Chapter 014 – The situation is chaotic

The innate powerhouse strikes with a sword!

Seemingly ordinary, this sword made Elder Linfeng feel extreme danger even when he used his immortality technique!

He reached out his palm to intercept the sword, and at this moment, all the golden light on Elder Linfeng’s body gathered on his palm, attempting to withstand this terrifying sword.

But the gap between the acquired and innate realms was truly too vast.

Under the sword, the golden light was cut open like tofu. Elder Linfeng’s blood splattered, and his entire arm was directly sent flying by the sword.


The disciples of the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters behind him exclaimed at the sight.

Elder Linfeng’s face turned pale, and a painful groan escaped his mouth. He staggered back several steps, clutching the wound on his right arm with his left hand, blood continuously flowing.

And the person standing in front of him at this moment had a blindfold over his eyes, clearly a blind man.

“You are Jiang Hu!” Elder Linfeng gritted his teeth as he spoke, a hint of despair in his heart.

Jiang Hu from the Star of Destiny Hall.

A ruthless character.

With his own strength, he couldn’t stop him at all.

“It seems someone still remembers my name.” Jiang Hu chuckled lightly. “Unfortunately, your Five Absolute Seals cultivation is not up to par. Otherwise, you could have exchanged a few moves with me.”

“What do you Ghost Clan want to do? Why did you take Lu Qiaoqiao away?” Elder Linfeng asked angrily.

“That has nothing to do with you.” Jiang Hu shook his head. “And as a dead man, you knowing so much is useless.”

“Take her away.” After speaking, Jiang Hu said to the Ghost Cultivators behind him.

Several Ghost Cultivators immediately rushed towards Lu Qiaoqiao.

“Who dares!”

At this moment, Li Hengsheng roared, his eyes turning bloodshot, veins popping in his eyes. Faced with the approaching Ghost Cultivators, he assumed a wolf-like posture.

But the Ghost Cultivators paid no attention to Li Hengsheng’s actions at all.

A mere Transcendence Realm Fourth Stage, they could easily kill him with a single slap.

“Brother Li…” Lu Qiaoqiao was afraid at this moment, but she was more worried about Li Hengsheng.

However, at this moment, a change occurred. Jiang Hu, who was standing there, tilted his head as if sensing something, and instantly drew his sword!

His figure was as fast as lightning, leaping into the air and slashing towards the sky.

This sword was as cunning as a venomous snake, directly repelling a golden whip that was flying towards Lu Qiaoqiao.

The collision of the two forces in mid-air produced a sonic boom.

The whip was clearly aimed at Lu Qiaoqiao, but it was blocked by Jiang Hu.


The long sword returned to its sheath.

Jiang Hu said slowly, “The Yin Ten Tower has always liked to do these cheap things. Cong Yunnian, as a woman, you are so shameless. Isn’t that right?”

As soon as his words fell, a person walked out from the Painting Treasure floating in the river.

This person stepped on a wine jar and held a pot of wine in his hands. His face was slightly intoxicated, and it was precisely Cong Yunnian.

“You blind man is quite perceptive.” Cong Yunnian didn’t care at all about Jiang Hu’s accusation of her shamelessness. She said, “If we can save some effort, of course we should save some effort. The Star of Destiny Hall takes action, and we, the Yin Ten Tower, take advantage. Is there anything wrong with that? What does shame have to do with it? The Star of Destiny Hall is bullying the Dao Mountain Ancient Land’s menial disciples here. Are they not ashamed?”

“The Yin Ten Tower, Cong Yunnian?” Elder Linfeng’s heart turned cold at this moment. Another troublesome person had arrived.

Although Cong Yunnian was just a woman, her methods were extremely cruel, no worse than Jiang Hu.

Having one Jiang Hu was already troublesome enough, and now there was Cong Yunnian as well.

Moreover, Cong Yunnian had also come for Lu Qiaoqiao. What secret did Lu Qiaoqiao have on her?

He was well aware of all the disciples of the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters, whether it was their family background or anything else. The Dao Mountain Ancient Land had been thoroughly investigated, and there was nothing special about it.

Even the Lu family behind Lu Qiaoqiao only had an ordinary Transcendence Realm Elder presiding over it, not worth the Yin Ten Tower and the Star of Destiny Hall making a move, right?

“Cong Yunnian, the Star of Destiny Hall has taken Lu Qiaoqiao. The Yin Ten Tower should withdraw. I don’t want to take action against you.” Jiang Hu’s momentum was not weak at all.

“You say it’s yours, so it’s yours?” Cong Yunnian narrowed her eyes. “The Star of Destiny Hall is the thief, but that thing was obtained by our Yin Ten Tower.”

“Yan Dongchen is already dead, and the thing was lost from Yan Dongchen’s hands. That thing has nothing to do with your Yin Ten Tower anymore.” Jiang Hu sneered. “If you insist on snatching it, then I don’t mind trying out your methods.”

“Tsk tsk, it seems there’s no room for negotiation today.” Cong Yunnian picked up the wine jar, took a sip, and then casually threw it on the ground.

The wine jar shattered.

Cong Yunnian burped and smiled. “If you want to fight, let’s take Lu Qiaoqiao away first and find a quiet place to fight. The Dao Mountain Ancient Land has definitely sensed this place. If Xue Qianbai comes, none of us will be able to leave.”

Jiang Hu pondered for a moment, then looked at Lu Qiaoqiao.

He nodded.

The Dao Mountain Ancient Land had definitely sensed it. If Xue Qianbai came, all of them would be finished.

There was no time to waste. They should take Lu Qiaoqiao away now.

Lu Qiaoqiao looked at the two people in front of her, feeling extremely scared.

She didn’t know why these two people insisted on taking her away, what was the reason.

“Why do you want to take me away?” Lu Qiaoqiao couldn’t help but ask, opening her mouth to the two of them.

“You’re quite clever, little girl.” Cong Yunnian smiled and said, “You don’t need to know for now. Just obediently come with me.”

“I won’t go with you unless you explain it clearly.” Lu Qiaoqiao shook her head.

“That’s not up to you.” Jiang Hu shook his head and said, “Take action, don’t wait for Xue Qianbai.”

“Xue Qianbai won’t come.”

At this moment, a strange voice sounded.This voice made both Jiang Hu and Cong Yunniang frown.

At this moment, the Painting Treasure of the long river actually collapsed instantly, and the scroll flew up.

Jiang Hu reached out and grabbed the scroll in his hand, and his heart became even more alert.

His Painting Treasure was actually shaken back into its original form by someone, the strength of the newcomer was not to be underestimated!

Everyone looked over and saw a tall figure slowly approaching. The newcomer was probably over three meters tall, and his huge body could be called a giant.

He was shirtless, and his date-red muscles were actually wrapped with traces of blood vessels.

His body seemed to contain an extremely strong explosive power.

One punch could annihilate everything.

“Giant race!” Cong Yunniang was a bit surprised, she didn’t expect to see a member of the Giant race here.

But this was not what surprised them. What surprised them was that on the shoulder of the giant, there was a young man in a black robe sitting.

The young man looked about fifteen or sixteen years old, leaning on the giant’s head, looking somewhat lazy. His black robe was inlaid with gold edges, and above his head, a golden crown was hanging!

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