Vol.1 – Chapter 36 – The demon descends, a spell of silent annihilation fire

But some things are not something you can endure pain, and can be achieved by spending many times more effort than ordinary people. The ones that the heavens are willing to favor are still those with extraordinary talents.


Just like Xu Taiping at this moment.


He tried six times in a row, but even under the pain, he still couldn't break through.


Even the fairy Lingyue couldn't help but have some doubts at this time—can Mortal Bones really cultivate in this cultivation world?


In her original cultivation world, Mortal Bones could indeed cultivate with the help of elixirs, but in this cultivation continent, not only is the spiritual energy scarce, but the laws of the heavens are far stronger than in her original cultivation world.


"It's going to rain…"


Looking at Xu Taiping, whose whole body was already soaked in sweat, and then looking at the lightning flashing outside the window, Lingyue's expression became very serious.


At this moment, she even regretted a bit, regretting that she had given Xu Taiping hope in the first place, regretting that she didn't meet this little guy in his prime.


On the other hand, Xu Taiping didn't think too much at this time.


This repeated failure did not make him feel discouraged, after all, he had been through this from childhood to adulthood.


When hungry, he found something to eat by himself, when he fell, he got up by himself, when he was sick, he climbed the mountain to gather herbs.


"The medicinal power of the Gathering Qi Elixir seems to have decreased a lot, come… come again…"


Feeling numb from the pain, Xu Taiping said to himself in his heart, and then without hesitation, he completely opened all the acupoints in his body again and fully operated the residual glow technique.




When he once again mobilized all his True Qi to impact the small dantian, the intense pain still made him unable to help but let out a painful groan.


And just as his consciousness began to become somewhat blurred, two voices, one after the other, suddenly exploded in his heart lake—


"The water of the fish pond may be clear, but it can only produce fish and turtles. Only the river and sea can nurture Flood Dragons. Therefore, the first realm of cultivation, also known as the Gateway to the Sea, is the first realm of cultivation, also known as the Gateway to the Sea. Are you all willing to be the fish and turtles in the pond, or do you want to be the Flood Dragon in the sea?"


"Taiping, fight for this world of Mortal Bones, fight for it!"


These two voices, like rolling spring thunder, kept exploding in Xu Taiping's heart lake, echoing the thunder outside the window.


"Grandpa, I… I… I refuse!"


Xu Taiping, who had been closing his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes, and then roared like a lion defending his territory, his face twisted like a lion.


Lingyue was startled by Xu Taiping at this moment.


She thought that Xu Taiping's True Qi had gone wrong at this time, but immediately her tense expression turned into surprise.


She saw that Xu Taiping, who was staring with wide eyes, was suddenly surrounded by the residual glow True Qi, which suddenly began to rotate violently, as if it were a huge vortex, crazily drawing in the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth into Xu Taiping's body.


Lingyue could sense that the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth within a few miles of the mountains and forests was being swallowed by Xu Taiping using the residual glow technique.


"To connect the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth with divine consciousness, this… this should… should be an ability that can only be possessed after comprehending the second level of the residual glow technique, right? But this little guy… this little guy doesn't even have the qualifications to practice the second level of the residual glow technique, how did he comprehend it?"


Lingyue was shocked.


She didn't know much about the residual glow technique, but most of the second level of internal cultivation techniques taught how to connect the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth with divine consciousness, just like what Xu Taiping was doing at this moment.


"No one taught him, but he can comprehend it on his own. Is he relying on… instinct? Instinct for cultivation? Then isn't he the legendary one with a clear understanding of the Dao?"


An astonishing idea popped into Lingyue's mind.


In her original cultivation world, there were countless geniuses with cultivation qualifications, but there were probably only a few examples of cultivators with a clear understanding of the Dao in thousands of years.


"To let a Mortal Bones have a clear understanding of the Dao, the old man of the heavens, how cruel, how sinister, how ridiculous!"


Lingyue couldn't help but curse in her heart.


A clear understanding of the Dao is a talent that is one in a million, and many of the Daoist sect's original methods can only be passed down by those with a clear understanding of the Dao.


But it is also the most likely to attract extraterritorial demons, especially when breaking through. Ordinary cultivators would at least attract extraterritorial demons after becoming high-level cultivators, but cultivators with a clear understanding of the Dao are very likely to attract extraterritorial demons when breaking through the first realm, and if they are not careful, they can attract the demons into their bodies, ultimately falling into an irreversible demonic path.


If possible, Lingyue would rather Xu Taiping have a dull talent for cultivation than have this clear understanding of the Dao.




At this moment, the residual glow True Qi swirling around Xu Taiping's body suddenly retracted into his body, and a ripple of pure spiritual power spread out from his body.


"Is he about to break through?"


Seeing this scene, Lingyue frowned.


If it had been a moment ago, she would have been overjoyed to see Xu Taiping about to break through, but after discovering that Xu Taiping was very likely to have a clear understanding of the Dao, she couldn't help but worry.




Suddenly, a ripple of spiritual power surged around Xu Taiping's body again.


Above his head, three different colored clusters of gas, leaden, gray, and white, gathered.


This is the sign that a cultivator is about to break through.


"There's no other way. If it's really an extraterritorial demon, I can only use the last Extinction Fire Curse that I borrowed from the Buddhist family. I'll just sleep for another few decades."


At this moment, Lingyue silently stood in front of Xu Taiping, and her beautiful slender hands quickly formed a strange hand seal, and her eyes revealed a daunting light as she looked straight at the thunderstorm outside the window, saying coldly:


"The person that I, Chu Lingyue, want to protect, even if the Demon Lord comes, don't think about touching him."


"Boom!"Just at this moment, the thunder outside the window and the sound of spiritual energy fluctuations within Xu Taiping's body rose in unison, followed by the entire world falling into a deathly silence at a speed visible to the naked eye, as the sounds of thunder, wind, and raindrops all disappeared simultaneously.


Xu Taiping's breakthrough to the Opening Realm naturally wouldn't cause such a phenomenon. The only existence that could bring about such an anomaly was an Outer Realm Demon.


Not to mention a small sect like the Qingxuan Sect, even the barriers of the first-rate sects on Chu Lingyue's original cultivation continent couldn't completely prevent the descent of Outer Realm Demons.


"It really came."


Chu Lingyue's lips curled up.


"Whoosh whoosh whoosh…"




A chilling gust of wind suddenly broke through the windows of the small courtyard, and a giant black hand slowly extended from outside.


The hand seemed as if it was formed from concentrated ink, and as it reached through the window, it also devoured the light emitted by the lamps inside bit by bit.


In front of the Outer Realm Demon, the barrier of the Green Bamboo Residence's Outer Disciples was nothing but a mere decoration.

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