Vol.1 – Chapter 51 – The python is killed, and the mountain ape is dying


The fire-patterned python was hit by the ape’s punch and its body was violently thrown back, crashing heavily into the cliff behind.


But when the ape stepped on the tail of the fire-patterned python again, a burst of blood mist suddenly exploded from the python’s body, followed by the mist turning into a swirling flame.


The fire-patterned python, wrapped in flames, suddenly entangled the ape, and the tremendous force caused the ape’s bones to crack and break.

In addition to the python’s entanglement, the ape also had to endure the scorching of the demon fire. Even though its skin was rough and thick, it couldn’t withstand the double-strength attack of the fire-patterned python. Some of its vulnerable parts were either charred or cracked, and it couldn’t hold on for much longer.


As if knowing that it wouldn’t survive much longer, the ape suddenly hugged the fire-patterned python and then bit its neck with sharp teeth.

The injured fire-patterned python let out a miserable cry and then began to struggle with the ape on the ground.

For a moment, the Bamboo Creek Valley trembled, rocks and sand flew, and trees fell.

Seeing the battle between the two demon beasts, Xu Taiping was deeply shocked.

However, he soon realized that danger was approaching.

Because he noticed that the fire-patterned python seemed to want to drag the ape into the water pool.

“Although it has gone mad, it still has some intelligence, knowing that it would have an advantage in the water. But in that case, Taiping, you have to find a way to escape from this water pool,” Fairy Buyu reminded Xu Taiping.

“I have an idea,” Xu Taiping said seriously after thinking for a moment.

“What idea?” Fairy Buyu asked curiously.

So Xu Taiping told Fairy Buyu about his idea.

“Well… since we can’t stay in this water pool, and the fire-patterned python’s strength has been greatly reduced, it’s worth a try. But if it doesn’t work, you have to escape into the mountains without hesitation,” Fairy Buyu said after hearing Xu Taiping’s idea.

“Okay,” Xu Taiping nodded vigorously, placed a bottle of elixir he obtained from the Tiger Demon in his hand, and then stared without blinking at the struggle between the fire-patterned python and the ape on the water’s surface.


Not long after, Xu Taiping saw the fire-patterned python dive into the water, still tightly entwined with the ape, trying to drag it into the water.

“Sister Lingyue,” seeing that the ape was about to fall into the water, Xu Taiping suddenly called out to Fairy Buyu in his heart.

“Alright,” Fairy Buyu immediately understood, and removed the concealment of Xu Taiping’s aura, including the Fire Spirit Ganoderma.

Almost at the moment when Xu Taiping’s aura concealment was removed, the fire-patterned python, which had been in a state of madness, suddenly became clear-headed and locked onto Xu Taiping in the water.

So it let out a low growl and no longer entangled the ape, rushing towards Xu Taiping.

“Splish splash!”

Prepared to escape, Xu Taiping suddenly leaped up, and then with a “bang,” he jumped out of the water and quickly stuffed the elixir into his mouth.

Almost at the same time, the head of the fire-patterned python emerged from the water, opening its mouth to bite Xu Taiping.

Facing the python’s attack, Xu Taiping didn’t dodge, but instead activated the Frost Breath Technique, spitting out a mouthful of ice mist at the python.

After practicing for some time, Xu Taiping was able to produce a stream of ice mist even without the assistance of Gathering Qi Elixir, relying on a regular Return Yuan Elixir. Although the power was not as strong as when using the Gathering Qi Elixir, it was a different story if it was in this water pool.


“Crack crack…”

Xu Taiping’s ice mist did not freeze the fire-patterned python like it did the Tiger Demon, but it froze the lower half of the python along with the entire water pool, rendering it immobile.

“With water as an aid, the power of the Frost Breath Technique has increased by at least thirty percent,” the ethereal Fairy Buyu nodded in satisfaction.

Hanging onto a rock on the cliff, Xu Taiping was also delighted, as the effect in front of him far exceeded his expectations.


Xu Taiping was about to jump down from the cliff and leave the valley, but unexpectedly, the ape, which was on the verge of death by the water’s edge, suddenly roared and leaped up, using all its strength to slap the head of the fire-patterned python.

The fire-patterned python, unable to move, could only watch as the ape’s giant palm heavily struck its head.


The python’s head was smashed by the ape’s palm, and a mist of blood filled the air.


Having exerted all its strength to strike this palm, the ape’s body crashed heavily onto the ice, unable to stand up again.

Xu Taiping watched the scene in front of him in silence for a long time.

He had trapped the fire-patterned python with the Frost Breath Technique not to help the ape, but only for self-preservation. He didn’t expect that in the end, he would still help the ape.

“Taiping, don’t think that the cultivators in the cultivation world are any different from the demon beasts in the mountains. Most of them are just like these demon beasts, willing to attack their companions, even their brothers and sisters, for survival and cultivation progress,” Fairy Buyu timely reminded Xu Taiping.”Mm, I understand.”

Xu Taiping nodded firmly.

“My grandfather also said, ‘One should not harbor the intent to harm others, but one must always guard against the ill will of others.’”

He continued to mutter to himself.

“Let’s go. Now that we have the Fire Spirit Ganoderma, we can plant the Earth Fruit.”

Fairy Lingyue nodded.

“You… you…”

Just as Xu Taiping was about to use Shadow Wind Step to leave the Bamboo Creek Valley, the Mountain-moving Ape that was lying on the ice surface, barely clinging to life, suddenly struggled to lift its head and looked at Xu Taiping, uttering very stiff human speech.

“This Mountain-moving Ape can speak human language?”

Xu Taiping was somewhat surprised.

“In the western forests… my… my child… is there… I wish… to see my child one more time… I can give you… give you an item… an item…”

Although the Mountain-moving Ape’s tone was awkward, its eyes and expression were filled with a pleading look. It was just too weak, and its head drooped down again, powerless, before it could finish speaking.

“Fairy Lingyue.”

Xu Taiping turned his head to look at Fairy Lingyue’s spirit form, seeking her opinion.

“Go and have a look. The Fire-patterned Python is dead, and there are no other powerful beasts nearby.”

Fairy Lingyue smiled.

Although she had always emphasized the cruelty of the cultivation world to Xu Taiping, she would not stop him from showing this level of kindness.

“If one doesn’t even have this bit of compassion, they might as well fall into the demonic path.”

Watching Xu Taiping sprint towards the western forests, Fairy Lingyue murmured to herself.

A moment later.

Xu Taiping reappeared in the Bamboo Creek Valley.

And in his arms, he was holding a docile little Snow Monkey.

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