Vol.1 – Chapter 86 – War land source, the ultimate kill of the seven killings seeks death

“Examiner, I am ready.”

Xu Taiping turned to look at the examiner not far away.

“I am also ready,” Lu Yuan also spoke up.

At this moment, his face was no longer confused, but instead filled with curiosity and excitement.

He thought to himself, interesting. I’ve been here at Yunlu Mountain for seven years, and there are few people left at the foot of the mountain who dare to use a knife in front of me.

“Since you are both ready, let the competition begin.”

The examiner announced loudly, then waved his arm and struck the bronze gong beside him.



Almost as soon as the bronze gong sounded, the long knives of Xu Taiping and Lu Yuan were drawn simultaneously.

The two knife auras were like sudden gusts of wind, whistling out from the east and west sides of the arena, and finally collided with a “clang.”


Amidst the collision and the burst of energy, the blade of Xu Taiping and Lu Yuan separated upon contact, and their figures simultaneously flew back to their original positions.

It was clear that this strike from both sides was used to test each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and neither had used their full strength.

But even this brief encounter caused the disciples watching below to boil with excitement.

“This young man really knows how to use a knife!”

“Although it’s just one strike, it already shows great potential. He doesn’t seem like someone who has just started using a knife.”

Of course, Xu Taiping was not using a knife for the first time.

In the past two years, in order to have more cards to play in the selection of the Seventh Peak, he had devoted a large part of his energy to practicing the Seven Kills Knife.

With Lingyue’s guidance by his side, his progress was quite remarkable.

“We underestimated Taiping.”

In front of the bronze mirror, Qingxuan’s mouth lifted when he saw this scene, and his nervous expression suddenly relaxed.

“Besides practicing boxing, Little Taiping has also been practicing knife skills. Has he ever rested in these three years?”

Zhao Linglong’s face was full of astonishment.

“The situation is still not optimistic. Taiping has only been practicing knife skills for three years, while Lu Yuan has been practicing for at least twenty years, and he also has a famous teacher by his side. Taiping’s foundation is incomparable to Lu Yuan’s.”

Zi Yan still did not have confidence in Xu Taiping.

“But just as if to refute her words, in the bronze mirror, Xu Taiping, who had been facing off with Lu Yuan for a long time, suddenly twisted his foot, and his figure rushed towards Lu Yuan like a gust of wind. Then, the fine steel long knife in his hand slashed upwards at an angle.

Facing this knife, Lu Yuan was equally prepared.

I saw the sword in his hand, the sword aura flowing like flames, and a slash against Xu Taiping’s blade. However, his momentum was far beyond what Xu Taiping could compare to. The golden sword shadow created by the sword aura was several feet long, and being hit by it would result in either death or injury.

Just as Zhao Linglong and the others were getting anxious, Xu Taiping’s blade suddenly turned, and the blade and the person merged into one, turning into a dazzling blade aura. With a “boom,” it flew past Lu Yuan, dodging his blade, and appeared behind him.

From the perspective of the bronze mirror, the sword aura around Lu Yuan, which had not yet disappeared, was like a full moon.

And as that full moon was drawn, Xu Taiping suddenly gripped the hilt with both hands and struck down from behind Lu Yuan with a loud crash.


Although at the critical moment, Lu Yuan finally reacted and used all his strength to block this blow, he was still pushed back several steps by the tremendous force of Xu Taiping’s long knife before stabilizing his figure.

“This is the sixth kill of the Seven Kills Knife, Full Moon!”

Zi Yan exclaimed in surprise.

“In just two years, he has already mastered the Full Moon?”

She looked incredulous.

As an excellent martial art of the Qingxuan Sect, the Seven Kills Knife, although powerful, was difficult to learn and master. Many outer disciples had studied for two or three years and often failed to learn even the third or fourth kill, let alone the Full Moon, which was one of the most difficult kills in the Seven Kills.

“Little Taiping is indeed prepared!”

Zhao Linglong was so excited that she kept clapping her hands.

“This move, Full Moon, requires three steps: luring the enemy, avoiding the enemy, and striking the enemy, all must be done in one go. It’s impossible to be so smooth without practicing it hundreds or thousands of times. It seems that Little Taiping has indeed put in a lot of effort for this selection of the Seventh Peak.”

Qingxuan looked at Xu Taiping in the bronze mirror, and his expression suddenly became serious.

“But relying solely on this Full Moon move is not enough to defeat Lu Yuan’s Fiery Sun Knife.”

He added.

As Qingxuan said, after being hit by the Full Moon move, Lu Yuan became excited and began to exert all his strength.


As a result, the golden flame-like sword aura of the Fiery Sun Knife began to dance all over the place, forcing Taiping to retreat repeatedly, only able to defend himself.

In an instant, the situation between the two sides reversed.”The Seven Kills Blade is indeed a superior martial technique, but it still falls short compared to the Fierce Sun Blade. Unless he can master the complete Seven Kills Blade and perfect those two ultimate moves, he stands no chance of winning,” Zi Yan said with a frown.

“Maybe Little Taiping will surprise us again,” Zhao Linglong, who was intently watching the bronze mirror, suddenly said with excitement in her eyes.

At this moment, she had an immense confidence in Xu Taiping.

This time, neither Qingxiao nor Zi Yan objected.

Both of them even began to look forward with anticipation, their eyes glued to the bronze mirror in front of them.


In the bronze mirror, on the Tian-ranked arena.

Xu Taiping merged with the blade light, leaping out just as Lu Yuan’s blade swept past, narrowly avoiding the strike and once again using the Six Kills Full Moon to circle behind him.

“Junior Brother Xu, the same move won’t work on me, Lu Yuan!” Lu Yuan suddenly shouted, his back to Xu Taiping.

As his voice echoed, his body suddenly spun like a top, whirling violently.


In an instant, golden blade shadows, like a sun bursting forth with myriad rays of dawn light, exploded outwards in all directions.


Xu Taiping’s Full Moon was directly shattered by the sweeping blade shadows.


But in the instant the Full Moon was broken, Xu Taiping’s figure vanished from the spot.


Following that, seven afterimages of Xu Taiping suddenly surrounded Lu Yuan from all sides.

“It’s actually the Seven Kills Blade’s ultimate move, Soul Chaser!”

Seeing this scene, Zi Yan abruptly stood up in front of the bronze mirror, her tone filled with disbelief.

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