Vol.1 – Chapter 77 – If water power, comprehend the true meaning of Green Bull Fist



Although Qin Yuan was hit by Xu Taiping's punch, the unique True Qi he cultivated still dissipated a lot of the force from Xu Taiping's punch, and just as he was about to fly off the stage, he used a technique to abruptly sink and then firmly pinned himself to the ground.




But as soon as Qin Yuan's feet touched the ground, Xu Taiping's fist was already there.


At this moment, Xu Taiping's punch was even more powerful.


The roaring of the Green Bull Fist, driven by True Qi, made it look like he was leading a group of bulls in a Charging Bull Formation.




Several punches in a row, and Qin Yuan's evasion was no longer as calm as before, getting hit several times in a row.


"Flowing Water Sect!"


Just when everyone thought that Xu Taiping's next punch would completely defeat Qin Yuan, Qin Yuan suddenly roared, and then his aura surged, and clusters of True Qi, like flowing water, wrapped around his body, forming a huge water ball around him.




Then, Xu Taiping's fist smashed into the water-like True Qi.


Unlike before, this punch directly sank in, and most of the force was instantly dissipated.


It only managed to push the water-like True Qi down, without harming Qin Yuan.


"Qin Lao still has a trump card!"


"Could it be the Flowing Water True Qi? Qin Lao actually cultivated the Flowing Water technique!"


Unexpectedly, the situation could still be reversed at this time, and the cultivators below were in an uproar.


"This was originally prepared for the Seventh Peak Competition, but it's a bargain for you, kid!"


Qin Yuan snorted coldly, then clasped his palms together and chanted a mantra, causing the clusters of water-like True Qi around him to gather into a huge water ball once again, protecting him in the middle.




At this moment, Xu Taiping seemed as if he hadn't seen the change in Qin Yuan's body at all, still punching, and his punch was still rising in power.


"Bang, bang, bang!"


With each muffled but powerful collision, both Qin Yuan and the people below fell into silence once again.


They thought that Xu Taiping breaking through Qin Yuan's invincible technique was the limit of his punch, but they didn't expect that it was just the beginning!


"Sixty-nine punches, seventy punches… This kid, could it be that he really wants to complete a full one hundred and eight punches?"


A cultivator who had been silently counting the number of punches Xu Taiping threw shouted in confusion.


"It's impossible. With such a powerful punch, the Green Bull Fist can't possibly throw a full one hundred and eight punches!"


Some people refuted decisively.


However, these refuting voices gradually became weak and feeble in the face of Xu Taiping's relentless punching, like a landslide breaking rocks.




When Xu Taiping's Charging Bull Formation reached the one hundredth punch, the water-like True Qi protecting Qin Yuan was "boom" shattered by this punch.


In the eyes of the crowd, Xu Taiping was just standing quietly in front of Qin Yuan, without any visible movement of his fists.


"All martial arts are fast and unbreakable. It seems like I understand what Sister Lingyue meant."


It was only after the Charging Bull Formation was thrown with such full force for one hundred punches that Xu Taiping finally understood the profound meaning of Sister Lingyue's words, "All martial arts are fast and unbreakable."


At the same time, he also understood why the second move of the Green Bull Fist was called the Charging Bull Formation.


"Boom, boom, boom…"


At this moment, after hearing seven consecutive thunderous explosions, the crowd suddenly saw a huge green bull shadow appear behind Xu Taiping.




With a loud explosion, as Xu Taiping's final punch was thrown, the green bull shadow rushed towards Qin Yuan.




Another loud noise.


The water-like True Qi that Qin Yuan had barely gathered was directly shattered by Xu Taiping's final punch, and then a burst of blood mist exploded around him, and he fell straight off the stage.


"Qin Lao lost?"


"Qin Lao's invincible technique and Flowing Water True Qi were actually defeated by the Green Bull Fist?"


"Is this really still the Green Bull Fist?"


Amidst the uproar, all eyes were filled with shock as they looked at Xu Taiping on the stage.


At this moment, Xu Taiping was still looking at the body of Qin Yuan falling to the ground.


At this moment, insights kept emerging in his mind, just like the doubt he had when he first practiced the Charging Bull Formation – "Why does the Charging Bull Formation have one hundred and eight punches?"


And at this moment, he finally had an answer in his mind:


The first one hundred and seven punches of the Charging Bull Formation were just building up to this final punch, just like the charge before the charge of a group of bulls, but to achieve this, you must elevate the speed and force of the previous one hundred and seven punches to the limit you can reach.


"Congratulations, Little Taiping, you not only won this competition, but also comprehended the true meaning of the Green Bull Fist."The voice of the Fairy Lingyue once again echoed in Xu Taiping's mind, filled with gratification.


"Additionally, in the upcoming matches, it would be best if you continue to suppress your realm to below the Great Achievement of the Opening Realm, just like you did in this one. Although you now possess the cultivation of the Gazing Abyss Realm, you lack the matching martial techniques and spells. At most, you can only enhance the power of the Green Bull Fist by a few percent. Relying solely on cultivation to face your enemies is not a sustainable path."


She then added another piece of advice.


"Thank you for the reminder, Sister Lingyue."


Xu Taiping silently expressed his gratitude to Fairy Lingyue in his heart.


Just as Fairy Lingyue had said, in the match against Qin Yuan, he could have won very easily.


For instance, by directly using the cultivation of the Gazing Abyss Realm to suppress his opponent.


But that would clearly be a short-sighted move, akin to killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. After all, there were many more matches to come, and revealing all his trump cards would inevitably lead to being targeted by others.


"According to the plan, all the matches before the Seventh Peak meeting are the whetstones for honing my martial skills. I must take advantage of these few matches to sharpen the weapons in my hand to their keenest edge before facing the true masters."


Xu Taiping murmured to himself as he walked down from the stage.




Looking back at the audience.


"How could he win? That's Qin Yuan we're talking about!"


Zhou Gu was still full of disbelief even after hearing the judge announce Xu Taiping's victory.


"I remember at last year's Dragon Gate Meeting, Qin Yuan lost because his opponent overwhelmed him with cultivation. How could he lose today on martial skill?"


Zuo Ju also found it hard to accept.


"Big brother, don't worry about how he won. Let's think about how we're going to deal with this kid next."


Zhou Gu interrupted Zuo Ju, who was deep in thought.


"What else can we do? Qin Yuan was already the strongest among these people!"


Zuo Ju gave Zhou Gu a somewhat exasperated look.

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