Vol.1 – Chapter 76 – Looking for flaws, is it really Green Bull Fist?

“Qin Lao is indeed extraordinary.”

“The little kid is still too young, relying only on brute strength, he won’t be able to defeat Qin Lao.”

As these words were spoken, the crowd below the platform once again erupted into cheers. They didn’t think there was anything wrong with Qin Lao’s previous sneak attack and the current provocation. After all, in this world, fists were more effective than reputation.

“Thank you for your guidance.”

Amidst the mocking voices, Xu Taiping rubbed his chest and then stood firm once again.

“Qin Yuan, the way you are using your body now is a form of Hua Jin, right? It’s just that you’re using the invisible True Qi around your body to deflect force, rather than your hands.”

As he sheathed his knife, he spoke expressionlessly.

Although he had suffered a bit just now, he had not gained nothing.

After several attempts at attacking, he finally discovered that Qin Yuan was not actively avoiding his knife, but was using the invisible True Qi surrounding him to guide himself to evade the attacks.

As a result, no matter how tricky his attacks were, Qin Yuan could still stand undefeated.

“Kid, don’t think you’re clever. Can you see through my Indestructible Technique?”

Qin Yuan snorted at the words.

Having the secret of his technique exposed made him very unhappy, and his tone was filled with killing intent.

“Come, if you have the ability, come and break my Indestructible Technique.”

After saying this, he provocatively gestured towards Xu Taiping.

“Kid, don’t fall for his provocation. He’s deliberately provoking you to break his Indestructible Technique. When your True Qi is exhausted, he will defeat you in one fell swoop!”

“Yes, don’t rush, take your time with him. As the saying goes, a fist fears the young. This old man is strong on the outside but weak on the inside, and can’t afford to waste energy.”

At this moment, several of Qin Yuan’s opponents below the platform suddenly reminded Xu Taiping loudly.

These people were hoping for Xu Taiping to fight Qin Lao to a standstill.

At this moment, Xu Taiping was highly focused, ignoring the chaotic remarks around him. He moved his wrist and then stepped forward to Qin Yuan.

“Well done, well done. Daring to fight me head-on, you still have some backbone, kid.”

Qin Yuan once again showed a friendly smile.

Although he still believed he had a chance of winning if Xu Taiping continued to wear himself out, there might be danger in the next round. Now that he saw Xu Taiping persisting in breaking his Indestructible Technique, he naturally felt happy.

“When I’ve exhausted your True Yuan, I will take you down in one blow.”

Qin Yuan’s mouth curled up, raising both palms, a sly glint in his eyes.

Xu Taiping could guess Qin Yuan’s calculations, but at this moment, all he could think of was the words the Fairy Lingyue had said to him – “In martial arts, only speed can’t be broken.”

“How fast do I need to be to prevent his Hua Jin from being deployed?”

As Xu Taiping thought somewhat expectantly in his heart, he activated the True Yuan in his body, leaned forward slightly, and then used the Shadow Wind Step, taking a step forward.


Amidst the sound of breaking wind, Xu Taiping’s figure appeared behind Qin Yuan in an instant, his fist carrying the sound of a bull’s roar, heavily smashing towards Qin Yuan.


Just like before, Xu Taiping’s punch was easily dodged by Qin Yuan, and the force of the punch whistled past Qin Yuan’s side.

However, this time, as soon as Xu Taiping’s first punch missed, another punch followed.

He used the ultimate move of the Green Bull Fist – the Charging Bull Formation.


Unfortunately, Qin Yuan’s body, like an indestructible doll, still managed to dodge this punch.

The momentum of these two punches was quite astonishing, and even the True Qi emanating from the platform made many of the surrounding cultivators feel stuffy in their chests.

For a moment, the crowd was both amazed and regretful, feeling that this young man had encountered Qin Yuan so early, and his luck was really bad, otherwise he could have gone to the Dragon Gate Meeting.

Upon seeing this scene, Zhou Gu and Zuo Ju in the crowd looked at each other, then both smiled.

“Kid, want to go to the Dragon Gate Meeting? Want to become a disciple on the mountain? Dream on!”

Zhou Gu coldly snorted through gritted teeth.

However, soon, whether it was Zhou Gu, Zuo Ju, or the cultivators around the platform, the expressions on their faces changed once again. The noisy voices around the platform gradually died down, leaving only the “Boom, Boom” sound of Xu Taiping’s fists breaking the air.

On the platform, Xu Taiping was constantly swinging his fists, like an untiring bull, charging towards Qin Yuan without stopping.

“How is this possible? This is already sixteen consecutive punches. Why is that kid’s punch not weakening, but instead growing stronger?!”

Finally, amidst the silence, someone voiced the doubts in everyone’s hearts.

“Is this really the Green Bull Fist?”

Someone questioned.

The Green Bull Fist was nothing more than an ordinary martial art technique, and many people present had practiced it before. The Charging Bull Formation that Xu Taiping was using at this moment could also be performed by many people.

But the problem was that the Charging Bull Formation was the ultimate move of the Green Bull Fist, and when performed at full strength, it required True Qi from behind as support. For most people, being able to throw four or five punches in a row was already the limit, unlike Xu Taiping, who could perform it like a storm.

“Boom, Boom, Boom!”

After Xu Taiping threw out more than ten consecutive punches, the confusion and incomprehension on everyone’s faces turned into astonishment.Because they discovered that Xu Taiping’s Charging Bull Formation was not only as fierce as a sudden storm but also that the force of his punches was stacking with each successive blow.


Just then, to the astonishment of the onlookers, Qin Yuan’s body was actually grazed by Xu Taiping’s fist energy.

Qin Yuan, who possessed the Unyielding Skill, was unexpectedly unable to fully defend against Xu Taiping’s fists!

And even though it was just a graze, Qin Yuan’s shoulder was immediately torn open, flesh and blood laid bare.

This demonstrated the immense power of the punch.

What was even more terrifying was that Xu Taiping’s punching momentum was still increasing without any sign of diminishing.

The speed of his punches had even become so fast that some people could no longer see them clearly.


In the instant when the crowd could no longer catch sight of Xu Taiping’s fists, Qin Yuan’s body, which seemed to be drifting with the wind, was struck by a tremendous force and sent flying backward.

Although there was a layer of protective energy between them, Xu Taiping’s punch had indeed landed solidly on Qin Yuan’s body, not evaded this time.

His punching speed had finally surpassed the reaction speed of the True Qi surrounding Qin Yuan.

“How is this possible…”

Seeing this scene, many cultivators below the stage couldn’t help but exclaim in shock—

“Qin Lao’s Unyielding Skill has actually been broken by him!”

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