Vol.1 – Chapter 32 – Magic lotus blooms, Ninth Uncle Baihong heads to the northern border

But this meal was a complete torture for Liu Gezhu and the other three.


The four of them were squeezed together, and from time to time, they would be trembling with fear because of a glance or a word from Uncle Jiu.


It was as if they were little lambs who had strayed into a pack of wolves.


"Taiping, thank you for your hospitality today. This meal is very satisfying for me and my friends."


Uncle Jiu patted Xu Taiping on the shoulder as he picked his teeth.


"Are you really satisfied?" Xu Taiping couldn't help but ask as he looked at Liu Gezhu and the others who were still squeezed together.




"We are very satisfied!"


"Taiping's cooking skills are truly amazing!"


"Yes, this roasted lamb, with its color, fragrance, and taste, is truly a rare delicacy!"


The four of them praised Xu Taiping's cooking skills, and their words and sincerity were touching.


"Satisfied…that's good." Xu Taiping smiled awkwardly and nodded.



At the gate of the courtyard.


"Taiping, we should be leaving now after bothering you today."


Bai Hong smiled and bid farewell to Xu Taiping.


"You're not a bother. If Uncle Bai has time, you can come by often."


Xu Taiping smiled.


"What about me?"


Uncle Jiu, who was picking his teeth, suddenly leaned over.


"If Uncle Jiu wants to come, it's best to come once every two or three months. After all, this is a place for cultivation, not a restaurant. Also, Uncle Jiu, your appetite is four or five times that of an ordinary person, so the cost of the meal will have to be increased…"


"Alright, alright, I don't care about your meal!" Uncle Jiu interrupted Xu Taiping, who was speaking earnestly.


After that, he glared at Liu Songshan and the others in front and said, "What are you looking at? Get lost! I don't want to see you guys again!"




The few of them quickly fled.


"Bai Hong, let's go. We still have things to do."


After driving away those people, Uncle Jiu saw that Xu Taiping and Bai Hong were so close, so he called Bai Hong over with a meaningful look on his face.


"Alright, Uncle Jiu." Bai Hong nodded at Uncle Jiu and then turned to Xu Taiping, saying, "Taiping, we're leaving. You can cultivate here in peace, and no one will disturb you again. If you have free time in a few months, I will come to see you again."


"Thank you, Uncle Bai, for bringing Uncle Jiu to visit my little courtyard."


Xu Taiping earnestly bowed to thank Bai Hong.


In his eyes, if it weren't for Bai Hong, someone like Uncle Jiu would never have come to his little courtyard for a meal.


So in his eyes, Uncle Jiu was just a guest, and Bai Hong was the one he should truly thank.


"Taiping, you probably…"


"Bai Hong!"


Bai Hong was about to explain, but he was interrupted by Uncle Jiu from behind.


"Don't dawdle anymore, we should leave."


Uncle Jiu glared at Bai Hong and then flew out on his flying sword, causing the air to split in two with the wave of energy from the flying sword.


"Uncle Jiu, wait for me."


Bai Hong spread his wings and chased after him.



"Why didn't Uncle Jiu tell Taiping the truth? He should be grateful to you."


After catching up with Uncle Jiu, Bai Hong asked him in confusion.


"Do I, Lu Jian, need a little guy to be grateful to me?"


Uncle Jiu sneered.


"Of course, you don't need it, Uncle Jiu."


Bai Hong naturally saw through Uncle Jiu's insincerity, but he didn't expose it.


"But if this kid didn't keep flattering and fawning over me today, I wouldn't have liked it. His behavior today is very much to my liking. He knows my identity, but he can still be humble and not arrogant. This temperament is far better than his peers, even among the inner disciples of the Seventh Peak."


Uncle Jiu praised.


Bai Hong had known Uncle Jiu for so many years, and it was the first time he had seen him praise a junior like this. There was a hint of surprise in his eyes.


"Could it be that Uncle Jiu has the intention of taking him as a disciple?"


Bai Hong asked tentatively.


"A demonic lotus has sprouted in the Tianchi of the Greedy Wolf Country in the Northern Territory. If it continues to grow unchecked, I'm afraid another demonic country will emerge in the Divine Continent. I want to cut it down before the demonic lotus appears. This will take at least two years. If this kid can successfully break through to the Opening Realm in these two years, even if his talent is only mediocre, I, Lu Jian, am willing to take him as my personal disciple and pass on my swordsmanship to him."


Uncle Jiu's expression became unusually serious.


Bai Hong was stunned. He didn't expect Uncle Jiu to really have the intention of taking a disciple, and he was willing to pass on his swordsmanship. It should be noted that the disciples of the Seventh Peak of the Qingxuan Sect have begged the Sect Master to learn his swordsmanship, but even if the Sect Master came to ask, Uncle Jiu still refused to teach.


"Xiao Bai, if I go to the Greedy Wolf Country, it will be a matter of life and death. If you are afraid, you can turn back now."Uncle Ji suddenly turned his head and glanced at Bai Hong beside him.


"Bai Hong fears nothing and is willing to follow Uncle Ji to sever the greedy wolf demon's root!"


Bai Hong's expression changed, and he spoke with an unwavering gaze.



At the same time.


In a forest dozens of miles away from Green Bamboo Residence.






The head of the West Wind Pavilion, Xu Youzhi, using both hands and feet, fiercely slapped Zuo Ju on the face and kicked Zhou Gu.


"You two idiots!"


He pointed at the two kneeling on the ground and cursed loudly.


"This time, your grand-uncle master is being magnanimous and not holding it against you two. If it were the old days, your souls would have scattered long ago!"


Liu Gezhu was also glaring at them fiercely.


"Liu Gezhu, Head Xu, we dare not do it again, we truly dare not!"


"Yes, how could we have known that the kid had a grand-uncle master to rely on!"


The two pleaded on their knees, crying for mercy.


"Liu Gezhu, are you sure the grand-uncle master really won't pursue this matter further?"


Xu Youzhi asked Liu Gezhu beside him with some concern.


The implication was that if the grand-uncle master would pursue the matter further, the two before them could not be spared.


"I paid close attention earlier, and it seems that Xu Taiping is not acquainted with the grand-uncle master. Instead, he seems quite close to that Bai Hong. I suspect it's Bai Hong using the grand-uncle master's authority to intimidate us," Liu Songshan pondered with a frown.


"So it was that scoundrel causing trouble!"


Upon hearing this, Xu Youzhi stamped his foot fiercely, crushing a rock to dust.


"Let's keep these two for now. The grand-uncle master wouldn't care about the life or death of an ordinary Outer Disciple; it was just a whim."


Liu Songshan finally decided.


"So we just let that Bai Hong off like this?"


Xu Youzhi asked again.


"I heard that Bai Hong will soon accompany the grand-uncle master on a trip to the Greedy Wolf Nation in the northern border. He won't return for three to five years, and he might even die there," Liu Songshan murmured.


"Bai Hong has always opposed our West Wind Pavilion by commanding the Spirit Birds of the western mountains. If he dies in the Greedy Wolf Nation, it would be a joyous occasion for both of us," Xu Youzhi said with a greedy look in his eyes.


"After Bai Hong leaves, it should be his wife, Ye Que, who takes over the command of the western mountain Spirit Birds. However, Ye Que's cultivation is far inferior to Bai Hong's. Perhaps we can find a way to bring her down. Then, the entire western mountains will be under the control of our West Wind Pavilion. Even if Bai Hong returns alive, it will be too late for him to do anything," Liu Songshan squinted his eyes and looked at Xu Youzhi with a sly expression.


"Brother Liu's words are excellent!"


Upon hearing this, Xu Youzhi's mouth also revealed a smile.

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