Vol.1 – Chapter 50 – Encounter mishaps, move the mountain ape to battle the fire-patterned python


Almost as soon as the Fairy Lingyue spoke, Xu Taiping had already used the Shadow Wind Step he had learned a few days ago, and his figure flew out of the bush like the wind.

Although he had only learned two steps of the Shadow Wind Step, with his agility, Xu Taiping’s speed was almost catching up to some ordinary monsters. In just a few breaths, he had entered the Bamboo Creek Valley.

“Is that it?”

After entering the Bamboo Creek Valley, he immediately spotted the Fire Lingzhi, which seemed to grow like a bonfire by the stream.

“Yes, cover it with the tiger skin first, or you will be burned by it,” the Fairy Lingyue reminded him, despite having already instructed him before.


In response, Xu Taiping opened the tiger skin in his hand and wrapped the Fire Lingzhi in it.


Then he swiftly drew the fine steel long knife from his waist, and with one stroke close to the ground, he cut off the root of the Fire Lingzhi.

Sheathing the knife and then picking up the Fire Lingzhi, his movements were smooth and flowing, as if he had practiced it many times in his mind.

“This child is really reassuring in his actions.”

Watching Xu Taiping’s clean and neat movements, Fairy Lingyue felt that her worry was unnecessary.

Although she was the one hiding the aura to take the Fire Lingzhi, if the plan was not followed, it would be extremely dangerous to take the Fire Lingzhi.

“It seems simple, but when it comes to doing it, even an adult may not do it as well as this little guy.”

She muttered to herself in her heart.

“Wait, this aura, not good!”

Seeing Xu Taiping about to rush out of the Bamboo Creek Valley, Fairy Lingyue suddenly sensed two very strong spiritual power fluctuations, and these two auras were rapidly approaching this way.

“What’s wrong?”

With the Fire Lingzhi on his back, Xu Taiping quickly stopped, clenched his fist with one hand, and held the knife handle with the other, assuming a fighting posture.

“It should be the Fire Pattern Python fighting with something powerful. It’s too late to leave the valley now. You quickly find a place to hide in the valley, and I will help you hide your aura.”

Fairy Lingyue said urgently.

Xu Taiping looked around and finally locked his gaze on a deep pool near the cliff of the Bamboo Creek Valley. Without saying a word, he used the Shadow Wind Step to fly out, leaping into the clear pool water, and then leaned against the stone wall of the pool, quietly watching the situation above.

Because of the Turtle Breathing Technique in the Sunset Glow Classic, he was not worried about breathing underwater.


Before the ripples on the surface of the pool had completely calmed down, Xu Taiping heard a loud noise coming from the valley entrance.

“It’s actually a giant ape?”

Through the clear water, Xu Taiping only saw a giant ape about one or two zhang tall, fighting fiercely with a similarly huge Fire Pattern Python.

The Fire Pattern Python still had half of a monkey in its mouth.

Although the giant ape was not as big as the one below, it was still about one zhang tall.

Obviously, the monkey in the mouth of the Fire Pattern Python was the prey it had found outside, and the giant ape had come for its mate.


At this moment, the giant ape suddenly lifted a huge rock from the ground and smashed it towards the tail of the Fire Pattern Python.


Although the Fire Pattern Python had its prey in its mouth, its body was still very agile. Before the giant rock fell, it had already pulled its tail away and skillfully whipped the giant ape’s abdomen, causing it to fly out with torn flesh.

“This is a Mountain Moving Ape, and it even has purple-golden eyes. It might be the descendant of that Monster Saint, but the bloodline of this ape has degenerated, and it is no different from an ordinary monkey. Otherwise, a true Mountain Moving Ape would be a hundred zhang tall and could crush this Fire Pattern Python with one step.”

Fairy Lingyue’s voice echoed in Xu Taiping’s mind.

“A hundred zhang?”

Xu Taiping was a little unimaginable that there were such huge monsters in the world.

“Ah, that monkey was swallowed.”

Just as Xu Taiping was full of emotion, he was suddenly startled by the scene of the Fire Pattern Python swallowing the giant ape, not expecting that the Fire Pattern Python could swallow such a huge monkey.


As the Fire Pattern Python swallowed the giant ape, the other enraged giant ape, which had been flung away by its tail, roared in anger, and then a red aura rose from its body, rushing towards the Fire Pattern Python recklessly.

“Just now, the monkey swallowed by the Fire Pattern Python should be the wife of the Mountain Moving Ape on the ground. Mountain Moving Apes are very emotional and only have one mate in their lifetime. It seems that it is planning to go all out against the Fire Pattern Python.”

Fairy Lingyue sighed.


As she spoke, the Mountain Moving Ape stepped on the tail of the Fire Pattern Python, then used a huge rock in its hand to smash its head.


In the huge collision, the head of the Fire Pattern Python was hit by the Mountain Moving Ape, which had greatly increased its strength after going berserk, and it had to retreat into the Bamboo Creek Valley.


The Mountain Moving Ape did not let go of this opportunity, leaping forward and pressing the head of the Fire Pattern Python to the ground with its feet, then twisting its body around the snake’s body, and then madly smashing its head with its fists.

After going berserk, the Mountain Moving Ape finally had the strength to fight the Fire Pattern Python head-on.

“When a monster goes berserk, it will burn its own monster blood. Even if the Mountain Moving Ape wins in the end, it is afraid that it will not escape death.”

Fairy Lingyue’s tone became more sorrowful.


Just as the Fire Pattern Python was about to give in, it suddenly exerted all its strength and spat out a mouthful of blood mist at the Mountain Moving Ape. In an instant, the blood mist turned into a flame, enveloping the entire Mountain Moving Ape.


The Mountain Moving Ape, burning in flames, let out a miserable cry.

But even so, the Mountain Moving Ape, covered in flames, still relentlessly pursued the Fire Pattern Python.And the Fire-Patterned Python, seizing the moment when the Mountain-Moving Ape loosened its grip, swiftly fled into the Bamboo Creek Valley, heading straight for the location of the Fire Spirit Ganoderma.

“Is it looking for the Fire Spirit Ganoderma?”

Xu Taiping communicated with Fairy Lingyue through spiritual telepathy, a hint of worry in his voice.

“Yes, it probably wants to use the Fire Spirit Ganoderma to quickly enhance its strength, so it can deal with that Mountain-Moving Ape.”

Fairy Lingyue affirmed Xu Taiping’s conjecture.

“If it finds the Fire Spirit Ganoderma gone, won’t it go berserk?”

Xu Taiping, while keeping an eye on the situation, muttered to himself.

“There’s that possibility. When that happens, remember not to make any noise.”

Fairy Lingyue reminded Xu Taiping once more.


Xu Taiping silently nodded and responded in his heart.


Just as Xu Taiping had anticipated, upon discovering that the Fire Spirit Ganoderma had been stolen, the Fire-Patterned Python flew into a rage, opening its mouth to let out an angry hiss.


And just at that moment, the Mountain-Moving Ape, its body ablaze, leaped up from its spot and, following the sound, hurled a punch towards the Fire-Patterned Python.

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