Vol.1 – Chapter 31 – Call Uncle Nine! Squeeze a little and you can always sit down

“Right, it just so happens to be the one surnamed Zuo from the Liefeng Hall who gave it to me,” Xu Taiping nodded.

For the sake of merit coins, he had no choice but to speak up about this matter, but he decided to keep the threat from those two to himself.

“Grandfather said, leave a way out for yourself, so you can meet again in the future,” Xu Taiping thought generously in his heart.

“This is an ordinary communication talisman, it can’t transmit sound…” Liu Songshan took the talisman and looked at it, then his face turned pale again, his head buzzing.

Having been the pavilion master of the West Wind Pavilion for so many years, how could he not know the tricks of his subordinates? These talisman scrolls that can only transmit messages and not sound are mostly used by subordinates to extort the outer disciples!

“What are you standing there for, pay up!” Uncle Nine’s cold eyes swept over Liu Songshan and Xu Youzhi.

“Yes…yes!” Liu Songshan didn’t waste any more words, took out a bag of merit coins and put it on the table, then glared fiercely at Xu Youzhi next to him.

At this moment, Xu Youzhi stood still, sweat beads the size of beans rolling down his forehead like raindrops, and he was in a state of shock.

“Don’t just stand there, this talisman happens to be given by Zuo Ju, and it can notify him,” Uncle Nine said coldly.

“Zuo Ju and Zhou Gu are both kind-hearted, afraid that I will encounter demons, so they specially gave me this communication talisman,” Xu Taiping decided to do good to the end, and took the opportunity to praise Zuo Ju and Zhou Gu.

But little did he know that the people present were all old foxes of a thousand years, and had already guessed the actions of Zuo Ju and Zhou Gu that day.

“Little brother Taiping, with your words, we should invite these two to have a meal together, hurry up, Liu Songshan, don’t dawdle, call these two over!” Uncle Nine urged impatiently.

“Alright, alright, I…I’ll go call them…” Liu Songshan went outside in tears and activated the communication talisman.

A little while later.

“Little guy, have you finally figured it out?”

“It took more than half a month to call us, must have suffered a lot, right? If I had known, why bother in the first place!”

Uncle Nine and Xu Taiping, as well as Xu Youzhi and Liu Songshan, who were sitting on the side, all heard the two voices outside the courtyard while eating grilled lamb wrapped in purple perilla leaves.

“Is…is it them?” Uncle Nine, with his mouth full of meat, pointed outside with his chopsticks.

“I’ll go open the door!”

Liu Songshan and Xu Youzhi, who were already sweating profusely, stood up at the same time and said in unison.

Can’t let those two guys outside speak again!

Outside the courtyard.

“Where is everyone? Open the door!”

“Hurry up and open the door!”

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Because no one opened the door for a long time, Zuo Ju and Zhou Gu’s tone suddenly became impatient, and Zhou Gu had even started kicking the door with his foot.

“Big brother Zuo, could this kid be playing us?” Zhou Gu looked at Zuo Ju with some vigilance.

“He dares!” Zuo Ju snorted, “This area is the territory of you and me, even if Pavilion Master Xu and Pavilion Master Liu see us, they have to give way.”


As soon as Zuo Ju said this, the courtyard door was forcefully pulled open.

“You little brat is still somewhat sensible…Pavilion Master Liu…Pavilion Master Xu?!” Zhou Gu’s words came to an abrupt halt.

Liu Songshan and Xu Youzhi were standing side by side, looking at Zhou Gu and Zuo Ju with a face full of anger, and the anger in their eyes was about to burst out.

“You…you two, how…how can you be here?” Zuo Ju, who had reacted from his daze, asked the two of them with a trembling voice.

“Why are you all dawdling at the door? Come in, the food is getting cold,” the impatient voice of Uncle Nine suddenly came from inside the house, without waiting for Liu Songshan and Xu Youzhi to answer.

“Coming, Uncle Nine!”

“We’re coming in!”

Liu Songshan and Xu Youzhi changed their faces at the same time, their faces went from winter to spring in an instant, and they turned to look inside with a smile on their faces.

However, when the two turned their heads back to look at Zuo Ju and Zhou Gu, their faces turned cold again.

“Get in here!” Liu Songshan first glared at the two, then scolded them in a short and urgent tone.

“Yes!” Zuo Ju and Zhou Gu were already in a state of panic.

No matter how stupid they were, they could see that in the courtyard at this moment, there was a presence that even Liu Songshan and Xu Youzhi had to please with a smile.

Inside the house.


As soon as they saw Uncle Nine, Zuo Ju and Zhou Gu’s legs went weak, stammering, sweating profusely, and standing at the door.

“Call him Uncle Nine!”

Xu Youzhi kicked Zuo Ju and Zhou Gu hard.

“Oh, Uncle Nine!”

“Greetings, Uncle Nine!”

The two were kicked awake by Pavilion Master Xu, and quickly stepped forward to pay their respects to Uncle Nine.

“Don’t just stand there, sit down and eat.”

Uncle Nine didn’t even look at the two, just pointed to where Liu Songshan and Xu Youzhi were sitting, indicating that the two should sit down.


Liu Songshan and Xu Youzhi were originally sitting close together, and now with Zuo Ju and Zhou Gu added, they could only sit close to each other.

“Uncle, how about we wait on the side?” Zuo Ju looked at Liu Songshan, who was sweating profusely on the side, and immediately suggested in a stammering voice.

“Oh, squeeze in, squeeze in, there’s enough room for you to sit,” Uncle Nine’s tone suddenly became impatient.

“Why are you talking nonsense? Sit down quickly, is there not enough room for you in such a big space?” Liu Songshan glared fiercely at Zuo Ju.”Yes, yes!”

Zuo Ju immediately became as docile as a lamb, sitting close to Liu Songshan without uttering a word, and within moments, his clothes were completely soaked with sweat.

“How exactly did these people manage to offend this Uncle Ji?”

“To scare Liu Gezhu to such an extent, Uncle Ji’s identity must be quite extraordinary, right? Could it be someone of the Black Dragon Elder’s level?”

Watching the four people huddled together across from him, Xu Taiping felt amused and a bit curious.

“Forget it, I shouldn’t meddle in the grudges of these important figures. I’m just a minor Outer Disciple cultivator; none of the people here are ones I can afford to offend.”

Unable to figure it out, Xu Taiping continued to focus on his meal.

It wasn’t until evening that the meal finally came to an end.

It must be said, Uncle Ji’s appetite was truly enormous. Midway through the meal, Xu Taiping had to order a few more dishes just to barely satisfy his hunger.

“Thank goodness I collected the money, otherwise this meal would have really been a loss.”

Looking at the messy table, Xu Taiping silently rejoiced in his heart.

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