Chapter 034 – Little guy, borrow my sword for a moment!

“Escape!” Xu Muhai was anxious, stomping his foot on the ground, his body soaring into the air.

He leaped up, trying to catch the Golden Silk Linlang Beast.

However, the speed of the Golden Silk Linlang Beast was too fast. Even with his divine steps, Xu Muhai found it difficult to capture.


Her silver needles couldn’t keep up with the speed of the Golden Silk Linlang Beast, which obviously made Mu Qingge somewhat dissatisfied.

With a light hum, Mu Qingge flicked her sleeve, and a scroll of painting flew out.

The painting scroll opened in the wind, and on it was a cliff covered with dense vines. At this moment, the vines turned into thousands of tentacles extending from the painting, transforming into several ropes to catch the Golden Silk Linlang Beast.

“Painting Treasure!”

Li Changqing’s eyes lit up. He had only read about Painting Treasures in books, and this was his first time seeing one in person.

“Court Cliff Thousand Vines Picture?” Xu Muhai raised his eyebrows, seemingly recognizing this Painting Treasure.

The numerous vines flew out at an astonishing speed, directly catching up with the Golden Silk Linlang Beast.

They directly blocked the path of the Golden Silk Linlang Beast.

Seeing its path blocked, the Golden Silk Linlang Beast calmly opened its mouth, spewing out green flames!

The flames turned into a sea of fire, and the several vines were burned by the green flames, instantly retracting.

“Soul Fire!”

Seeing this flame, both Xu Muhai and Mu Qingge couldn’t help but exclaim.

“This Painting Soul is desperate to escape, using Soul Fire, which is fatal to it, which already has little spiritual energy.” Xu Muhai frowned.

Obviously, after spewing out this flame, the speed of the Golden Silk Linlang Beast slowed down a lot, but the vines also retracted, not daring to approach again. Even Mu Qingge quickly put away the Painting Treasure. Encountering this restraining flame, her “Court Cliff Thousand Vines Picture” could be damaged.

“Roar.” The Golden Silk Linlang Beast roared and turned to flee into the distance.

“It got away.” Xu Muhai and Mu Qingge were somewhat helpless.

But they could only watch it run, after all, that thing could fly.

“Master, are we just letting it go?” Yin Changli was also a bit regretful, then seriously said, “Master, if you let me go to Dao Mountain Ancient Land and learn swordsmanship from Qianxue Sword Sovereign, my swordsmanship will be stronger. If I could have helped you just now, the three of us would definitely not let the Golden Silk Linlang Beast escape.”

“Shut up.” Mu Qingge said coldly.

“Uh.” Seeing that Mu Qingge was angry, Yin Changli had to obediently walk to the side.

At this moment, Li Changqing suddenly stepped forward, looking at the increasingly distant golden light in the sky, Li Changqing felt regretful.

If he could catch this creature as a pet for his son, his son’s safety would be guaranteed.

Even if he left Dao Mountain Ancient Land in the future and sought a job in another sect, having this Golden Silk Linlang Beast by his side would definitely be a plus during the interview.

So thinking of this, Li Changqing decided to give it a try.

“Brother Changqing, you…” Xu Muhai was about to ask Li Changqing what he planned to do.

After all, Li Changqing came to the southern mountain to help the Yan family solve this problem. Now that the Golden Silk Linlang Beast had run away, the matter of the southern mountain mine could not be ended.

“Little guy, lend me your sword.” Li Changqing looked at Yin Changli.

“I’m not a little guy, my name is Yin Changli, and I won’t lend my sword.” Yin Changli seemed to dislike being called a little guy.

So he expressed his dissatisfaction and refused to lend his sword to Li Changqing.

“Thank you.”

Ignoring Yin Changli’s refusal, Li Changqing pointed his finger, and the long sword at Yin Changli’s waist trembled slightly, then flew out with a whoosh!

The long sword hung in the air, and Li Changqing stepped out, stepping directly on the long sword!

The next moment, Li Changqing rose into the air on his sword!

The long sword cut through the night sky, and Li Changqing stood with his hands behind his back, like a supreme Sword Immortal, chasing after the Golden Silk Linlang Beast.

Everyone present was stunned by this scene.

Li Changqing’s smooth movements and heroic posture were completely unlike that of a silent ordinary person.

At this moment, he was soaring in the sky, with thousands of mountains and rivers flying past under his feet, a sword breaking through the night, standing above the sky.

His figure was simply unbelievable.

“Brother Changqing can really fly…” Xu Muhai stared at this scene like a wooden chicken.

Mu Qingge was also greatly shocked!

This man can fly?

Isn’t he an ordinary person?

He must be an unparalleled master, but the gap between her and him was too big, so she had no qualifications to perceive his realm!

“Holy shit!”

Yin Changli’s eyes widened, and he almost bit his tongue.

Sword Immortal!

This is definitely a Sword Immortal.

Otherwise, how could he achieve sword flight?Li Changqing didn’t care about the shock he had brought to them. All he wanted now was to catch this golden beast and make it a bodyguard for his son.

The Golden Silk Linlang Beast felt something chasing it from behind. When it turned its head, it was startled. It didn’t expect that this human could actually control a sword.

The two of them, one in front and one behind, were like a meteor chasing.

“Stop struggling, stay with me. Be a pet for my son. I won’t treat you badly. How about three meals of meat and bones every day?” Li Changqing said with a smile.

However, the Golden Silk Linlang Beast was not willing to listen. It flapped its huge wings and flew even faster.

At this moment, Li Changqing reached out his hand and grabbed at the void!

A claw mark blasted out, accompanied by a dragon roar that echoed through the heavens and the earth.

“Dragon Seizing Hand.”

With a light shout from Li Changqing, a huge dragon claw descended from the void above. Its speed was extremely fast, and the pressure it brought was overwhelming!

The body of the Golden Silk Linlang Beast trembled. It didn’t have much spiritual power to begin with. Facing this Dragon Seizing Hand, it had no ability to resist and was directly caught in the dragon claw by Li Changqing.

However, this scene shocked Xu Muhai and the others greatly.

“Dragon claw…”

“What kind of martial arts is this?”

Mu Qingge and Xu Muhai were completely dumbfounded. They had never seen this kind of martial arts. To comprehend this kind of martial arts, one would have to study from a painting of a dragon.

But the dragon is a divine beast.

Throughout the thousands of years, no one has ever heard of anyone who could paint a dragon on Dragon Island. So where did this Dragon Seizing Hand come from?

“I caught it.”

Under Li Changqing’s palm, the Golden Silk Linlang Beast was trembling.

It was completely intimidated by the dragon aura brought by Li Changqing’s Dragon Seizing Hand.

Seeing such an obedient golden beast, Li Changqing also showed excitement. He didn’t expect that among the countless martial arts he had recalled, none of them were successful.

Only this Dragon Seizing Hand was successful.

What made Li Changqing feel a bit regretful was that if he could learn the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, wouldn’t it be better?

“Brother Xu, who exactly is this senior?” Mu Qingge swallowed and asked incredulously.

“I don’t know how to explain.” Xu Muhai found that he really didn’t understand Li Changqing at all.

It was too mysterious.

Even if Li Changqing had displayed martial arts, he still didn’t know where this mysterious and powerful Li Changqing came from.

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