Vol.1 – Chapter 88 – Half a month, the way to endure physical exhaustion

"Previously, when Taiping encountered Lu Yuan, you all said the same thing."


Zhao Linglong gave Qingxiao a white glance.


At her words, the corners of Qingxiao's mouth twitched, and he coughed twice before saying:


"These six are different; none of them possess White Spirit Bones. Among them, two are very likely to have broken through to the Gazing Abyss Realm and are already capable of using some low-level magical techniques."


"The other four have all reached the peak of the Opening Realm, have also practiced magical techniques, and each has their own martial arts secret skills."


Upon hearing this, Zhao Linglong's delicate eyebrows furrowed slightly, puzzled:


"With such cultivation and strength, and even possessing decent Spiritual Bones, why would they still be placed among the Outer Disciples?"


Lin Buyu, who was nearby, also turned her head to look this way, clearly curious about this as well.


"Some of them are disciples from the mountain who have violated the rules, some have a history of misconduct, and others have voluntarily gone to the Outer Disciples to seek breakthroughs."


Zi Yan helped Qingxiao answer.


"Isn't that very unfair?"


Zhao Linglong was quite astonished.




Qingxiao gave a bitter smile and shook his head:


"The selection for the Seventh Peak, initiated by the Sect Leader, was originally just to appease some Outer Disciples, so they would be content to manage the medicinal fields and Immortal Fields at the foot of the mountain for us."


"Linglong, think about it, how many White Spirit Bone cultivators have won the Seventh Peak selection over the years?"


Zi Yan reminded Zhao Linglong.


Zhao Linglong thought carefully and then realized that indeed, among the disciples who moved from the Outer Sect to the Inner Sect over the years, very few possessed White Spirit Bones.


"Cultivation is such a cruel affair; Spiritual Bones outweigh everything, Qi Refining cultivators outweigh physical martial artists. Even if Taiping were to master the Seven Kills Sword and Green Bull Fist to perfection, he might still struggle to withstand a single magical technique from a cultivator."


Even after witnessing today's competition, Qingxiao was still not very optimistic about Xu Taiping becoming an official disciple.


"However, you don't have to worry about him staying on the mountain."


He then comforted Zhao Linglong.


Allowing Xu Taiping to stay on the mountain was already a very good outcome.


But for some reason, Zhao Linglong just couldn't feel happy about it.


"Senior Brother, the final Seventh Peak meeting should be in half a month, right?"


Zhao Linglong asked Qingxiao.




Qingxiao, who was talking to Zi Yan, turned his head and nodded at Zhao Linglong.


"Please reserve a spot for me to watch the competition, Senior Brother. I want to go into seclusion at the Nourishing Heart Pavilion for half a month."


Zhao Linglong said earnestly.


"You're going into seclusion?"


Qingxiao could hardly believe his ears.



"Seclusion for half a month, do not disturb."


A few days later, Xu Taiping, who had returned to the Green Bamboo Residence, hung a wooden plaque on the courtyard gate.


Due to his performance at the Dragon Gate Meeting, many cultivators had been visiting these past few days.


Xu Taiping, somewhat overwhelmed, had no choice but to hang up the sign.


"Xu Taiping, I just glanced at the list of the Seventh Peak meeting on your table."


At that moment, Baiyu, transformed into a little sparrow, landed on Xu Taiping's shoulder.


"Do you know someone on it?"


Xu Taiping asked curiously.


This list had been delivered by the West Wind Pavilion the day before yesterday, briefly introducing the twenty-eight Outer Disciples participating in the Seventh Peak meeting.


"There are a few people on this list that I've heard my father mention before. They were once disciples on the mountain but were expelled for making mistakes. Whether in terms of Spiritual Bones or cultivation, they are not ordinary Outer Disciples."


Baiyu said with some concern.


It had formed a soul pact with Xu Taiping, sharing both glory and loss.


"In terms of cultivation, I am also in the Gazing Abyss Realm now," Xu Taiping said as he walked.


"It's different. In the Seventh Peak meeting, you can't use the Cangluan Ring or the Ice Breath Technique, and they all have their own specialized magical techniques. Relying solely on martial skills, it will be difficult for you to be their match," Baiyu continued.


Baiyu had already witnessed Xu Taiping's strength that day on Danxia Terrace, but after spending time together, it understood that Xu Taiping's Ice Breath Technique and Cangluan Ring involved some secrets and couldn't be used in the Seventh Peak meeting. Under such circumstances, it was undoubtedly like fighting with shackles on.


"The little fellow is quite observant."


The voice of the Fairy Lingyue suddenly echoed in Xu Taiping's mind.


Her existence was still unknown to Baiyu.


And because of this, Baiyu, with its keen intuition, considered her to be a secret of Xu Taiping.


"I've considered this two years ago," Xu Taiping continued as he walked.


"Do you mean you've made some preparations?" Baiyu was surprised.


"Mhm," Xu Taiping nodded.


"Could it be that you've secretly cultivated a magical technique? But that's not right. The magical techniques taught to Outer Disciples by the Qingxuan Sect are mostly in name only and useless even if cultivated."


Xu Taiping's words made Baiyu even more puzzled.


"I have indeed cultivated another magical technique, but that's not what I've been preparing for the Seventh Peak selection these past two years."


Xu Taiping walked through the back door towards the medicinal garden in the backyard.


"What exactly is your preparation?" Baiyu became even more curious, flying directly in front of Xu Taiping to stop him.


"Tempering the body," Xu Taiping thought for a moment and then replied.


He had not intended to keep it a secret.


"Tempering the body? Your preparation for two years is just tempering the body?" Baiyu found it somewhat inconceivable.


In this world, whether for cultivators or spiritual beasts like itself, Qi Refining is prioritized over body tempering. Some cultivators even believe that body tempering hinders the speed of cultivation, which is why Baiyu reacted so strongly.


"Forgive my bluntness, but if you're hoping to win a spot in the Seventh Peak through martial skills, it's impossible," Baiyu said with some disappointment.


Martial artists temper their bodies to better practice martial skills, so in its view, Xu Taiping was indeed on the wrong path.


Xu Taiping originally didn't want to explain much to Baiyu, as it would all be revealed at the Seventh Peak meeting in time, but then Fairy Lingyue called out to him:


"Little Taiping, you've worn that thing for two years now; it's okay to take it off occasionally."Hearing this, Xu Taiping pondered for a moment, then nodded nonchalantly.


He himself was actually curious to confirm the results of his two years of hard training, especially since it was a method taught to him by the Fairy Lingyue.




A moment later.




A heavy thud resounded in the backyard of the Green Bamboo Residence.


Even the house itself experienced a slight tremor.


Immediately after, Bai Yu's voice could be heard, filled with disbelief: "You madman! Just to temper your body, you've been cultivating with this thing on for two years? Aren't you tired? Doesn't it hurt?"


Then, Xu Taiping's calm voice drifted with the mountain breeze:


"I've gotten used to it."

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