Vol.1 – Chapter 45 – Tiger Lord, not as good as Xu Taiping


In a burst of explosive sound, a cold white breath was exhaled from the young man’s mouth, completely enveloping the huge body of the tiger demon.

In an instant, the once warm maple forest turned into a winter wonderland.

The entire space surrounding the tiger demon was frozen, and the demon itself stood there like a sculpture.

“To think that even the body of a demon beast can be frozen, what a powerful spell!”

Zi Jin, not far away, was dumbfounded.

But the young man did not stop there. He leaped into the air and once again landed on the back of the tiger demon. Drawing the long knife from his waist, he infused it with his true qi and slashed at the demon’s head.


The tiger demon’s neck was directly cut by the knife, and blood quickly seeped out.

Although the tiger demon’s eyes were full of pain, its body remained motionless, allowing the young man to continue hacking away with his knife.

It must be said that the demon’s body was as hard as iron, as the young man’s repeated strikes failed to completely sever its head.


Just as the young man was about to break the tiger demon’s neck, the demon suddenly spewed a jet of blood, followed by a blast of hot air and a mist of blood.

Having already sensed the abnormality, the young man leaped into the air and jumped off the tiger’s back.


As soon as he landed, the previously frozen tiger demon suddenly shook its body and spewed a fierce wind wrapped in blood mist from its mouth.

“Damn it, you will all die for forcing me to use up my lifeblood!”

The tiger demon roared.

However, it did not continue to attack the young man, but instead continued to curse angrily while running with its nearly broken neck.

“Kid, I know who you are. Just you wait, I will come back to seek revenge, and you will beg for death!”

With a roar, the tiger demon disappeared into the mountains.

It didn’t even have time to take the Shuofeng Pearl.

“Young hero, may I ask for your name?”

After picking up the Shuofeng Pearl from the ground, the young man was about to chase after the tiger demon, but he suddenly remembered Zi Jin’s figure behind him.

Hearing this voice, the young man seemed to recall something and stopped to look at Zi Jin.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. You…”

“Sister Zi Jin, I’ve brought people to rescue you!”

The young man was about to take something out of his sleeve, but was interrupted by the voice of Lu Chen coming from the nearby mountains.

“Be careful of your senior brother Lu Chen, he’s not a good person!”

The young man looked at the mountains behind Zi Jin, then at the direction where the tiger demon had fled. Finally, after saying these words, he turned and ran towards the escaping tiger demon.

“Be careful… Senior Brother Lu?”

Zi Jin stood there in a daze, not understanding why the young man suddenly said this to her, and at the same time feeling that she had heard the young man’s voice somewhere before.

On the other hand, Lin Buyu, after hearing the young man’s voice and seeing his beautiful eyes on the half of his face that was not covered, suddenly had a face appear in her mind – Xu Taiping.

Although it had been half a year, she had not forgotten the determined young man who had climbed the mountain with her and was still determined even after his spiritual bones were tested.

“It seems that he has also found his own fortuity.”

Watching the young man’s gradually disappearing figure, Lin Buyu’s cold face suddenly showed a hint of a smile.

“Sister Buyu, can you tell where this young man comes from?”

Zi Jin asked Lin Buyu anxiously.

“I don’t know.”

Lin Buyu said softly, regaining her indifferent expression.

“Sister Zi Jin, Sister Buyu, are you both okay?”

At this time, Lu Chen arrived with a group of people from the Liefeng Hall, bustling over to Zi Jin and Lin Buyu.

“We… are fine. A stranger suddenly appeared and saved us.”

Zi Jin took a few steps back, looking at Lu Chen with a hint of wariness in her eyes.

Obviously, the words that Xu Taiping said to her before leaving had an effect.

Of course, the main reason was that Lu Chen had just abandoned her to escape alone, which made her feel disgusted.

“Sister Buyu, what about you?”

Seeing Zi Jin keeping her distance, Lu Chen turned to look at Lin Buyu with a smile.

“You fled in the face of danger and abandoned your fellow disciple. I will report this truthfully to our senior brother and master.”

Lin Buyu glanced coldly at Lu Chen, showing no mercy.

With these words, Lu Chen’s eyes suddenly filled with killing intent, but when he thought of the fact that this young girl was highly regarded by the sect, he had to suppress his killing intent.


Just then, two figures flew into the maple forest like lightning.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be Fairy Ziyann and Senior Brother Mojun, who had been trapped by the tiger demon earlier.

“Senior Brother!”

“Sister Ziyann.”

Zi Jin and Lin Buyu both went up to greet them.

“Buyu, are you okay?”

Fairy Ziyann walked up to Lin Buyu, looking very nervous.

Lin Buyu was a rare Thunder Spirit Bone in a hundred years. If something happened to her, it would not only be a loss for the Sixth Peak, but for the entire Qingxuan Sect.

“I’m fine.”

Lin Buyu shook her head.

Fairy Ziyann breathed a sigh of relief.

“What about the tiger demon? The treasure that could summon the demon wind, the Shuofeng Pearl, is likely to be the legendary artifact. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been able to trap me and Sister Ziyann!”

Senior Brother Mojun was full of anger.

Upon hearing this, Zi Jin quickly recounted the incident of Xu Taiping descending from the sky, repelling the tiger demon, and saving them.

“We are truly grateful to that young hero.”

Fairy Ziyann held Lin Buyu’s hand with lingering fear.

“But we don’t know the origin of that young hero.”

Although Zi Jin did not tell everyone about the last words Xu Taiping said to her, she still felt uneasy about it.

“Perhaps he is a disciple from the Seventh Peak who went down the mountain for training. Let’s put this matter aside for now. The most urgent thing now is to find a way to kill that tiger demon.”

Mojun shook his head, then turned to look at Fairy Ziyann.”Senior Sister Ziyan, why don’t you join me in tracking down that Tiger Demon?”

“I can’t right now, I need to escort my junior sister back.”

Zi Yan shook her head.

Her current top priority was to ensure Lin Buyu’s safety.

“Senior Brother, as the saying goes, do not chase a desperate foe. Without absolute certainty, if the Tiger Demon were to suddenly go berserk and fight back desperately, we would simply be throwing our lives away.”

Lu Chen also tactfully expressed his opposition at this time.

He certainly didn’t want to take such a big risk to chase after a nearly berserk beast, especially since this area was the territory of the Outer Disciples, and they, as Inner Disciples, rarely entered.

“Fine, let’s report this matter to the sect first.”

Mo Jun ultimately chose to give up the pursuit.

Lin Buyu, who had been coldly observing from the side without a word, glanced at Mo Jun and Lu Chen, then recalled Xu Taiping’s figure who had dashed out without hesitation to chase after the Tiger Demon, and murmured softly to herself:

“None compare to that Xu Taiping.”

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