Vol.1 – Chapter 34 – Get the Dan furnace and prepare to refine the Qi-gathering pill

"Lingyue, can you help me take a look at this bronze furnace and tell me what it's used for?"


With that, Xu Taiping lifted the bronze furnace with curiosity and handed it to Fairy Lingyue.


"Little Taiping, you're really lucky."


Fairy Lingyue didn't give a direct answer, but smiled at Xu Taiping.


"Why do you say that, sister?"


Xu Taiping felt that Fairy Lingyue's words held a deeper meaning.


"This is a pill furnace used by cultivators to refine elixirs, and it just so happens that you can use it to refine the Gathering Qi Elixir for your breakthrough."


Fairy Lingyue explained to Xu Taiping.


"Refine the Gathering Qi Elixir? But I heard from Master Ziyang that to break through the Opening Realm, all I need to do is accumulate the true qi in my dantian after reaching the Frozen Period of the residual glow cultivation, and then break through the acupoints all over my body."


Xu Taiping was a little puzzled.


"Little Taiping, as a Mortal Bones cultivator, you naturally face more obstacles on the path of cultivation than other cultivators."


Fairy Lingyue sighed with some pity.


Upon hearing this, Xu Taiping was momentarily stunned, a hint of dissatisfaction flashed in his eyes, but his gaze quickly regained its determination as he said, "Fairy Lingyue, please teach me how to refine the Gathering Qi Elixir!"



Two months later.


Yunlu Mountain remained as picturesque as ever, with no change in its scenery.


Xu Taiping's life was much the same, practicing the residual glow cultivation at different times of the day, while also practicing boxing, archery, chopping wood, watering plants, hunting, and studying alchemy, making his days very fulfilling.


The only thing that left him somewhat regretful was that since that meal, Uncle Bai had not visited again, and the spirit bird that delivered items had been replaced by a very ill-tempered white-headed eagle.


In addition, the Nine-Leaf White Purple Perilla in the medicinal garden had ripened for another season, and he had finally gathered enough money to purchase the medicinal ingredients for the "Gathering Qi Elixir."


"After deducting the money spent on purchasing the medicinal ingredients and my expenses over the past two months, I still have a total of ninety-six merit coins left. Although it's still a long way off from being able to afford the True Fire Talisman, at least I don't have to worry about not having any merit coins to hand over to the sect."


That night, in the backyard of the Green Bamboo Residence, Xu Taiping felt a sense of accomplishment as he looked at the medicinal ingredients laid out in the bamboo basket beside him.


However, at this moment, Xu Taiping still faced the biggest crisis of all—


If he couldn't break through the Opening Realm in half a month, his name would be erased from the Spiritual Bones Stele, and he would face the danger of being expelled from the Qingxuan Sect, or even punished.


"The moon is at its zenith, it's time to call out Sister Lingyue to refine the Gathering Qi Elixir together."


Xu Taiping murmured to himself as he looked at the full moon above.


According to his agreement with Fairy Lingyue, the full moon two months later would be the time for them to refine the Gathering Qi Elixir together.


During these two months, he had secretly attempted to break through the realm using the method taught by Master Ziyang, but no matter how hard he tried, he ultimately failed.


So now, the only path left for Xu Taiping was to refine the Gathering Qi Elixir.


"Sister Lingyue, it's time."


Xu Taiping stood up and called out to the medicinal garden.




Not long after, a lazy voice came from the direction of the medicinal garden.


"Ah… I had such a comfortable sleep."


Shortly after, Fairy Lingyue, still showing signs of drowsiness, appeared in front of Xu Taiping, stretching and yawning.


"Sister Lingyue, did you not sleep well when you were outside the mountain?"


Xu Taiping was curious.


"The spiritual energy outside the mountain is poor, and for my residual soul, sleeping is a form of torture. It's different here, where the spiritual energy is abundant. Sleeping is not only harmless, but also beneficial, nourishing the soul."


Fairy Lingyue smiled.


Asked by Xu Taiping, her drowsiness visibly diminished.


"Have you gathered all the medicinal ingredients?"


Fairy Lingyue asked Xu Taiping.


Before going to sleep, she had already made an agreement with Xu Taiping for him to prepare all the materials needed for the Gathering Qi Elixir during this period.


"I have."


Xu Taiping nodded and pointed to the small bamboo basket beside him, where the medicinal ingredients had been neatly arranged into separate packages.


"They are just some ordinary medicinal ingredients, and the merit coins I saved up were just enough to buy them."


He added.


"The medicinal ingredients needed for the Gathering Qi Elixir, like the bone-cleansing and marrow-washing soup, are not considered precious. The important thing is the refining method." Fairy Lingyue looked at the medicinal ingredients on the ground, then looked up at Xu Taiping with a serious expression. "But after breaking through the realm, the medicinal ingredients and elixirs used to assist in cultivation are very expensive. Taiping, you need to be prepared for that."


"Got it!" Xu Taiping nodded vigorously. "No matter the cost, I will definitely gather all these medicinal ingredients."


"Then let's begin."


Fairy Lingyue nodded in satisfaction.


Xu Taiping took out the small bronze furnace from his bosom and placed it on the ground, then placed his other hand on it and began to infuse it with true qi and spiritual power.




With a loud bang, the bronze furnace, which was originally the size of a fist, suddenly grew to the same height as a stove.


Xu Taiping's reaction was very calm, as he had already witnessed this many times."The method of operating the alchemy furnace, I presume you, Taiping, have already grasped. Next, you can start adding charcoal into it."


Fairy Lingyue instructed Xu Taiping.


"This alchemy furnace is also a very common magical tool. If nothing unexpected happens, after refining a batch of pills, its spiritual power will dissipate, turning it into an ordinary furnace. Therefore, Taiping, you must listen carefully to my commands, control the furnace's temperature well, and also the timing of adding the medicinal herbs."


As Xu Taiping added charcoal to the furnace, Fairy Lingyue continued to admonish him, her expression revealing a rare seriousness.


"Fairy Lingyue, rest assured, in these two months, I have already practiced many times in advance, and I will not make any mistakes."


After finishing adding the charcoal, Xu Taiping stood up, his gaze towards Fairy Lingyue unwaveringly firm.


And the process of pill refining that followed was just as Xu Taiping had promised Fairy Lingyue; from beginning to end, not a single error occurred.


"How did this little fellow manage to practice the complex timing of adding herbs and controlling the temperature of the furnace fire so proficiently, to the point where he is not outdone by cultivators who have studied alchemy for several years? How much effort has he put into this?"


Watching Xu Taiping, who had his hand on the alchemy furnace, continuously controlling the temperature of the fire with his own True Qi, Fairy Lingyue's gaze grew increasingly fervent.


Because compared to cultivation, the art of alchemy was what she, Lingyue, was most skilled at. Now seeing such a young man with a talent for alchemy, how could she not be eager?


"Little Taiping, become my disciple."


Fairy Lingyue almost blurted out the words, but as they reached her lips, she held them back.


"With my current situation, I cannot be a competent master. Moreover, if others were to perceive the lineage of the cultivation technique he practices and know that he is my disciple, it would likely bring him countless life-threatening disasters in the future. Let it be, let it be…"


Fairy Lingyue's expression dimmed.

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