Vol.1 – Chapter 8 – Green Bamboo Residence, Xu Taiping bid farewell to Linglong

Yunlu Mountain, West Wind Pavilion.


This is one of the places in Qingxuan Sect responsible for handling the affairs of outer disciples.


"Fairy Linglong, the matter of this young brother's registration has been handled properly. Please keep this copper mirror and this jade scroll of transmitting techniques."


Inside the West Wind Pavilion, an old man with white hair handed a wooden box containing a copper mirror and a jade scroll made of white jade to Linglong.


"Taiping, keep this copper mirror. It is not only proof of your identity as a named disciple of the outer sect, but also a magical tool for listening to the teachings of the elders in the future."


Linglong first handed the copper mirror and jade scroll to Taiping.


"That's right, outer disciples cannot receive personal guidance from their masters like inner disciples. They can only observe the teachings of the elders through this copper mirror on the first and fifteenth day of each month."


The old man in the West Wind Pavilion added with a smile.


"What about this jade scroll?"


Taiping nodded and then picked up the jade scroll to ask.


"This is a jade scroll of transmitting techniques. It contains a Qi Refining Heart Technique. When using it, you just need to concentrate and stick it to your forehead."


The old man continued speaking.


"That's right, the usage of the copper mirror, as well as some rules and regulations to be aware of after entering the sect, are all detailed in the jade scroll. You can use it after settling down."


Linglong added.




Taiping nodded.


"Liu Gezhu, do you still have a medicine garden that needs someone to take care of?"


Linglong looked at the West Wind Pavilion's pavilion master.




Liu Gezhu's expression stiffened.


In the outer sect, the easiest place to earn merit is undoubtedly the spirit medicine garden. Not only is the work easy, but you can also earn a lot of merit.


"Liu Gezhu, this child is a distant relative of mine. If you can help with this matter, consider it a favor owed by Zhao Linglong of the Seventh Peak."


Zhao Linglong said seriously.


Upon hearing this, Liu Gezhu's eyes suddenly lit up.


He knew Zhao Linglong's identity, a direct disciple personally taught by the Peak Master of the Seventh Peak. Her future prospects were limitless, and a favor from her was valuable.


"Since Fairy Linglong has spoken, I will naturally help with this favor."


Liu Gezhu pondered for a moment and then nodded.


Upon hearing this, Zhao Linglong breathed a sigh of relief.


And Taiping, who was beside them, gave Zhao Linglong a grateful look. He silently remembered this favor in his heart.


"To be honest, under the jurisdiction of our West Wind Pavilion, there is indeed a medicine garden in the mountains to the west of Yunlu Mountain that has no one to take care of."


Liu Gezhu pointed to a map on the wall while speaking, then stroked his beard and said, "It is located in Qingzhu Valley, three thousand miles away from the West Wind Pavilion. It is called Green Bamboo Residence. Besides a three-acre spirit medicine garden, there is also a ready-made small courtyard for you to live and cultivate in."




Half an hour later.


At the entrance of the West Wind Pavilion.


"Pavilion Master, didn't some cultivators report that there were evil spirits appearing in Green Bamboo Residence? If we arrange that kid there, it wouldn't be good if something happened and we couldn't explain it to Fairy Linglong, right?"


Looking at Fairy Linglong and Taiping leaving on the Immortal Crane, a manager of the West Wind Pavilion looked worriedly at the old pavilion master beside him.


"It's just groundless rumors. A few disciples from the Fourth Peak have already checked it out a few days ago and found nothing unusual."


Liu Gezhu shook his head dismissively.


"Besides, even if there is a problem, he is just an outer disciple from outside the mountain. If he dies, he dies. It's already good enough for these new named disciples to survive in the mountains for half a year. If I have to take responsibility for every death, would I still be the pavilion master?"


He then gave the manager a disdainful look.


"Pavilion Master is right. I was overthinking it."


The manager retreated with a disgruntled expression.




Another half an hour later.


Green Bamboo Residence.


"Fairy Linglong, we have arrived at Green Bamboo Residence."


The Immortal Crane, which could speak, flapped its wings lightly and landed steadily with Linglong and Taiping.


After Taiping stood firm, he looked ahead.


In a lush bamboo forest, a small courtyard made of mud walls sat quietly, with scattered bamboo leaves almost covering the doorstep.


"Little Taiping, you will have to rely on yourself from now on."


Linglong looked at the sky and couldn't help but feel reluctant to say to Taiping.


It was time for her appointment with the Black Dragon Elder.


"Thank you, Sister Linglong. I will work hard in my cultivation and strive to reach the Seventh Peak as soon as possible."


On Taiping's young face, a determined expression appeared that was beyond his age.


"Sister believes in you."


Linglong raised her hand and smiled as she touched Taiping's little face. Then, she took out a bone flute and a money pouch from her sleeve and handed them to Taiping, saying:


"This bone flute can be used to attract nearby spirit birds. The money pouch contains thirty merit coins given by the West Wind Pavilion to each new named disciple. If you have urgent needs, you can spend one merit coin to have a nearby spirit bird take you to buy things. But don't use these thirty merit coins recklessly, because unless something unexpected happens, your backyard medicine garden should be abandoned, and you will need this money to buy seeds and food."


"I won't use them recklessly, Sister Linglong."


Taiping nodded and accepted the bone flute and money pouch.


"Little Taiping, until we meet again. Take care."


Linglong, who had already boarded the Immortal Crane, waved her hand with a smile towards Taiping.


"Goodbye, Sister Linglong."


Taiping also waved back at Linglong.




As soon as the words fell, the Immortal Crane flapped its wings, creating a gust of wind as it soared into the sky.


"Little Taiping, I hope we can meet again."


Linglong sighed softly as she looked at the shrinking figure below.


Having grown up in Qingxuan Sect since childhood, she was well aware that only a few outer disciples with white spirit bones could ultimately be accepted as disciples of the Seventh Peak. Most of them would not be able to pass the selection of the Seventh Peak within three years.






As soon as Linglong left, Taiping pushed open the courtyard door and walked in with big strides, stopping only when he reached the medicine garden in the backyard.


"Just as Sister Linglong said, this medicine garden is indeed abandoned."Looking at the medicine garden in front of him, filled with weeds and desolation, Xu Taiping muttered under his breath.


However, his rush to the medicine garden was not to confirm this.


Xu Taiping carefully took out a wooden box from his bosom, then took out a small porcelain bottle from inside, and poured out the soybean seed from the small porcelain bottle.


Yes, this was the soybean seed his grandfather had left him.


"Grandfather said, when I get to the Immortal Mountain and plant this seed, I will gain another great fortuity."


He whispered as he squatted on the ground, then dug a hole in the soil of the medicine garden with his hand, and then planted the soybean seed.


"If that elixir is real, then this seed must be real too."


As Xu Taiping said this, he scraped some more soil from the ground with his small hand, very carefully burying the soybean seed.

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