Vol.1 – Chapter 49 – Hulu fruit, take the fire Lingzhi from the bamboo creek valley

"Little Taiping, what's coming up next is very important. Listen carefully."


She then looked at Xu Taiping with a serious expression.




Xu Taiping put away the seeds and also became serious.


"After the Earth-Hiding Fruit burns the seed, it can produce three gourd fruits. Each one is nurtured by the essence of the land's spiritual energy. At the very least, each one will become a spiritual treasure. As for the treasures inside the three gourd fruits, it depends on the nutrients you provide for them."


Fairy Lingyue explained to Xu Taiping in great detail.


"Like the Moonwind Pearl we obtained before?"


Xu Taiping immediately thought of the Moonwind Pearl they took from the Tiger Demon.


"That's right."


Fairy Lingyue nodded and continued, "Because the Moonwind Pearl itself carries attack power, the Earth-Hiding Fruit, after absorbing it, will also produce a magical treasure with attack capabilities."


"Furthermore, if you use gold and silver treasures as nutrients, the gourd fruit of the Earth-Hiding Fruit will produce something similar to the Spirit Crystal, but much stronger. This is exactly what I need right now, so I've already reserved this gourd fruit for you."


"No problem."


Xu Taiping agreed without hesitation.


"Now there's only one gourd fruit left."


Fairy Lingyue smiled and then looked at Xu Taiping seriously again.


"According to what you said, if I use weapons or magical tools as nutrients, will it produce a weapon or a similar treasure?"


Xu Taiping asked.


"That's right."


Fairy Lingyue was pleased to see Xu Taiping understand and nodded.


"But you currently don't have any weapons suitable as nutrients for the Earth-Hiding Fruit. Using ordinary weapons as nutrients will only waste a gourd fruit."


She reminded Xu Taiping.


"I understand."


Xu Taiping nodded slightly.


"What I need most right now is a treasure that can help me speed up my cultivation. If I use the Fire Spirit Mushroom on the Tiger Demon's map as nutrients, will the Earth-Hiding Fruit produce a similar treasure to help speed up my cultivation?"


He asked Fairy Lingyue.


While weapons are important, what he needs most right now is to improve his cultivation speed. Because of the constraints of his Mortal Bones, his cultivation speed is even slower than some White Spirit Bones.


"You're right. Using a 300-year Fire Spirit Mushroom as nutrients is indeed a good choice to produce a treasure that can speed up your cultivation."


Fairy Lingyue first agreed with Xu Taiping's statement, then frowned and said, "But the problem is, you have to risk encountering the Fire Python to pick the Fire Spirit Mushroom."


"Fairy Lingyue, do you think it's worth it for me to take this risk for the Fire Spirit Mushroom?"


Xu Taiping immediately understood Fairy Lingyue's meaning and asked her to confirm.


"With a 300-year Fire Spirit Mushroom as nutrients, the treasure it produces will at least allow you to reach the Qi Refining stage before the Seventh Peak selection, which is what you call the 'Opening the Door' stage. It might even help you break through the Foundation Establishment stage."


Fairy Lingyue said.


The so-called Foundation Establishment stage is actually the Gazing Abyss Realm, but this is the terminology used in the cultivation world where Fairy Lingyue practices, a fact that Xu Taiping has long understood.


"If that's the case, I'm willing to take the risk and give it a try."


After seriously considering it, Xu Taiping answered.


Through the cultivation of the past half year, he has a good understanding of the speed of his cultivation with Mortal Bones. To reach the 'Opening the Door' stage or even break through the Gazing Abyss Realm, five years might be considered short.


But the Seventh Peak selection only happens once every three years. If his cultivation does not make significant progress, he might not be able to pass, and then he will have to wait another three or even six years.


"In that case, plant the seed of the Earth-Hiding Fruit after you obtain the Fire Spirit Mushroom."


Seeing Xu Taiping's resolute attitude, Fairy Lingyue did not oppose it further.


She actually admires Xu Taiping's willingness to take risks to seek opportunities. In the cultivation world, most opportunities are obtained by cultivators themselves, with only a very few relying on luck and rewards from their family.



December, the first day, suitable for outings and hunting, but avoid disputes.


The entrance to the Bamboo Creek Valley in the West Ridge Mountains.




In a thicket, Xu Taiping drank the last sip of water from his water pouch and then looked into the valley again.


In the Bamboo Creek Valley, the grass was lush, exotic flowers bloomed, and a faint fragrance wafted in the wind from time to time.


But the most eye-catching thing in the valley was the Fire Pattern Python lurking by the stream.


This giant python had red scales like fire, and its body was as thick as a water bucket. With every breath, it could disturb the airflow in the valley, causing the surrounding trees to sway.


In addition, the Fire Spirit Mushroom protected by the Fire Pattern Python was also particularly eye-catching.


"Taiping, how many days has it been?"


Fairy Lingyue's voice suddenly sounded in Xu Taiping's mind.


She was attached to the Earth-Hiding Fruit, so as long as Xu Taiping carried the Earth-Hiding Fruit with him, she could communicate with him through their spiritual connection.


"The fifth day."


Xu Taiping whispered.


"The fifth day, huh? The Fire Pattern Python should be ready to eat soon. When the time comes, you can take the opportunity to get the Fire Spirit Mushroom."


Fairy Lingyue whispered.




Xu Taiping nodded inwardly.


Before coming here, he had already learned that unlike human cultivators, demonic beasts cannot sustain their bodies without eating. This is also the weakness of most demonic beasts.




Just then, there was a rustling sound from the bamboo creek valley ahead.


Xu Taiping activated his True Qi to enhance his vision and saw that the Fire Pattern Python, which had been lying motionless on the ground, suddenly raised its head. It looked around vigilantly and then slowly began to crawl along the ground.


"It's leaving the valley."


Fairy Lingyue reminded Xu Taiping with great joy.


"Yes, I see it too."


Xu Taiping nodded in his heart and pulled up the hood of his cloak, tightened the cloth covering his face, and prepared to take action.The outfit he was wearing now was entirely pieced together from the treasures of the Tiger Demon, among which the cloak had a simple effect of concealing one's figure. This time, it could come in handy.


"Don't worry, with my help to conceal your form, you won't have to fear it detecting your presence. Wait until it has completely left the valley before you make your move; it won't be too late then."


The voice of the Fairy Lingyue sounded once again.


The reason Fairy Lingyue agreed to Xu Taiping's risky plan this time was that, thanks to her recent retreat, she could now use her divine soul to help Xu Taiping conceal his aura. Otherwise, how could they have lurked for five days in the territory of a beast like the Fire-Patterned Python?


"Mm, I understand."


Xu Taiping naturally wasn't in such a rush. He had been lying in the same spot for five days and was a bit worried that his body might become sluggish, so he moved his legs a little to warm up.


"Rustle rustle rustle…"


Just then, the Fire-Patterned Python finally stopped being vigilant and looking around. Instead, it swiftly slithered out of the valley and disappeared from sight in the blink of an eye.


"You can make your move now. The Fire-Patterned Python's hunting time is very short."


The voice of Fairy Lingyue echoed in Xu Taiping's mind once again.

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