Vol.1 – Chapter 89 – Seventh Peak gathering, new and old friends fill the seats

Half a month later.

Qionglou Peak, the First Peak of the Qingxuan Sect, Sword Control Platform.

A giant sword several dozen zhang high was slanted in the center of the Sword Control Platform, giving off an inexplicable sense of oppression.

And directly facing the giant sword was the final platform for the selection of the Seventh Peak.

Today, twenty-eight outer disciples would compete here for the seven spots to go up the mountain.

Around the huge Sword Control Platform, there were rows of cloud pavilions.

These cloud pavilions were built around the mountain, mainly for the First Peak disciples to enjoy the clouds and cultivate their hearts. On the day of the Seventh Peak selection, they naturally became the grandstands for watching the battles.

Although it was still early, the disciples from the Seven Peaks who came to watch the battle had already taken their seats on both sides.

Laughter and discussions could be heard from the cloud pavilions from time to time.

“Senior Brother, it seems like we’re late.”

Zhao Linglong, who couldn’t find a seat after searching several cloud pavilions, sighed with a look of regret.

“It’s all because of you. You said you were going into seclusion for half a month, but ended up sleeping for fifteen days without waking up. I had to go and wake you up.”

Qingxuan glared at Zhao Linglong without holding back.

“Senior Brother, you can’t blame me. The Inner Heart Pavilion is just too boring. After I went in, my father put a lock on it, so all I could do was sleep. What else could I do?”

Zhao Linglong looked aggrieved.

“Senior Brother Qingxuan, there’s a seat here.”

At this moment, a sweet voice came from the front seats.

Zhao Linglong looked up and saw that it was Senior Sister Ziyann from the Sixth Peak.

Apart from Xu Ziyan, Lin Buyu was also sitting beside her.

“So, Senior Brother, you had it all planned out.”

Zhao Linglong smiled and looked at Qingxuan.

Qingxuan gave her a fierce glare.

“Buyu, why are you still looking at the picture book?”

After taking her seat, Zhao Linglong, who couldn’t sit still, leaned over to Lin Buyu and saw her reading a book called “Fantasy Encounter” with great interest, showing a look of surprise.

“Because it’s boring.”

Lin Buyu looked up at Zhao Linglong and then lowered her head again, continuing to read with great interest.

“It’s not like that. Master only knows about cultivation and doesn’t understand anything about human affairs, so she gave her a lot of picture books to learn about human affairs while reading.”

Zi Yan explained with some helplessness.

“That bad woman only knows how to mess around all day.”

Zhao Linglong pouted.

After speaking, she forcibly leaned over to Lin Buyu and started reading with her.

“Why does Linglong always call my master a bad woman?”

Zi Yan asked Qingxuan curiously.

When she was seven or eight years old, your master came to the Seventh Peak to find our master. As a result, the two of them happened to meet. Your master thought she had encountered a bad person and hid under the rainbow bridge of the Seventh Peak for a whole day, scaring her quite a bit. Since then, she has been holding a grudge until now.”

Qingxuan explained helplessly.

Zi Yan couldn’t help but laugh at this.


At this moment, a crane’s cry suddenly sounded in the sky above the Sword Control Platform.

Everyone looked up and saw a spirit bird carrying a disciple flying from the sky, heading straight for the platform on the Sword Control Platform.

Following that, the voice of the examiner rang out on the platform:

“Beishan, listen to the Moon Pavilion, Sun Sheng, take your seat!”

Obviously, this was the examiner introducing the participating disciples in this year’s Seventh Peak selection.

It was not known from which selection of the Seventh Peak it started, but this way of introducing the participating disciples had become a ritual for the Seventh Peak selection.

“Sun Sheng, isn’t he one of the people you mentioned last time, Senior Brother?”

Upon hearing this name, Zhao Linglong sat up straight and turned to Qingxuan with a serious look.

Qingxuan nodded.

At that moment, several figures flew down from the cloud pavilions, and then several hearty laughter could be heard from the Sword Control Platform below.

These people seemed to be welcoming Sun Sheng.

“Those people seem to be disciples of the Fifth Peak.”

Zhao Linglong looked at the people welcoming Sun Sheng and said.

“That should be Lu Chen and his junior brothers from the Fifth Peak. Sun Sheng was once Lu Chen’s senior brother, but he violated the sect’s rules and was expelled from the sect. However, he has the Black Spirit Bone and outstanding talent. It’s been seven or eight years now, so if nothing unexpected happens, he should be able to return to the Fifth Peak this year.”

Zi Yan was quite familiar with the Fifth Peak, so she recognized Lu Chen and introduced them to the two.

Upon hearing the name “Lu Chen,” Lin Buyu suddenly looked up and then said in a cold tone:


After saying this, she continued to read the book in her hand.

Upon hearing this, Qingxuan and Zhao Linglong were stunned, and then they both looked at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan first covered her forehead, and then explained with some helplessness:

“Last time, we were ambushed by a Tiger Demon, and Lu Chen left her and another female disciple to seek help. The little girl has been holding a grudge ever since.”

Upon hearing this, the two of them immediately understood.”I also think this Lu Chen is no good; every time I encounter him, he’s always leering at me with those thieving eyes.”

Zhao Linglong also huffed coldly at this moment.

“If he dares to do so again, tell me, and I’ll gouge out those eyeballs of his.”

Upon hearing these words, Qingxiao’s face turned as cold as ice, and a murderous aura began to rise around him.

“Senior Brother, there’s no need for that.”

Zhao Linglong gave a sheepish smile, signaling Qingxiao to calm down a bit.

“Sister Zi Yan!”

As the group was discussing the upcoming Outer Disciples about to enter the arena, a handsome man with a slightly wicked look in his eyes suddenly approached their seats.

Behind him followed a tall and proud-looking handsome young man.

“Senior Brother Jin, aren’t all the disciples from First Peak over there in the Yun Tower?”

Xu Ziyan glanced at the Yun Tower opposite them and then frowned slightly.

This person was Jin Hezhi, the second disciple of First Peak’s generation, and the young man behind him was Ye Xuan, a new disciple whose fame had been rapidly rising in the Qingxuan Sect.

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