Vol.1 – Chapter 75 – Without effort, young man, your punches are too slow

"It should be that after knowing the matchup in advance, you find a way to get you and that old Qin to draw corresponding numbers. If you prepare in advance, it won't be difficult."


The Fairy Lingyue communicated with Xu Taiping through divine sense.


Xu Taiping nodded silently at the words.


"Taiping, please."


At this time, the white-haired Qin Yuan came to Xu Taiping and made a gesture for him to come up to the stage.


"I dare not, please go ahead, Senior Qin."


Xu Taiping politely declined.


"Alright, I'll go up first and wait for you, Taiping."


Qin Yuan then laughed heartily, lightly tapped the ground with his toe, and his figure floated lightly like a feather onto the stage.


This move immediately drew cheers from the crowd below, and then they all turned their eyes to Xu Taiping.


"Why does no one want to walk up the steps?"


Xu Taiping was still puzzled.


"Taiping, don't walk up the steps this time. We can't lose our momentum."


To Xu Taiping's surprise, the Fairy Lingyue's desire to win was stimulated.




Xu Taiping retracted his foot that was already on the steps.


He could ignore what others said, but he had to listen to Sister Lingyue.


Then, everyone saw Xu Taiping's sleeves suddenly bulge, and his body "whooshed" like a gust of wind, disappearing from where he was and reappearing on the stage.


This was the result of mastering the second step of the Shadow Wind Step.


"Such profound True Qi."


"At such a young age, to have such profound True Qi, could it be that this kid has already reached the initial stage of the Opening Realm?"


Some who had doubted Xu Taiping's strength and thought he had won against Sun Hu by luck fell silent.



"Young friend, at such a young age, to have such profound True Qi, it's admirable, truly admirable."


On the stage, Qin Yuan nodded at Xu Taiping with a smile.


However, Xu Taiping, who was observant, could notice that although Qin Yuan concealed it well, his eyes occasionally revealed hostility.


"Senior Qin, you're too kind, but it's just some trivial skills."


Xu Taiping responded calmly to Qin Yuan's praise.


"At this age, he's still competing for the position of an official disciple, he must be a tough and ruthless person. Taiping, don't be fooled by his smiling face."


The Fairy Lingyue reminded Xu Taiping.


"I won't, Sister Lingyue."


Xu Taiping responded in his heart.


He had gone all out against opponents like Sun Hu, let alone the current Qin Yuan.


"Are you both ready?"


The examiner on the stage asked the two as usual.


"I'm ready."


"I'm ready, old man."


Without delay, the two responded and assumed their respective stances.


The examiner nodded, then "clang" sounded as he struck the gong on the stage.


"The match begins."


The examiner's voice spread throughout the venue.


"Please, Senior Qin, enlighten me."


Xu Taiping politely glanced at Qin Yuan.


"I dare not, I dare not!"


Qin Yuan shook his head repeatedly with a smile on his face.


But in the instant his voice fell, his figure suddenly disappeared from where he was, as if he had teleported, and appeared in front of Xu Taiping.




As his robe billowed, a huge palm shadow struck towards Xu Taiping.


No one could have expected that the previously dignified Qin Yuan would actually sneak attack a young man, except the young man himself.


From the beginning, Xu Taiping had noticed the hostility in Qin Yuan's eyes towards him, and combined with the Fairy Lingyue's reminder, he could not help but be on guard.




In the midst of the fierce palm wind, Xu Taiping suddenly dodged to the side, narrowly avoiding Qin Yuan's palm wind.




Then, to Qin Yuan's surprise, a fierce punch, the Bull Horns Collapsing Mountain, fiercely struck towards him.




At a critical moment, Qin Yuan's powerful True Qi burst out of his body, forming a thick protective aura around him, and he managed to withstand Xu Taiping's punch.




However, even so, with a huge collision, Qin Yuan was still pushed back about ten zhang by the force of Xu Taiping's punch.




Meanwhile, Xu Taiping, whose figure was still stable, once again used the Shadow Wind Step, and his figure whistled out from where he was.


Before Qin Yuan could steady himself, another Bull Horns Collapsing Mountain was already heading towards him.


But just as Xu Taiping's fist was about to strike, Qin Yuan's body suddenly shifted to the side, just avoiding the punch.




Although he didn't hit Senior Qin, the fierce punch force that spread from Xu Taiping's fist rushed towards the stage, raising a cloud of dust and causing the crowd to retreat in fear.


At this moment, everyone finally understood why Xu Taiping was able to defeat Sun Hu with a single punch in the previous match.


Looking back at the stage.


Although the previous punch didn't hit, Xu Taiping did not stop, but instead retracted his fist and drew his sword, slashing towards Qin Yuan.


The length of the sword just made up for the range that his fist attack lacked.


"Swish!"Xu Taiping hadn't anticipated that Qin Yuan, standing on one leg, would be like a roly-poly toy, dodging every slash of his blade no matter how swiftly it came, never falling down.


"It's the Unyielding Body Technique!"


"That's right, it's Old Qin's Unyielding Body Technique!"


Someone in the crowd exclaimed in surprise.


"To think he'd force Old Qin to use the Unyielding Body Technique, this youngster really has some skills!"


"Indeed, but if he can't break through Old Qin's Unyielding Body Technique, it's all in vain."


Amidst the murmurs of the crowd, Xu Taiping, with an expressionless face, swung his blade several more times, but just like before, each strike was nimbly dodged by Old Qin.


However, when he delivered the final slash, the speed of his blade had noticeably slowed.




The one-legged Qin Yuan suddenly leaned forward sharply, his hand soft as if boneless, landing on Xu Taiping's wrist, effortlessly deflecting the force of his strike, then his shoulder fiercely bumped against Xu Taiping's chest.




With a thunderous sound, Xu Taiping was sent stumbling back several steps before he managed to steady himself.


"Young man, your blade is too slow, your punches too weak, you can't win against me like this!"


Qin Yuan said with a provocative smile at the corner of his mouth.

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