Vol.1 – Chapter 9 – Plant soybeans, find fortuity among the bean pods

"Do we need to water it?"




Just as Xu Taiping was about to go find water, something suddenly pushed aside the soil that was originally used to cover the soybean seeds.


"Hmm? It's… it's sprouting? So fast!"


Curiously, he squatted down and was stunned to find that the soybean he had just planted in the ground had already sprouted.


Not only that, but after the tender sprout broke through the soil, it grew stems and leaves at a visible speed, and then bloomed and bore fruit.


In just a moment, a mature bean pod appeared in front of Xu Taiping.


This bean pod was about four feet tall, with lush green leaves that seemed to be dripping with water. The three bean pods hanging from it were translucent like jade, and anyone could tell that they were not ordinary objects.


"Could the fortuity my grandfather mentioned be the beans inside these three bean pods?"


Curiously, Xu Taiping reached out his hand, wanting to pick the three bean pods.


"Little one."


Just as Xu Taiping reached out his hand towards the three bean pods, a very pleasant voice suddenly sounded from the bean pod in front of him.


Immediately after, Xu Taiping saw a milky white light, like smoke, emerge from the stems and leaves of the bean pod, eventually converging into the figure of a beautiful fairy in front of him.


"Wait before you pick them."


The fairy looked at Xu Taiping with a sweet smile, who was already dumbfounded.


"You… you… are you a monster, or… an immortal?"


Finally regaining his senses, Xu Taiping tried hard to calm his mind, but his voice was still a bit stuttering.


"An immortal? Perhaps I used to be, but now, I can only be considered a wisp of remnant soul, surviving by parasitizing this bean."


The woman thought for a moment and then smiled bitterly.


"Little one, don't be afraid. I won't harm you, nor can I harm you. I only appeared now because I want to make a deal with you."


She continued to speak to Xu Taiping.


"A deal?"


Xu Taiping was a bit puzzled.


"My original name is Chu Lingyue. Six hundred years ago, I was ambushed by my enemies, my physical body was sealed, and my soul was shattered. Only this wisp of remnant soul managed to escape by relying on this bean. Later, this bean traveled thousands of miles and fell into the hands of your grandfather, and eventually your grandfather passed it on to you. It was only today, when you planted it in this spiritual land, that the bean was reborn and I was able to see the light of day again."


The beautiful woman sincerely told Xu Taiping.


"If I hadn't come up the mountain, would you have had to stay in the bean forever, Fairy?"


Xu Taiping asked curiously.


Although he was mature for his age, he was still a young boy of about ten years old, and curiosity outweighed fear.


"Yes, and not only would I have to stay in the bean, but in another year or two, when the spiritual power in the bean is completely exhausted, I'm afraid this wisp of remnant soul would also dissipate."


Chu Lingyue nodded, not hiding anything from Xu Taiping.


"Then, Fairy, what do you mean by the deal you mentioned?"


Xu Taiping didn't overlook the main point of the question because of his curiosity.


"These three bean pods on this bean pod, can you take only one and leave the remaining two for me?"


Chu Lingyue asked Xu Taiping seriously.


"According to what you said, only the person who planted it can pick the bean pods on this bean pod?"


Xu Taiping blinked his big eyes and looked at Chu Lingyue.


"With such a clever grandson, Xu Zhi'an should be able to rest in peace in the netherworld."


Chu Lingyue was surprised by Xu Taiping's words, she smiled and nodded, "Yes, only the planter can pick the fruit on it."


"I understand."


Xu Taiping nodded.


"Since it's a deal, what do you plan to exchange with me, Fairy?"


He asked Chu Lingyue.


"If you can take only one, I am willing to tell you some secrets about this bean, as well as a prescription that can help with bone cultivation."


Chu Lingyue said seriously.


Her eyes at this moment clearly no longer treated Taiping as a child.


Upon hearing Chu Lingyue say that she had a prescription that could help with bone cultivation, a hint of joy flashed in Xu Taiping's eyes.


"Fairy, how can I trust you?"


Xu Taiping continued to ask without changing his expression.


"I can give you the prescription first. After you try it and find it effective, it's not too late to make a deal with me."


Chu Lingyue said candidly.


Xu Taiping stared at Chu Lingyue's eyes without blinking for a long time before nodding, "No need to try, I promise to make a deal with you, Fairy."


"What? Aren't you afraid that I'm deceiving you?"


Seeing Xu Taiping agree so readily, Chu Lingyue was a bit surprised.


"My grandfather said that after I planted this bean, I would receive a fortuity. It seems that you are my fortuity, Fairy."


Xu Taiping answered seriously.


Chu Lingyue was first taken aback, then covered her mouth and smiled, "I didn't expect you, little one, to be quite eloquent. You're much better than your grandfather in this aspect."


"Are you familiar with my grandfather, Fairy?"


Xu Taiping suddenly asked curiously.


From Chu Lingyue's words, Xu Taiping could vaguely hear that she had actually had some communication with his grandfather.


"I don't have much time to come out, so let me tell you about this bean first."


Chu Lingyue changed the subject.




Xu Taiping nodded and didn't dwell on the previous question. He sat cross-legged on the ground, looking like he was ready to listen attentively."The bean your grandfather gave you earlier, also known as the Earth-Hiding Fruit, is an extremely mysterious spiritual object. If you plant it in the Immortal Mountain, it can absorb the spiritual energy of the mountain and use this energy as a foundation to nurture unique treasures within its fruit."


Fairy Lingyue didn't beat around the bush, but directly explained.


"Fairy, are you saying that if this seed is planted in different Immortal Mountains, the fruit it eventually bears will be vastly different?"


Xu Taiping felt amazed and also had a question.


"That's right."


Fairy Lingyue nodded approvingly.


"The spiritual energy contained in each Immortal Mountain is different, just like people, everyone is unique. Therefore, the Earth-Hiding Fruit will bear different fruits on different mountains, and the treasures nurtured within the fruits are also different."


She explained in more detail.


"This tiny soybean is so extraordinary, no wonder my grandfather said it was a great fortuity."


After hearing Fairy Lingyue's detailed explanation, Xu Taiping looked astonished.


His initial guess was that this soybean seed was at most some kind of treasure like an immortal fruit, but he didn't expect it to be a divine object that could nurture treasures.


"Pick one of the bean pods and peel it open."


Fairy Lingyue pointed at the three bean pods on the beanstalk.


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