Vol.1 – Chapter 43 – When danger arises, Zi Jin remains silent and Buyu falls into a desperate situation

"Third Senior Brother!"


On the side, Lin Buyu turned without hesitation and leaped towards the direction of Lu Chen, ready to strike the tiger demon with her sword.


Not knowing the true identity of Lu Chen, she naturally wouldn't leave her senior brother behind.




Under Lin Buyu's full force attack, the tiger demon had to retract its claws that were reaching towards Lu Chen.


"Senior Brother, let's go back to the sect and find…"


"Sister, you hold off the tiger demon for a while, I'll go find someone to help!"


Lin Buyu was about to pull Lu Chen to escape together and find help from the sect, but Lu Chen forcefully pushed her back halfway through her sentence.


"Senior Brother Lu?!"


Looking at Lu Chen, who had been pushed down and was now flying out with his spirit sword, Lin Buyu, who had been pushed to the ground, looked incredulous.




Before Lin Buyu could get up, the tiger demon had already caught up, and its claw was about to strike her.




In a critical moment, Lin Buyu threw out a golden bell talisman that she carried with her and activated it with her spiritual power.




Just as the tiger's claw was about to tear into Lin Buyu's body, a large bell-shaped light shield suddenly popped out from her body, enveloping her whole person. With a "clang," it took the full force of the tiger demon's attack.




Immediately, Lin Buyu quickly recited the body technique mantra and ran towards the exit of the mountain forest as fast as the wind.


"A mere golden bell talisman wants to stop me?"


The tiger demon laughed wildly and then took a deep breath. With a "roar," it suddenly spat towards Lin Buyu.


"Bang, bang, bang!"


Blade-like gusts of wind violently struck the golden bell shield, forcing Lin Buyu to stop and resist the impact of these gusts.


But in just the blink of an eye, she found that the light shield transformed by the golden bell talisman had begun to crack.


Lin Buyu was in a dilemma.


"Boom, boom, boom!…"


Just then, the rumbling sound of thunder suddenly exploded in the mountain forest.


Lin Buyu looked up and saw a talisman emitting a purple-golden light hovering above the tiger demon's head in the forest. The thunderous sound was coming from that talisman.


"Five Thunder Talisman?"


The tiger demon also noticed the talisman that was brewing the power of thunder. It was momentarily stunned, then leaped up in an attempt to dodge the impending thunderous power.




However, its reaction was still a beat too slow. Its tail, which was already heavily injured, was directly struck by a lightning bolt from the sky, turning it into charcoal. Its body then became numb and unable to move.


Even if it used all its demonic power, it couldn't get its body to move.




The tiger demon was both pained and furious, and it looked up at a figure on the tree branch in front of it and roared:


"Neither of you can escape. Today, you will both become my blood feast!"


It had already seen the person who had thrown the Five Thunder Talisman at it.


Yes, that person was none other than Lin Buyu, who had been on the tree without coming down.


"Let's go."


Lin Buyu leaped down from the tree branch, pulled up the fallen Lin Buyu, and then began to run frantically.


"Thank you, Junior Sister, for saving me."


Lin Buyu, who had survived the disaster, kept up with Lin Buyu's pace and thanked her.




But the two of them underestimated the strength of the tiger demon. They hadn't even escaped from the maple forest before they were intercepted by the tiger demon.


"Where do you think you're running to?"


The tiger demon looked at the two of them with a sinister smile.


"You evil creature, dare to harm a disciple of the Qingxuan Sect. Aren't you afraid of being surrounded and suppressed by my Qingxuan Sect?"


Lin Buyu raised her sword and blocked Lin Buyu behind her.


"At this point, do you think I still have a way out? Instead of waiting to be surrounded and suppressed, I might as well eat the two of you to increase my strength!"


Saying this, the tiger demon suddenly chuckled and said:


"Let me tell you the truth. I'm just one step away from breaking through to the level of a Demon King and becoming a true king-level demon beast!"


Upon hearing this, Lin Buyu's brows furrowed even tighter.


A king-level demon beast had a cultivation and power that was very close to that of a cultivator in the Gazing Abyss Realm. Coupled with its demonic body and the unique abilities of a king-level demon beast, even a cultivator in the Gazing Abyss Realm might not be able to handle it.


"Hmm, the scent on both of you is quite good, especially the young lady behind you."


The tiger demon suddenly sniffed hard and then looked greedily at Lin Buyu, who was being blocked by Lin Buyu.


"A disciple who can produce a Five Thunder Talisman must be highly valued by the sect and have the best aptitude. She might even have the rare Gold Spirit Bone. If I eat you, not only can I become a king, but I might also awaken a new bloodline power."


As it spoke, it slowly paced in front of the two, emitting a deep, rumbling roar from its throat, as if it could pounce on them at any moment.


"Junior Sister Buyu, I'll hold it off. You don't need to worry about me. Find a way to escape."


Lin Buyu secretly circulated her True Qi in her dantian and transmitted her voice to Lin Buyu's side.


A disciple like Lin Buyu, who possessed the Gold Spirit Bone, must have been given a means of escape by the sect, which was why Lin Buyu said this.


Lin Buyu remained silent.


She neither agreed nor opposed.




Just then, the tiger demon took another deep breath and then spat towards Lin Buyu and Lin Buyu.




Almost simultaneously, Lin Buyu drew her sword, gathering sword energy in her arm, and slashed at the tiger demon with a sword wrapped in a rushing sword energy.




With a loud bang, the tiger demon spewed out a gust of wind, but it was split open by Lin Buyu's sword.


"Boom!"But what Zi Jin had not anticipated was that, just as she cleaved through the gale with her sword, the Tiger Demon's severed tail, unbeknownst to gods and ghosts alike, swept towards her from the side.


Just when she began to despair, a somewhat gaunt figure appeared beside her, holding a golden Talisman Scroll in hand.


Who else could it be but Lin Buyu?




Accompanied by the sound of metallic resonance, the Talisman Scroll in Lin Buyu's hand suddenly transformed into a golden flying sword, which she thrust towards the sweeping tail.




With the sound of cutting through the air, the tail was severed, and the golden flying sword continued its trajectory towards the Tiger Demon's head.




But at that moment, a beautiful crystal bead appeared in front of the Tiger Demon, and the corners of its mouth curled up, revealing a smug, triumphant grin.




A massive collision sounded as the golden flying sword, formed from the Talisman Scroll, was shattered by the fierce winds bursting forth from the crystal bead.




Immediately after, before Zi Jin and Lin Buyu could react, they, along with the Tiger Demon, were engulfed by a circular barrier of raging wind.


From high above, the three of them appeared to be trapped within a circle composed of wind.


"Did you think I couldn't activate my Soughing Wind Bead one more time?" the Tiger Demon gloated, swallowing the crystal bead and then, with a face full of pride, advanced towards the two women.

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