Vol.1 – Chapter 7 – Detecting Spiritual Bones, Xu Taiping has no chance at Seventh Peak

"Senior Brother Jin, I have already said before that I am not an ordinary Spiritual Bone." 


At this moment, the young man in the fancy clothes also opened his eyes and had an equally proud expression upon seeing the changes in the Dragon Pearl.


Xu Taiping remained calm and unaffected, showing no envy or jealousy.


Lin Buyu, who was beside him, was the same.


"Little one, what is your name?" the Black Dragon Elder asked the haughty young man.


"I am the Ninth Prince of Tianlang Kingdom, named Ye Xuan,and I…" the young man replied.


"Alright, you can step aside," the Black Dragon Elder said, waving his hand to dismiss him, clearly not pleased with his arrogant personality.


Although Ye Xuan was somewhat displeased, he didn't dare to say anything and could only walk to Jin Hezhi's side with a sullen expression.


"You, come forward," the Black Dragon Elder said, pointing at Lin Buyu.


Lin Buyu nodded and took small steps to approach the Black Dragon Elder, then reached out a small hand and placed it on the Dragon Pearl.


Seeing this scene, Zi Yan from the Sixth Peak felt a tightness in her heart.


Although the Spiritual Bones Stele rarely made mistakes, there was always a possibility. After all, the difference in achievements between cultivators with Gold Spirit Bones and Black Spirit Bones was not insignificant, not to mention the differences in bone categories.


So Zi Yan couldn't help but feel nervous, although it was impossible for her to be nervous.




As another faint buzzing sound rang out, the Dragon Pearl in the Black Dragon Elder's hand once again emitted a golden light. However, this time, the flames that surrounded the Dragon Pearl turned into crackling electric sparks.


"It's a Thunder Variant Bone, and it's a Gold Spirit Bone level Thunder Variant Bone!" Even the usually reserved Fairy Zi Yan couldn't help but exclaim in surprise upon seeing this scene.


"Congratulations, Senior Sister Zi Yan. A Gold Spirit Bone level Thunder Variant Bone, Qingxuan Sect hasn't seen one in hundreds of years."


"Senior Sister Zi Yan, since the Sixth Peak has found such a treasure, we must invite everyone to Drunken Immortal Inn for a good meal."


Qingxuan and Linglong immediately stepped forward to congratulate her.


"Congratulations, Senior Sister Zi Yan," Jin Hezhi also reluctantly stepped forward to express his joy.




At this moment, even the usually serious Black Dragon Elder burst into hearty laughter, causing the entire hall to tremble.


"One thunder, one fire, both are Gold Spirit Bones. Our Qingxuan Sect has hope for revival!" the Black Dragon Elder laughed.


Xu Taiping, who had taken in everything, remained calm as ever. It was only when Lin Buyu walked past him that he whispered, "Congratulations, Buyu."


Lin Buyu turned her head and glanced at Xu Taiping, then nodded and said, "Thank you."


Both of them had the kind of temperament that remained unaffected by favor or humiliation, but Lin Buyu seemed even more composed.


"You, it's your turn," the voice of the Black Dragon Elder rang out again.


Upon hearing this, Xu Taiping raised his head and saw the Black Dragon Elder's vertical pupils staring at him expectantly.


Qingxuan and Linglong became nervous at once, their gazes also turning to Xu Taiping.


"Yes," Xu Taiping calmly nodded after meeting the Black Dragon Elder's gaze.


Then, under everyone's gaze, Xu Taiping placed his hand on the Dragon Pearl held by the Black Dragon Elder and closed his eyes, focusing his mind.




As he felt a warm power gradually enveloping him, it didn't take long for him to sense the trembling of the Dragon Pearl in his hand.


When Xu Taiping opened his eyes, he saw that the originally transparent Dragon Pearl had turned a pale white color, resembling the color of the abandoned beast bones on the roadside.


"As expected," Xu Taiping murmured to himself.


His guess was correct. Although the elixir his grandfather left him could make his name appear in the Immortal Status, it couldn't make him a true Spiritual Bone.


"White… White Bone?" Zhao Linglong's eyes were filled with disbelief as she looked at the white-colored Dragon Pearl.


Although Qingxuan didn't say anything, his expression revealed his astonishment, no less than Zhao Linglong's.


"The Spiritual Bones Stele actually picked a white bone. The luck of your Seventh Peak is as bad as ever," Jin Hezhi from the First Peak suddenly laughed again after seeing this scene, his tone full of sarcasm.






Upon hearing this, Zhao Linglong was about to retort, but she was stopped by Qingxuan beside her.


"Black Dragon Elder, can you please test again?" Qingxuan requested.


"Qingxuan, you should know very well that this pearl won't make a mistake," the Black Dragon Elder said with a tone full of authority.




Qingxuan sighed deeply upon hearing this.


"Zi Yan, Hezhi, the two of you take the child up the mountain. You have nothing to do with this anymore."Black Dragon Elder glanced at Zi Yan and Jin Hezhi.


"Black Dragon Elder, Brother Qingxiao, Junior Sister Linglong, we will take our leave now."


Jin Hezhi smiled, took Ye Xuan by the hand, and turned to leave.


"Senior Brother Jin, our Qingxuan Sect wouldn't even accept a boneless one, would we?"


"Such trash, we at the First Peak would never accept."


The conversation between the two came from the doorway, causing Qingxiao and Linglong to seethe with anger, but they were helpless.


Knowing that the two were upset, Zi Yan didn't say anything and left with Lin Buyu.


After they left, Black Dragon Elder opened his eyes again.


"Bones have no qualifications to become disciples of the Seventh Peak. You can either stay at the foot of the mountain and become a nameless disciple for three years, challenge the Seventh Peak selection after three years, or leave the mountain immediately."


He turned his gaze to Xu Taiping, who stood silently in place.


Clearly, he wanted Xu Taiping to make a choice.




"Let him decide for himself."


Linglong, who was standing by the side, seemed to want to remind Xu Taiping of something, but was interrupted by Black Dragon Elder.


Upon hearing this, Linglong wisely closed her mouth and said no more.


"If I can pass the Seventh Peak selection, can I still become a disciple under the Seventh Peak and become your junior brother, Sister Linglong and Brother Qingxiao?"


Xu Taiping didn't immediately answer Black Dragon Elder, but turned to look at Qingxiao and Linglong.


"I can guarantee you this. If you can pass the selection, the door of the Seventh Peak will definitely be open to you."


Qingxiao said seriously.


He felt somewhat guilty for not being able to bring Xu Taiping up the mountain.


"Taiping, it's good if you can pass the selection, but it's too difficult."


Linglong shook her head at Xu Taiping with a worried look on her face.


Xu Taiping smiled at Linglong, then turned to look at Black Dragon Elder and said:


"Elder, I want to stay at the foot of the mountain for three years."


Xu Taiping would not go back on his word to his grandfather.


Seeing Xu Taiping make a decision, Black Dragon Elder nodded indifferently, then took out a jade scroll and handed it to Xu Taiping, saying:


"Take this jade scroll. Someone will take you down the mountain and tell you what you need to pay attention to."


"Thank you, Elder."


Xu Taiping took the jade scroll.


"Black Dragon Elder, this child was brought up the mountain by me. I should be the one to take him down the mountain."


Linglong stepped forward and made a request to Black Dragon Elder.


"Disciples of the Seventh Peak are not allowed to go down the mountain at will, nor are they allowed to interfere with matters at the foot of the mountain. However… since this child was brought up the mountain by you, I will make an exception this time."


Black Dragon Elder pondered for a moment, then slowly nodded, indicating his consent.


"Thank you, Black Dragon Elder!"


Linglong, who had received permission, was overjoyed.


"You can't stay at the foot of the mountain for more than two hours. Also, don't try any tricks. I can't control what happens on the Seventh Peak, but if anything happens at the foot of the Seventh Peak, even if it's just a blade of grass or a tree, it won't escape my senses."


Black Dragon Elder warned Zhao Linglong.


"Don't worry, Elder. I promise I won't do anything unnecessary."


Linglong, whose thoughts had been seen through by Black Dragon Elder, stuck out her tongue and then promised with a squinted smile.




A moment later.


In front of the Dragon Gate Hall.


"Junior Sister, I need to report this to Master. I'll leave Taiping to you. You must arrange everything for him. After all, it will be difficult for us to come down the mountain to find him in the future."


Qingxiao instructed Linglong.


"Don't worry, Senior Brother. I will arrange everything properly."


Linglong promised Qingxiao.


Qingxiao nodded, then leaped up, stepping on a jade flute, his figure shot out like a streak of light.


"Let's go, Taiping. We'll go to the West Wind Pavilion to register first, then find a good place at the foot of the mountain where you can earn merit and cultivate."


Linglong patted Taiping's shoulder and laughed.


"Earn merit?"


Xu Taiping was a little confused about this term.


"That's right."


Linglong sighed and then explained to Xu Taiping:


"The outer disciples of the Qingxuan Sect at the foot of the mountain have to earn merit every year. Only by earning enough merit can they continue to stay in the Qingxuan Sect, otherwise, they will be driven out of the mountain."


"So how can I earn merit?"


Xu Taiping asked again.


"Every outer disciple can get a room in the dormitory and a few acres of Immortal Field or medicinal garden after registration. You can raise cattle and pigs in the dormitory, and plant Immortal Grain or herbs in the Immortal Field. When they mature, you can sell them for Merit Coins."


Linglong explained to Xu Taiping in great detail.


"Thank you, Sister Linglong. I understand. This merit is like the silver in our mundane world."


Xu Taiping nodded in understanding.


"You could say that."


Linglong laughed, then took Xu Taiping's hand and said:


"Let's go, Taiping. We'll go to the West Wind Pavilion to register first, then see if there's anything suitable for you to do."

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