Vol.1 – Chapter 87 – Zhan Luyuan, the clumsy man’s swordsmanship to learn


As soon as Zi Yan’s voice fell, Xu Taiping’s seven residual images suddenly turned into seven dazzling blade lights.

These seven dazzling blade lights, seven consecutive slashes, directly cut off the blade energy all over Lu Yuan’s body.


Following that, the seven residual images suddenly merged into one.

Xu Taiping, holding the long knife in both hands, appeared above Lu Yuan’s head without hesitation.


He decisively slashed down.


Although Lu Yuan exerted all his strength, he still couldn’t block this fatal blow, and his body flew out from the original spot.

As he flew out, the protective qi around his body was cut open, and a large gash appeared on his chest.


But in the end, just as he was about to fall off the stage, he stopped his body, then roared loudly.

Immediately, the “flames” around him surged again, and he gripped the hilt of the precious knife with both hands and shouted:

“Flame Slash!”


As soon as the words fell, the qi around him surged like a tide.

The true qi, like “flames,” suddenly spread out, and then all merged into the precious knife in his hand.


With a piercing metallic vibration, Lu Yuan, who had merged with the knife, suddenly turned into a more than ten-zhang-long blade shadow, slashing towards Xu Taiping in front of him.


The terrifying blade shadow, more than ten zhang long, swept across the stage.


But at this moment, Xu Taiping and the long knife in his hand turned into a spinning silver blade light, like a flying knife that suddenly pierced through the entire stage, breaking through Lu Yuan’s fiery blade energy and slashing him.


Lu Yuan, caught off guard, was hit directly in the chest by this blow.


His life-saving chest protector also shattered.

Then a mist of blood rose around him, and his body, struck by the tremendous force of Xu Taiping’s blow, flew straight out of the stage.

This blow also came from the Seven Killings Blade, the second ultimate move of the Seven Killings Blade, the Killing Soul Chasing Spirit.

In an instant, it could fly dozens of zhang and slash at the escaping opponent.

The examiners on the stage and the spectators below were all dumbfounded.

Lu Yuan lost.

Not only did he lose, but he also lost in the art of the blade.

The young man won.

Not only did he win, but he also won this round with the opponent’s most proficient martial skill.

“The second ultimate move of the Seven Killings Blade, Killing Soul Chasing Spirit…”

In front of the bronze mirror, Zi Yan was dumbfounded for a while, then muttered in disbelief.

“Someone actually learned these two moves within three years.”

She turned to Qingxiao, who was equally astonished.

“Senior Brother, is the Seven Killings Blade really that difficult?”

Zhao Linglong looked puzzled.

“Rather than saying it’s difficult, it’s more like it’s stupid.”

Qingxiao thought for a moment before replying.


Zhao Linglong was puzzled.

“The moves and techniques of the Seven Killings Blade are not complicated in themselves, and even easier to comprehend than the Green Bull Fist. The difficulty lies in making each move and technique extremely proficient.”

“To the point where the attacking moves become a kind of instinctive reaction, it’s about making your muscles and bones remember these moves, not just your mind.”

“So if you want to master the Seven Killings Blade, there’s only one stupid way, which is to practice day after day, year after year without interruption until the moves are perfected.”

“And the second ultimate moves, Chasing Spirit and Killing Soul, can only be practiced further after mastering all the moves of the Seven Killings Blade, and their difficulty is as great as that of the foolish old man moving the mountain.”

“So, many people say that the Seven Killings Blade is a foolish man’s martial art.”

Qingxiao explained seriously to Zhao Linglong.

“This method of practice is extremely tedious, and it takes great perseverance to master the second ultimate moves within three years.”

Zi Yan nodded at this point.

After listening to the explanations of the two, Zhao Linglong was first stunned, then looked again at the somewhat slender figure in the bronze mirror.

How much has Little Taiping paid over these three years?

She suddenly found it hard to imagine.


Just then, a snow-white feathered cloud sparrow arrived over the bamboo forest.

“It seems to be a message bird from your Sixth Peak Peak Master.”

Qingxiao looked at the cloud sparrow, then at Zi Yan beside him.

“Yes, the Peak Master has something to ask me.”

Zi Yan nodded.

Saying that, she reached out a hand to the cloud sparrow, took it down, and took the letter from its foot.

“Sister Zi Yan, what does your Peak Master want from you?”

Zhao Linglong looked curiously at Zi Yan.

At this point, Xu Taiping had already won in the Dragon Gate Society, and she had been somewhat anxious.

Zi Yan glanced at the contents of the letter, then smiled and said:

“The Peak Master asked me to inquire about the news of Xu Taiping from you, and if possible, to ask you to introduce him to our Sixth Peak.”

Obviously, the Peak Master of the Sixth Peak already knew something about Xu Taiping’s past with the Seventh Peak.


Zhao Linglong immediately refused, then grabbed Zi Yan’s hand and said:

“`”You go tell that wicked woman, Xu Taiping is a disciple of the Seventh Peak, and she can forget about any designs she has on him.”

Hearing Zhao Linglong refer to their Peak Master as “wicked woman,” Zi Yan couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

She then patted Zhao Linglong on the shoulder and said:

“Alright, I’ll talk to the Peak Master about this, but…”

She paused mid-sentence, turned her head to look at the azure sky, and smiled again:

“Given Taiping’s performance today, it’s not just our Sixth Peak that’s interested. I suspect the other five peaks will also send people to contact him, and the conditions they offer might even be better than ours. What do you think he will choose?”

Upon hearing this, Qingxiao immediately frowned.

Zhao Linglong also realized the gravity of the situation upon hearing this.

She thought to herself, if Taiping truly stands out in the selection, he will likely be fought over by all the peaks. Our Seventh Peak ranks last among them; would Taiping really choose us?

“Don’t worry, at least until the final Seventh Peak assembly, Taiping won’t make any decisions.”

Qingxiao looked at Zhao Linglong, who was clearly worried, and reassured her with a faint smile.

After thinking it over, Zhao Linglong spread her hands in a carefree gesture and said: “If Taiping doesn’t choose the Seventh Peak by then, I can understand. It’s my father’s fault for being such a lazybones, always placing last in the annual Seventh Peak competition, claiming to be above worldly gains, which resulted in the best herb gardens and spirit beasts being snatched away by the other six peaks.”

“If Master hears you say that, you’re likely to be confined for another half a year.”

Qingxiao said with a mix of laughter and helplessness.

“You mustn’t tell him that.”

Realizing her slip of the tongue, Zhao Linglong quickly instructed Qingxiao.

“It’s still too early to talk about this now.”

Qingxiao shook his head, then took out a scroll from his bosom, spread it out on the table, and said:

“This list is what I got from a supervising Senior Brother this morning. These seven people were originally my predicted finalists to become official disciples, but now we have to remove that Lu Yuan.”

He wiped his hand over the image of Lu Yuan, erasing it from the scroll, and continued: “As for the remaining six, if Taiping encounters them, his chances of winning are less than thirty percent.”

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