Vol.1 – Chapter 33 – Magical Tool, please call me Sister Lingyue

In front of the Green Bamboo Residence.


"Uncle Nine is indeed a big shot. He can actually perform the legendary Sword Flight. I wonder if I can also roam the sky with a sword like Uncle Nine in my lifetime."


Watching Uncle Nine's immortal figure flying away with a sword, Xu Taiping couldn't help but mutter to himself.


"Little Taiping, why envy that old guy?"


Just then, a female voice sounded in Xu Taiping's ear.


Turning his head, he saw the somewhat transparent figure of Fairy Lingyue, who was already standing in the center of the courtyard.


"Taiping, it's time to break through the Opening Realm."


Fairy Lingyue looked at Xu Taiping with a determined smile.



That night.


"This is everything that has happened while you were asleep, Fairy."


Xu Taiping told Fairy Lingyue everything that had happened during this time, including how he designed to capture and kill the Evil Ghost.


"Also, these few things are what dropped from him after killing the Evil Ghost last time."


Then, Xu Taiping moved a small wooden box onto the table.


"I originally planned to test the little guy's adaptability with this Evil Ghost, to see if he would shrink inside the Green Bamboo Residence or seek help from the cultivators at the West Wind Pavilion. I didn't expect him to kill the Evil Ghost with his own strength…"


Fairy Lingyue looked at the small wooden box on the table, then recalled Xu Taiping's narration, and when she looked at Xu Taiping, her eyes were full of amazement.


"Fairy sister, did I… do something wrong?"


Seeing Fairy Lingyue silent, just staring at him without blinking, Xu Taiping looked puzzled.


"No." Fairy Lingyue shook her head with a smile, "You did very well, couldn't be better."


"Really, I… just got lucky, encountering the ghost of Qingmei and learning about the weakness of that Evil Ghost."


Xu Taiping scratched his head.


He felt a little embarrassed by the praise.


"However, Fairy sister, there is still a Tiger Demon behind that Evil Ghost, currently recovering from its injuries. When it's healed, it might come for revenge. Can you help me see if there's a good way to deal with that Tiger Demon?"


Xu Taiping suddenly remembered the Tiger Demon.


"Little Taiping, you don't need to worry. During this sleep, I have already stabilized the remnant soul. Although I can't personally take action, there are still many ways to deal with a Tiger Demon. The five-hundred-year-old tiger gall is most suitable for brewing medicine."


Fairy Lingyue smiled.


This smile made Xu Taiping shiver, suddenly feeling that this fairy sister next to him might be even scarier than the Evil Ghost and Tiger Demon.


"By the way, don't call me Fairy sister in the future, call me Sister Lingyue. We are already on the same boat, no need to be so formal."


Fairy Lingyue pouted at Xu Taiping.


"Okay, Sister Lingyue… Sister Lingyue."


Xu Taiping almost called her the wrong name again, and quickly corrected himself.


Fairy Lingyue nodded in satisfaction.


"Open the wooden box, and I'll see what the Evil Ghost hid in it."


She pointed to the wooden box on the table.


Xu Taiping nodded, then opened the wooden box.


"These three hundred Merit Coins should have been looted from the deceased cultivator. He didn't use this short sword when he fought me. As for this small bronze stove, I don't know what it's for."


He took out the short sword and the small bronze stove directly from the wooden box.


"This short sword… should be a magical tool. He didn't use it when he fought you because low-level ghost cultivators can't use magical tools, they will be backlashed by the magic power contained in the magical tool."


Fairy Lingyue carefully examined it and then explained to Xu Taiping.


"Sister Lingyue, what is a magical tool, and how does it differ from a magical treasure?"


Xu Taiping naturally didn't miss the opportunity to ask Fairy Lingyue for advice.


"Magical tools are mostly used by low-level cultivators, while magical treasures can only be refined and used by high-level cultivators. The general difference between the two is the difference in power. In terms of power, even a high-quality magical tool may not be comparable to a small magical treasure. Secondly, most magical tools are used to store the power of spells, and most have limited uses, some can only be used once, while magical treasures are used by cultivators to cast spells and mostly have no limit on the number of uses."


Fairy Lingyue explained in great detail.


Xu Taiping suddenly realized, and his doubts were reduced.


"You can try to infuse the short sword with a strand of True Qi."


Fairy Lingyue pointed to the short sword with her finger.




Xu Taiping nodded, immediately mobilized a strand of spiritual power from his dantian, and then used the Qi-guiding method he learned from the Green Bull Fist to infuse the short sword with the spiritual power.


"Clang!"Almost the moment spiritual power was infused into it, the short sword in Xu Taiping's hand suddenly emitted a sword cry, and with a "whoosh," it broke free from its sheath and began to whirl around the bedroom on its own.


"Could it actually be… a flying sword?"


Xu Taiping's face was filled with surprise.


"This kind of flying sword Magical Tool is only two or three times faster than ordinary arrows, how can it be considered a flying sword?"


Fairy Lingyue expressed her disdain with a pout.


"Fairy Lingyue, I've found that this sword seems to move according to my will!"


Xu Taiping's attention was now completely captivated by the flying sword Magical Tool, and his face revealed a rare hint of childlike wonder.


Seeing this, Fairy Lingyue felt an inexplicable pang of heartache, her heart brimming with tenderness as she thought:


"After all, he is just a boy of over ten years old, at an age where he would still be coquettishly clinging to his parents in an ordinary family."


With this thought, her gaze softened considerably, and she nodded gently, instructing Xu Taiping:


"That's how Magical Tools are. Once you infuse them with spiritual power, they can communicate with your intentions. You will naturally come to know how to use them, as well as the number of times they can be used."


Hearing this, Xu Taiping nodded vigorously and said:


"Fairy Lingyue is right, this flying sword Magical Tool can now only be used twice."


After saying this, he controlled the short sword that was whirling around the room, and with a "clang," it flew back into its sheath on its own.


"Moreover, Fairy Lingyue, I just discovered that just by letting it whirl around a few times, a lot of the residual True Qi in my dantian has already been consumed."


Xu Taiping put away the short sword and then excitedly informed Fairy Lingyue.


"Mm, the lower the grade of the Magical Tool, the greater the consumption of True Qi and spiritual power. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of Magical Tools, which is why high-level Cultivators often won't bother to refine Magical Tools."


Fairy Lingyue wanted to reach out and wipe the sweat beads on Xu Taiping's forehead, but her hand stopped mid-air when she realized she couldn't actually touch him.


"It's okay, Fairy Lingyue, I can wipe it myself."


Xu Taiping picked up a towel from nearby and vigorously wiped his face. Having obtained such a Magical Tool tonight, he was extremely happy.

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