu Muhai looked at the Golden Silk Linlang Beast on the ground, which was as obedient as a dog, and didn’t know what to say.

“Senior, Mu Qingge didn’t know your identity just now and was negligent. Please forgive me.” Mu Qingge also stepped forward and spoke generously.

Being called a senior by such a beauty, Li Changqing felt awkward, as if he had become an uncle to Mu Qingge.

“Don’t call me senior, you can call me Daoist friend like you call Peak Master Xu.” Li Changqing said.

“Daoist friend Changqing.” Mu Qingge nodded seriously, her gaze at Li Changqing completely different now.

Just based on Li Changqing’s flying sword technique just now, Mu Qingge had some guesses.

Li Changqing was probably not a martial artist.

He was likely a painter.

And his realm was not low, he was likely a powerful existence at the level of the Painting Sage.

But there were not many Painting Sages in the Cangyuan Realm, so why didn’t this person have any fame?

Could he be a hidden powerhouse?

“Peak Master Xu, could you take this golden-haired, oh no, Golden Silk Linlang Beast to Hengsheng when you return to Dao Mountain Ancient Land? With it protecting Hengsheng, at least his safety would be guaranteed.” Li Changqing pointed to the Golden Silk Linlang Beast beside him.

“Eh?” Xu Muhai shook his head when he heard this, “I don’t recommend doing that.”

“One reason is that Li Hengsheng’s cultivation is still very weak, he has just started his cultivation journey, and this Painting Soul is already at the Prenatal Realm. Although it is obedient in your hands, Brother Changqing, it may not be so easy to control in Li Hengsheng’s hands.”

“It might even hurt Li Hengsheng.”

“Furthermore, the path of a martial artist is inherently dangerous. If he relies on such a thing, he might find it hard to achieve anything.”

“If one day Li Hengsheng steps into the Prenatal Realm, it might be okay to have this Golden Silk Linlang Beast by his side.” Xu Muhai analyzed for Li Changqing.

Li Changqing frowned and pondered upon hearing Xu Muhai’s words, “That’s true, with this thing, that kid won’t study hard.”

“Then I’ll keep this thing for now.” Li Changqing reached out and touched the Golden Silk Linlang Beast.

The Golden Silk Linlang Beast didn’t dare to move, it looked at Li Changqing with wide eyes, as if it was afraid that Li Changqing would erase it.

“Daoist Xu, the Golden Silk Linlang Beast that we couldn’t catch together is as obedient as a dog in Daoist Changqing’s hands, it’s really a bit demoralizing.” Mu Qingge gave a bitter smile, “I rarely leave Medical King Valley, I didn’t expect that there are always people better than oneself, and there are always higher skies beyond the sky.”

“Song Fairy, but thanks to Brother Changqing catching this Golden Silk Linlang Beast, there might be news of the Three Life Flower.” Xu Muhai stared at the Golden Silk Linlang Beast and said.

“That’s right.” Mu Qingge suddenly realized.

Li Changqing squatted on the ground, stroking the Golden Silk Linlang Beast, and said with a smile, “You little thing, I didn’t expect you could fly. How about I give you a name, Fei?”

“Ow.” The Golden Silk Linlang Beast let out a soft howl, as if it didn’t object.

“Then Fei, lead us to your lair.” Li Changqing looked up at Xu Muhai and said, “Since this Painting Soul appeared here, there should be a place with this Golden Silk Linlang Beast’s painting, right? Maybe there are other things.”

“That’s what I mean.” Xu Muhai nodded, “It’s possible that there is a secret realm in this southern mountain.”

“A secret realm?” Mu Qingge couldn’t help but say, “If there really is a secret realm, it might have been left by a Painting Immortal.”

“A secret realm?” Li Changqing wasn’t confused when he heard this word, because such things were common in novels, so he could understand.

Li Changqing’s heart was also excited.

He didn’t expect to encounter such exciting things not long after coming to this world, and he had become a master.

There might be many treasures in the secret realm waiting for him to find. With the treasures, he could sell them directly for his son to cultivate.

“Fei, lead the way.” Li Changqing ordered.

The Golden Silk Linlang Beast didn’t dare to delay and quickly got up and ran towards the distance.

“We follow it.”

Several people followed behind the Golden Silk Linlang Beast.

“Elder Li, Elder Li, aren’t you flying anymore? You can borrow my sword!” Yin Changli followed behind, his excited little face flushed as he shouted at Li Changqing.

“You little rascal.” Mu Qingge said speechlessly, “On normal days, you can’t wait to snatch your precious sword back even if I touch it. Now, why are you offering it to others?”

“And if Elder Li flies, what about us? Can we keep up?”

Mu Qingge gave Yin Changli a hard stare, feeling that she might not be able to keep this disciple.

He insisted on going to Dao Mountain Ancient Land to see Xue Qianbai.

Now, his idol has directly become Li Changqing.

What a fickle man.

Li Changqing was performing the Snow Feather Zen Wind Technique, light as a feather at the front. Hearing these words, he just turned back and smiled, “Little guy, your sword is a good one. Keep it well. I think you have the potential to become a sword immortal in the future.”

“Really?” Yin Changli was extremely excited.

“Can’t you tell it’s just a polite remark?” Mu Qingge was speechless.

Everyone followed the Golden Silk Linlang Beast and ran south for the time of two incense sticks. Only then could they vaguely see a canyon ahead.


At the same time, the sound of a river flowing came from the hollow canyon. What they saw was a long river flowing through the canyon.

The river was turbulent and fast. If an ordinary person fell in, they would be swept away in minutes.

Who would have thought that at this moment, the Golden Silk Linlang Beast would dive headfirst into the river.

“Could the entrance be in the river?” Xu Muhai looked at the turbulent river and said.

“Let’s go in and find out.” Mu Qingge said.

Li Changqing was in a dilemma. He couldn’t swim!

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