Vol.1 – Chapter 10 – Spirit Crystal, there is a mystery in the Earth-Hiding Fruit



Xu Taiping followed the instructions and plucked a bean pod from the bean stalk, then carefully opened it.


"Fairy, what is this?"


After opening the bean pod, Xu Taiping saw that it was not beans, but crystal beads that emitted a sparkling luster.


"This is a spirit crystal, it is the crystallization of the spiritual energy in this land. In the future, when you cultivate, you can put one in your mouth and combine it with the prescription I gave you. Even white bones can quickly cultivate."


Fairy Lingyue said confidently.




Xu Taiping couldn't help but blurt out.


"Cultivating with white bones is not difficult at all. It's just that in the land where you are, many cultivation inheritances have been cut off, resulting in the inability to cultivate with white bones."


Fairy Lingyue nodded indifferently and continued:


"Among the treasures nurtured by the Earth-Hiding Fruit, this spirit crystal is actually the lowest grade. It can only be nurtured in this barren land. Even if it is allowed to grow for a period of time, it can only improve the quality grade of the nurtured spirit crystal. It cannot nurture a true magical treasure with supernatural powers."


Hearing this, Xu Taiping nodded thoughtfully, and then asked, "If I plant this seed on the Seventh Peak, can I nurture the kind of magical treasure that Fairy mentioned?"


"Exactly. If I weren't just a remnant soul, I would want to accept you as my disciple."


The more Fairy Lingyue looked at Xu Taiping, the more she liked him.


Xu Taiping felt a little embarrassed by the praise, so he scratched his head awkwardly.


"However, if you want the Earth-Hiding Fruit to bear more powerful treasures, besides planting the seeds on the Seventh Peak with more abundant spiritual energy, there is one more thing we need to do."


Fairy Lingyue spoke again at this time.


"What is it?"


Xu Taiping hurriedly asked.


"Taiping, first pick the remaining two bean pods from the bean stalk, and then open them and hold them in your palm."


Fairy Lingyue didn't explain immediately, but pointed to the two remaining green bean pods on the bean stalk.




Choosing to believe in Fairy Lingyue, Xu Taiping became very decisive and immediately picked the two bean pods without hesitation, and then opened them.


After Xu Taiping opened the two bean pods, he found that, as Fairy Lingyue said, there were also spirit crystals that looked like soybeans in the two bean pods.




Xu Taiping put away his own yellow bean spirit crystals and then held the remaining ones in his hand, offering them to the virtual image of Fairy Lingyue.


He didn't want any of the ones promised to others, and he didn't want to give away any of his own.


Fairy Lingyue nodded secretly when she saw this scene.


In her heart, she secretly praised, "Such a young age, cautious but not afraid of things, and doing things in a straightforward and unrestrained manner. He is indeed one of us."


But she didn't say this to Xu Taiping, she just nodded at him, and then sucked in the several yellow bean spirit crystals in Xu Taiping's hand.




With a slight sucking sound, Xu Taiping saw the seven or eight yellow bean spirit crystals in the palm of his hand instantly turn into strands of purple energy, like rivers converging into the sea, being sucked into the mouth of Fairy Lingyue's virtual image.


After sucking in the purple energy formed by these several yellow bean spirit crystals, Fairy Lingyue's figure became much clearer to Xu Taiping, no longer swaying like mist in the wind.


"Thank you, Taiping, for saving my life."


Fairy Lingyue didn't hesitate to express her gratitude.


"Fairy, no need to be polite. This is a transaction between you and me."


Xu Taiping remained calm and shook his head calmly.


"That's right."


Fairy Lingyue agreed and nodded, then pointed to the bean stalk below:


"Now, take a look at what changes have occurred in this bean stalk."


Hearing this, Xu Taiping lowered his head and saw that the bean stalk that was still full of vitality had completely withered at this time, like a weed.


"Fairy, this bean stalk has withered. How can we obtain the seeds?"


Although Xu Taiping was somewhat surprised, he was not scared because he knew that the fairy in front of him must have a solution.


"Regarding this issue…"


Fairy Lingyue smiled.


"It is what I just told you. The second thing that you need to do."


She continued.


Upon hearing this, Xu Taiping immediately showed a listening expression, staring at Fairy Lingyue with a serious look.


Fairy Lingyue didn't keep him in suspense, and directly informed Xu Taiping:


"After each result of the Earth-Hiding Fruit, when all the fruits are picked, it will wither on its own. Even if it is the next year, it will not bear fruit again.""If you want it to bear fruit again, you must use the Rootless Fire to burn this Withered Grain to ashes. When it is completely burned to ashes, its seeds will sprout from the ashes. That's why we call this step 'Burning Seed.'"


Lingyue's answer undoubtedly surprised Xu Taiping once again.


However, more than the surprise in his heart, what he cared more about was the Rootless Fire mentioned by Fairy Lingyue.


"Fairy, what is the Rootless Fire?"


Xu Taiping asked.


Fairy Lingyue seemed to be waiting for Xu Taiping's question, so after hearing his question, she showed a gratified smile again and then explained:


"The so-called Rootless Fire, as the name suggests, is a flame that does not need to be ignited by external objects."


"There are two types of Rootless Fire, one is born from nature, and the other is refined by cultivators using True Qi and cultivation methods, which we call True Fire."


"The Rootless Fire born from nature is also called Spirit Fire. Such divine objects can be encountered but not sought."


"So the Rootless Fire you can find is only the True Fire refined by cultivators, and the True Fire refined by cultivators is often stored in Magical Treasures and Talisman Scrolls."


If it was just to explain the Rootless Fire, Fairy Lingyue naturally didn't need to explain so carefully. Obviously, her words were intended to guide Xu Taiping's cultivation.


"Thank you for your guidance, Fairy."


Upon hearing this, Xu Taiping felt greatly benefited and immediately thanked her.


"So, Fairy, you want me to find the Talisman Scroll that contains True Fire, right?"


He then confirmed with Fairy Lingyue.


"That's right."


Fairy Lingyue nodded with a smile.


"Although the True Fire Talisman is not a rare item, and the first Burning Seed of the Earth-Hiding Fruit does not require a high-grade True Fire, you probably can't afford it at the moment. So either refine the True Fire yourself when your cultivation is successful, or work hard to manage this medicinal garden, and exchange it when you have earned enough Merit rewards. There's no need to rush."


Fairy Lingyue suggested to Xu Taiping.


"Don't worry, Fairy, I will work hard on my cultivation and manage this half-acre medicinal garden, striving to get the True Fire for Burning Seed as soon as possible."


Xu Taiping nodded seriously.

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