Vol.1 – Chapter 35 – Gathering Qi Pill, the cost of cultivating Mortal Bones

"Lingyue sister, all the medicinal materials have been put into the medicine furnace."


At this moment, Xu Taiping turned his head with a hint of excitement in his eyes and looked at Fairy Lingyue.


"Very well done. Now we just need to maintain the temperature of the furnace. After half an hour, the elixir will be ready."


Fairy Lingyue immediately withdrew her attention and smiled at Xu Taiping.


"I may not be able to accept you as a disciple, but having a clever little brother is not bad."


Looking at Xu Taiping, who was meticulously following her instructions to maintain the fire, Fairy Lingyue's lips curled up slightly, revealing a warm smile.



Half an hour later.




Xu Taiping tiptoed, and with both hands, he opened the lid of the furnace. The heat inside the furnace rose and turned into a white mist that spread out in the backyard.


"Lingyue sister, two elixirs have been formed!"


Under the moonlight, Xu Taiping was pleasantly surprised to find two vermilion elixirs lying quietly among several black medicinal residues.


"Two elixirs have actually been formed?"


Fairy Lingyue was equally surprised.


Although she rarely refined such low-grade elixirs, based on her experience and the quality of the medicinal materials Xu Taiping had bought, it was already good enough to form one elixir.


"It seems that this little guy really has the talent for alchemy. I can't teach him some of the sect's secret techniques for now, but there should be no problem with some elixir formulas. Besides, if I want to restore my cultivation, I will need the assistance of an alchemist."


She secretly made up her mind to train Xu Taiping in the direction of an alchemist in the future.


"Lingyue sister, what's wrong with you?"


Seeing Fairy Lingyue lost in thought, Xu Taiping immediately called out to her.


"Oh, I was thinking that you can keep the remaining Gathering Qi Elixir to deal with the Tiger Demon."


Fairy Lingyue looked down at the two Gathering Qi Elixirs in Xu Taiping's hand.


"The Gathering Qi Elixir can be used to deal with the Tiger Demon?"


Xu Taiping was somewhat surprised.


"The Gathering Qi Elixir can provide you with a huge amount of spiritual power in a short period of time. When it is transformed into True Qi, it is equivalent to having an extra elixir field, allowing you to perform some techniques beyond your current realm, such as…"


As she explained, Fairy Lingyue looked up at the moon and tried to remember, then looked back at Xu Taiping and said, "For example, it can be used in conjunction with your Crimson Sunset Technique to freeze an area of over ten meters in an instant, even though it requires the cultivation of the Grand Completion stage of the Opening Realm."


"Including the Tiger Demon?"


Xu Taiping asked excitedly.


"Although the Crimson Sunset Technique is not considered a secret technique, in your cultivation realm, as long as the opponent is not on guard, even if they are one realm higher than you, they will still be affected."


Fairy Lingyue nodded confidently.


"Lingyue sister, when I break through to the Opening Realm, please make sure to teach me the Crimson Sunset Technique!"


Xu Taiping's eyes sparkled as he requested from Fairy Lingyue.


"If you are willing to learn, I am willing to teach you. Don't forget, we are partners now."


Fairy Lingyue patted Xu Taiping's head and smiled lightly at him.


In her original cultivation realm, the Crimson Sunset Technique was considered a profound-level technique. It was mostly favored by wandering cultivators, and most sect disciples had better options. Not to mention the sect she was in, so there was no need to worry about exposing her identity.



A moment later.


Xu Taiping returned to his bedroom, ready to break through to the Opening Realm.


At this moment, Fairy Lingyue's remnant soul was also in the room.


"Little Taiping, relax a bit. With two Gathering Qi Elixirs in your hand, there is no way you can't break through to the Opening Realm."


Seeing Xu Taiping's tense expression, Fairy Lingyue smiled and gestured for him to relax.




Xu Taiping nodded heavily, then closed his eyes and took a deep breath.


"Lingyue sister, I'm ready."


Xu Taiping opened his eyes and looked at Fairy Lingyue.


"Then take the Gathering Qi Elixir to break through."


Fairy Lingyue nodded.


She saw that Xu Taiping's expression had visibly relaxed, and she felt relieved.




Without hesitation, Xu Taiping stuffed the Gathering Qi Elixir into his mouth and swallowed it directly.


The elixir melted in his mouth, and Xu Taiping didn't even have time to taste it. He only felt a faint and elegant fragrance spreading through his body and then coming out through his nostrils.




As Xu Taiping began to operate the Crimson Sunset Technique, the medicinal power of the Gathering Qi Elixir suddenly took effect. A surge of spiritual power, guided by the Crimson Sunset Technique, rapidly transformed into True Qi, rushing through his meridians and forcefully opening several acupoints that would have required a huge amount of effort to open.


"The first step in breaking through to the Opening Realm is to open all the acupoints in the body. The second step is to operate the Crimson Sunset Technique, guiding the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth into the body through the acupoints, ultimately gathering in the elixir field and turning it into a sea of Qi."


As Xu Taiping fully operated the Crimson Sunset Technique, he silently recited the essentials of breaking through to the Opening Realm that the Purple Yang True Immortal had taught him, how to turn the small elixir field into a sea of Qi like a fish pond.


If he couldn't do this, the greatest achievement of his life would be as a martial artist who only knew how to fight with fists and feet.




At this thought, Xu Taiping unhesitatingly mobilized the True Qi that had been guided by the acupoints throughout his body and began the first impact on the small elixir field. The protective True Qi of the Crimson Sunset Technique spread out from his body without warning.




But what followed was a piercing pain that felt like his scalp was being torn apart piece by piece. Even more excruciating than soaking in the marrow-cleansing soup that day.


Even with his strong will, he eventually succumbed to this pain. The huge True Qi that had been gathered was dispersed like smoke.


"Xu Taiping, this is the price of cultivating with mortal bones. If you can't bear this little pain, I think you should give up early!"


Fairy Lingyue deliberately provoked Xu Taiping.


How could she not know the pain Xu Taiping was facing at this moment?But she understood all too well how cruel the heavenly path was to those with Mortal Bones. Even if you set foot on the path of cultivation, any moment of slackness or fear in the future would result in a pain a hundred times greater than what you face today.


Therefore, in her view, even if Xu Taiping failed to break through, he must not bow down to this pain.


However, her worries were clearly unnecessary.


After his first failed attempt to break through, Xu Taiping immediately embarked on a second try.


Enduring the pain that had not yet fully dissipated, he continued to circulate True Qi from the various acupoints, calm and adept. To the Fairy Lingyue watching by his side, Xu Taiping at this moment did not at all resemble a teenager.

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