Chapter 015 – Long Night Ancient Nation

The crown exuded a faint sense of oppression, as if it contained a mysterious power.

The young man yawned, feeling a bit bored.

As the giant approached, the ground trembled, and the terrifying aura emanating from the giant made everyone present dare not move.

“Anu, let’s stop here,” the young man said casually.

The giant obediently stood still and did not continue walking.

At that moment, the young man opened his eyes.

Everyone was astonished when they saw his eyes, because they were not normal eyes.

His eyes were divided into yin and yang, like a Tai Chi diagram.

They looked extremely eerie.

The young man’s gaze also fell on Lu Qiaoqiao, and he smiled and said, “You’re quite a lively girl.”

Being stared at by the young man like this, Lu Qiaoqiao felt an indescribable fear, especially his eyes, which made her feel uncomfortable.

“Who are you?” Faced with the sudden appearance of the giant and the young man, Cong Yunniang and Jiang Hu were a bit at a loss. They could feel that this young man was also a practitioner of Ghost Cultivation, but they didn’t know which force he belonged to.

But in the face of Jiang Hu and Cong Yunniang’s questions, the young man couldn’t be bothered to respond. He just continued to say to Lu Qiaoqiao, “You’re Lu Qiaoqiao, right? Come with me.”

“Why should I go with you?” Li Hengsheng stared fearlessly at the young man.

His fists were clenched white, but his steps remained firm.

The young man looked at Li Hengsheng and chuckled, “Do you want to protect your beloved woman? That’s commendable, but unfortunately, your strength is too weak. In my eyes, you’re weaker than a bug.”

“I’m talking to Lu Qiaoqiao, not you. To be precise, a bug like you doesn’t even have the qualifications to talk to me. But since I’m in a good mood today, I’ll give you a few more words. You’re welcome,” the young man said with a smile.

Being humiliated like this, Li Hengsheng wished he could tear the young man’s mouth apart, but he knew very well that if he went up, he would only end up dead.


Hearing this title, Cong Yunniang’s pupils contracted, and her breathing became rapid. “Are you from the Long Night Ancient Nation? Could it be that you’re Chu Changkong?”

“Chu Changkong?” Even Jiang Hu was greatly surprised to hear this name.

The Long Night Ancient Nation was once famous, but for some reason, it disappeared overnight and didn’t reappear for fifty years.

Fifty years later, a powerful figure from the Long Night Ancient Nation emerged, and Chu Bumi became the new lord of the Long Night Ancient Nation.

He challenged the strong from various races and even went to Tianhai City to challenge the lord of the Cangyuan Realm, Jiang Tianyun. No one knew the outcome of that battle.

The Long Night Ancient Nation appeared in the eyes of the world again, but people from the Long Night Ancient Nation rarely walked in the Cangyuan Realm, and no one knew where the Long Night Ancient Nation was located.

Fifteen years ago, a peerless genius was born in the Long Night Ancient Nation. He had naturally born Yin-Yang Eyes and was named Chu Changkong.

He reached the Postnatal Realm at the age of six.

He entered the Precelestial Realm at the age of eleven.

It was rumored that this person had the potential to step into the legendary realm of Land Immortals and become the second Land Immortal after Chu Bumi.

No one expected to see Chu Changkong here today.

Jiang Hu and Cong Yunniang never expected that even the mysterious and unpredictable Long Night Ancient Nation would get involved.

If Chu Changkong insisted on taking Lu Qiaoqiao away, could the Star of Destiny Hall and the Yin Ten Tower stop him?

“Lu Qiaoqiao, how about going back to the Long Night Ancient Nation with this prince?” Chu Changkong said with a smile. “As long as you come, I will have the lord of the nation appoint you as the Saintess of the Long Night Ancient Nation and enjoy the best resources.”

“Hmph, we in the Star of Destiny Hall can do the same.” Jiang Hu stepped forward and said, “As long as you come to our Star of Destiny Hall, I can guarantee that you will comprehend the Great Starry Sky Scroll in our Star River Painting Realm.”

Seeing the inexplicable change in the situation, Cong Yunniang also panicked and quickly said, “We in the Yin Ten Tower have countless Painting Treasures, and there are countless top-notch paintings. As long as you come, we will fulfill all your requests.”

Everyone was confused by the sudden change in the situation.

What made Lu Qiaoqiao so worthy of their competition?

“Unfortunately, Lu Qiaoqiao is a disciple of our Dao Mountain Ancient Land. None of you can take her away,” several figures rushed over from a distance.

They were all wearing the clothes of the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

When they saw the people from the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, Elder Linfeng finally felt relieved.

Cong Yunniang was also surprised, but when she saw that Xue Qianbai was not among the crowd, she felt relieved.

“Troublesome. I didn’t expect someone to come so soon,” Chu Changkong said with a tilted head, feeling helpless. But he had no worries at all.

“They are the strong ones from our Dao Mountain Ancient Land.”

“We’re saved!”

The disciples of the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters burst into tears of joy, and Li Hengsheng also breathed a sigh of relief. He excitedly held Lu Qiaoqiao’s hand and couldn’t help but say, “Senior Sister Lu, we’re safe now.”Lu Qiaoqiao quietly watched the arrivals from Dao Mountain Ancient Land, her expression surprisingly indifferent.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

Several figures surrounded the group, numbering in the hundreds. They were all inner disciples of Dao Mountain Ancient Land!

Each of them had impressive cultivation levels.

And the six leading figures were even exuding an innate aura.

“Dao Mountain Ancient Land is really cautious. We are just a small group, yet we have alarmed six Peak Masters of Dao Mountain Ancient Land. Tsk tsk.” Chu Changkong said with a laugh.

Jiang Hu and Cong Yunniang also placed their hands on their weapons.

“You Ghost Clan really have a lot of nerve, causing trouble on my Dao Mountain Ancient Land’s territory.” One of the red-robed Peak Masters stepped forward and said.

“Lin Feng, are you okay?” At this moment, Xu Muhai stepped forward. Seeing that Elder Lin Feng’s arm was still bleeding, he quickly took out a healing medicine to stop the bleeding.

“Causing trouble? So what? Want to fight?” Chu Changkong was not afraid at all, still smiling and saying, “I won’t be polite. If Xue Qianbai himself came, maybe I would be a little wary. But just the six of you? My servant alone could kill three of you, and I could easily take down two… “

“The two wastes from Mingxing Palace and Yinshi Tower, teaming up to deal with one should be no problem. How big do you think your chances of winning are, Dao Mountain Ancient Land?” Chu Changkong shrugged.

“We’ll have to try and see.” Xu Muhai still looked sloppy, but unlike usual, his expression was extremely serious at this moment.

The atmosphere on the scene became subtle.

Just as everyone was on edge and ready to fight, Lu Qiaoqiao suddenly let go of Li Hengsheng’s hand, stepped forward and said to Chu Changkong, “Don’t fight, I’ll go with you.”

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