Vol.1 – Chapter 44 – Bang bang bang, the boy who fell from the sky

The reason why the Tiger Demon did not use the Shuofeng Pearl at the first time was not to underestimate the two, but to confirm if they had any follow-up moves.




Zi Jin slashed the wind wall with her sword, but even with the use of True Qi, the sword was still bounced back by the wind wall, making her hands numb.


"It's useless. The wind barrier formed by my Shuofeng Pearl is difficult to break even with the full force of a cultivator in the Gazing Abyss Realm. No one can come to save you."


The Tiger Demon sneered at Zi Jin.


At this point, it had already regarded the two as a meal.


"I'm sorry, Buyu, it's all my fault."


Zi Jin, full of guilt, raised the long sword in her hand, as if preparing to fight the Tiger Demon to the death.


Lin Buyu, whose face had always been calm, now showed a hint of panic.


In the face of life and death, no one could remain unchanged.




At this moment, the Tiger Demon lost patience and, after a roar, pounced towards the two.






In this small wind wall, the two could not retreat, so they could only face the enemy head-on, with one raising the sword and the other striking the palm at the Tiger Demon.




But facing the full force of the Tiger Demon, the two were only able to exchange a few rounds before being knocked back together.


The Tiger Demon had a double advantage in cultivation and physique over the two, so there was no chance of winning in a direct confrontation.




At this moment, the Tiger Demon suddenly raised its head and sucked in a huge force, pulling Zi Jin and Lin Buyu towards it.




Although the two resisted with all their might, they couldn't withstand the force, and were suddenly sucked high into the air, about to be swallowed by the Tiger Demon.




But at that moment, a sudden sound of breaking through the air exploded in the maple forest.


Through the corner of her eye, Zi Jin saw a figure with a face covered and wearing ordinary leather armor, descending from the sky amidst the fluttering maple leaves, and smashing straight towards the head of the Tiger Demon.




With a look of astonishment, Lin Buyu saw a masked youth standing on the Tiger Demon's head, fiercely punching it.


"Bang, bang, bang!…"


The sound of the fists hitting the Tiger Demon's head was like a drumbeat on the battlefield, dense, urgent, and powerful, as if it would never stop, preventing the Tiger Demon from lifting its head.


"It seems to be the ultimate move of the Green Bull Fist, the Charging Bull Formation!"


As Zi Jin landed back on the ground, she looked at the youth sitting on the Tiger Demon's back, punching it one after another.


She recognized the youth's martial arts, but because of this, she was even more surprised.


Because in her impression, the Green Bull Fist was just an ordinary martial art, and an ordinary person could not display such power.


"Is it really the Green Bull Fist?"


Feeling the trembling ground around her and the image of a green bull formed by Xu Taiping's True Qi, she couldn't help but mutter to herself.




At this point, the youth's already cracked fist did not rise as quickly after another heavy blow.


"Not good, the Charging Bull Formation only has one hundred and eight punches!"


Zi Jin was shocked and shouted, "Young man, the Tiger Demon is about to counterattack!"


As she spoke, she also began to mobilize her True Qi, preparing to go forward to help.




Almost at the same time as Zi Jin's exclamation, the Tiger Demon roared and suddenly turned over, throwing the youth high into the air.




Just at that moment, Lin Buyu's figure appeared in front of the Tiger Demon, and with both palms out, she lightly shouted, "Palms like Thunder!"


Then, more than a dozen palm shadows filled with electric arcs were clapped out with her palms, heavily hitting the Tiger Demon's chest.




The Tiger Demon was pushed back a few steps by Lin Buyu's palm force, and its body was briefly paralyzed.


"Damn it!"


Enraged, the Tiger Demon roared, and a surge of demonic power erupted, creating a heavy wave of air that struck Lin Buyu, sending her flying.


"Young lady, thank you!"


At this moment, the voice of the youth suddenly sounded.


Although Lin Buyu's palm did not pose a substantial threat to the Tiger Demon, it bought the youth time to change tactics.




Then, the youth stepped on a branch, lightly tapped the short sword at his waist, and a sharp sword sound "clang" suddenly exploded.




The short sword stabbed directly at the Tiger Demon's head like a stream of light.


The Tiger Demon's intuition was extremely sensitive, and it stopped its movement, suddenly turning its head.


With a "swish," the sword light grazed the Tiger Demon's shoulder blade, leaving a deep cut and causing blood to flow. Together with the bloodied head, the Tiger Demon looked particularly miserable.




Before the Tiger Demon could turn around, the youth had leaped down from the tree again, and the move "Bull Horns Breaking the Mountain" once again heavily smashed the Tiger Demon's head, causing it to fall into a deep pit on the ground.




The angry Tiger Demon shook its body, shaking the youth off, and then turned to spit out a fierce cyclone at him.


If hit by this cyclone, the youth would be severely injured if not killed.




Fortunately, the youth had anticipated this attack, and gathered the remaining True Qi around his body, taking the hit head-on.


At the same time, he once again tapped the short sword at his waist, sending it stabbing towards the Tiger Demon's head.


"Is this enchanted sword your strongest move?"Facing the flying sword that once again soared towards it, the Tiger Demon sneered coldly and spat out the Shuo Feng Pearl from its mouth.




In the explosion of air, the Shuo Feng Pearl once again whipped up a gale, and then, like a magnet, it clung to the flying sword, rendering it immobile.


"You probably don't know yet, but my Shuo Feng Pearl also has the ability to subdue magical swords!" the Tiger Demon sneered viciously, and then once again spat out a whirlwind of True Qi towards the youth.


The youth reacted very swiftly, wrapping his feet in True Qi and leaping up, narrowly avoiding the Tiger Demon's strike.


However, the space within the wind barrier was extremely limited. He had just dodged one attack when the Tiger Demon had already pounced towards him.


This time, he had no room to dodge again.


Lin Buyu and Zi Jin, who were not far away, had already caught up, but both had been seriously injured earlier and could not make it in time.


"Blood food delivered to my doorstep, today I shall break through to the Demon King realm!" the Tiger Demon roared, and then bit towards the youth in front of it.


But just as it was about to swallow the youth whole, a peripheral glance caught a sudden spread of a chilling aura around the young man, who also made a breathing out motion.


The beast's instincts sensed the breath of death approaching.


But now, it was too late to try to escape.

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