Vol.1 – Chapter 90 – Zhan Gongsun, are you Xu Taiping?

“Knowing that Junior Sister is here, I came to take a look.”

Jin Hezhi’s mouth lifted into a somewhat frivolous smile.

“There’s no more room here. I advise you and your little junior brother to go elsewhere.”

Zhao Linglong gave Jin Hezhi a disdainful look.

“Is that so?”

Jin Hezhi smiled.

With that, he patted the shoulder of a stranger sitting in front of Zhao Linglong, then turned to him and said with a smile:

“Can you please make some room for me and my little junior brother?”

“Why should I make way for you!”

The disciple was concentrating on the situation on the stage, and was suddenly disturbed, looking displeased.

“Just because I am the son of the First Peak’s Jin Hezhi.”

Jin Hezhi leaned in front of the disciple, his expression cold.

Hearing this, the disciple suddenly shivered, then quickly pulled his companion up and said:

“I was blind, Senior Brother Jin, please sit, we’ll go elsewhere.”

“Why should we go elsewhere!”

The disciple who was forcibly pulled up was confused, but before he could finish speaking, he was kicked away by Ye Xuan.

“Get lost!”

Ye Xuan scolded the two of them coldly.


“Go, go, hurry up and go!”

The kicked disciple wanted to argue with Ye Xuan, but was pulled away by his companion.

“Are you asking for trouble? How dare you offend those two Yan Kings!”

“What’s wrong with offending them? Aren’t they both Qingxuan Sect disciples?”

“Is it the same? One is the son of the First Peak’s Peak Master, and the other is the Peak Master’s direct disciple. What do you have to compete with them?”

The whispers of the two men came from a distance.

Jin Hezhi and Ye Xuan, however, paid no attention, as if nothing had happened, and sat directly in the two empty seats.

“Sister Ziyan, when will you come to my dojo? The snow tea flowers in my garden have just bloomed, we can enjoy the flowers and exchange some insights on cultivation.”

Jin Hezhi held a folding fan and turned to Xu Ziyan with a smile.

“No need, I need to focus on my cultivation recently, I have no leisure.”

Xu Ziyan refused.

“Skills can be practiced slowly, but once the flowers wither, we have to wait another year.”

Jin Hezhi continued to pester.

“You, Ziyan sister said she’s busy, why do you keep bothering her?”

Zhao Linglong grabbed Ziyan’s hand and glared at Jin Hezhi.

“You little girl, didn’t your mother tell you not to interrupt when others are speaking?”

Jin Hezhi looked at Zhao Linglong with a cold face.

“Senior Brother, Linglong sister’s mother has long passed away, she won’t be happy if you say that.”

Ye Xuan, on the side, said with a cold and strange tone.


Zhao Linglong was so angry that she was speechless for a moment.

“Jin Hezhi, Ye Xuan, are you two here to cause trouble?”

Qingxuan stood up directly, and an extremely strong aura swept through the entire cloud building, causing Jin Hezhi and Ye Xuan’s blood and energy to react violently.

Ye Xuan was even more pressured by this aura, and it seemed like he was about to collapse.

“Senior Brother Qingxuan.”

At this time, Ziyan pulled Qingxuan’s sleeve.

If Jin Hezhi and Ye Xuan were really injured, Qingxuan would probably be severely punished by the sect, and this was something she didn’t want to see.

“Come to watch the Seventh Peak Meeting, behave yourself and don’t buzz around like a fly, making a fuss.”

Qingxuan snorted coldly, then retracted the aura and sat down slowly.

Jin Hezhi and Ye Xuan were relieved, but their eyes were full of resentment as they looked at Qingxuan.

“Xishan, Xu Taiping from the Green Bamboo Residence, take your seat!”

Just then, a familiar name to Zhao Linglong and the others suddenly exploded above the Sword Control Platform.

“Little Taiping is here!”

An excited Zhao Linglong stood up directly.

Lin Buyu, who had been reading the book with her head down, also looked up and looked towards the Sword Control Platform.

In the sky above the Sword Control Platform, an immortal crane carrying a slightly thin young man arrived, then slowly descended to the ground.

“It’s that kid?”

Jin Hezhi also recognized Xu Taiping at this time.

Although Xu Taiping had performed well in the previous competition, Jin Hezhi hadn’t paid attention to the previous competition at all, and the reason he came to watch today was entirely because of Xu Ziyan.

“Is it the kid who was chosen by the Spiritual Bones Stele, but ended up just being an ordinary disciple?”

Ye Xuan said curiously with a cold voice.

After three years in the sect, Ye Xuan’s arrogance had not diminished but had increased.

“Are you waiting for this kid to win the Seventh Peak Meeting and become an official disciple?”

At this moment, Jin Hezhi turned to Zhao Linglong and the others again, speaking with a mocking smile on his face.

“What’s wrong with that?”

Zhao Linglong glared at Jin Hezhi.

Although she knew Xu Taiping’s chances were slim, she would definitely not admit it in front of Jin Hezhi.”Linglong, you might not be aware, but among the twenty-eight this time, there are several who were once disciples expelled from the mountain. With them around, how could that Xu Taiping stand a chance for the last seven spots?”

Jin Hezhi looked at Xu Taiping on the Sword Control Platform with a face full of disdain.

Although he hadn’t paid attention to the previous contests, he still had some understanding of those who had the opportunity to return to the mountain this time.

Hearing this, Zhao Linglong immediately furrowed her brows, unsure of how to respond.

“Senior Brother, Sister Zi Yan, let’s go and see Little Taiping!”

Zhao Linglong decisively ignored Jin Hezhi, took Zi Yan and Lin Buyu by the hand, and headed towards the Sword Control Platform to see Xu Taiping.

On the Sword Control Platform.

“No wonder so many Outer Disciples fail to advance beyond the Seventh Peak Gathering every year.”

Seeing many disciples participating in the Seventh Peak Gathering surrounded by welcoming disciples from the mountain, Xu Taiping, who was alone, suddenly had a moment of realization.

In contrast, his figure seemed somewhat lonely amidst the bustling Sword Control Platform at this moment.

“Are you Xu Taiping?”

Just then, a very tall middle-aged man walked straight up to Xu Taiping.

“And you are?”

Xu Taiping did not recognize the man.

“I am Gongsun Sheng, a fellow disciple participating in the Seventh Peak Gathering with you.”

Gongsun Sheng looked coldly at Xu Taiping.

“What does Senior Brother Gongsun want with me?”

Xu Taiping indeed had seen the name Gongsun Sheng in the list of names.

But what he didn’t quite understand was why the other party was seeking him out.

“The combat pairings have been announced, and you are my opponent in the first match.”

Gongsun Sheng pointed towards the huge notice board beside the arena.

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