Vol.1 – Chapter 30 – Is it crowded? Xu Taiping sits by the table and watches the show

"Is that so?"


Uncle Nine put down the bowl of soup in his hand and looked at Liu Songshan with a smile that was not a smile.


"I will send a message to him right away!"


Liu Songshan immediately stood up and took out a talisman scroll from his arms.


"Taiping, do you mind if I add another pair of chopsticks?"


Uncle Nine smiled as he looked at Xu Taiping.


"Do I have to pay for it?"


Xu Taiping hesitated for a moment and asked.


"Of course you have to pay!"


Uncle Nine replied firmly.


"Then it's no problem."


Xu Taiping nodded.


He didn't care what these big shots were up to. Today, he was just cooking, collecting money, and watching the show.


"Oh, it seems like we're out of chopsticks at home."


Xu Taiping suddenly remembered something.


"It's okay, let him bring his own!"


Uncle Nine waved his hand.


"But… but Uncle Nine, I… I've already used up the messaging talisman…"


Liu Songshan explained to Uncle Nine as soon as he heard.


"If it's used up, just use another one. Stop being so long-winded, it's not a big deal."


Uncle Nine looked at Liu Songshan with disdain.


"Yes, yes!"


Seeing Uncle Nine's change of expression, Liu Songshan didn't say another word and took out another messaging talisman from his arms, thinking to himself, "This little junior uncle is really something. With one messaging talisman, he could buy a thousand pairs of chopsticks and still have plenty left over!"


Xu Taiping had no comment on the actions of the others, he just sighed in his heart, "It's good to have money."



A moment later.


Another person joined the table in the courtyard of the Green Bamboo Residence.


He was a tall man with a square face. Because of his large size, sitting on Xu Taiping's small stool made him look like he was sitting on the ground.


"Or, shall we move to the yard to eat? It's too crowded here."


Seeing Xu Youzhi squatting there with sweat all over his head, Xu Taiping couldn't bear it and suggested to the others.




To Xu Taiping's surprise, the first one to raise his hand in opposition was not the eccentric Uncle Nine, but the sweaty and imposing leader of the Liefeng Hall, Xu Youzhi.


"Young man, there's no need to trouble yourself. I'm fine sitting here, I like it here!"


Xu Youzhi shook the pair of chopsticks he had brought from home and explained to Xu Taiping with a smile.




Xu Taiping frowned and thought to himself, "These people are probably all a bit crazy. I should keep my distance from them in the future."


"Hey, little guy, aren't you meddling in other people's business? My preference is priceless. If he likes it, we naturally can't take that away from him."


Uncle Nine chuckled and winked at Xu Taiping, then reached out and took the last piece of lamb rib from the bowl.


"By the way, Youzhi, which two brothers from the Liefeng Hall are in charge of the Green Bamboo Residence?"


Uncle Nine asked casually as he gnawed on the rib.






Xu Youzhi instinctively wanted to stand up, but was stared back into his seat by Uncle Nine's casual glance, then wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, "Uncle Nine, the two disciples in charge of the Green Bamboo Residence from the Liefeng Hall are named Zuoju and Zhougu. Both of them have reached the level of Grand Completion in the Opening Realm. Since they took over this area, there have been very few cases of monsters and spirits harming people."


These two are his subordinates, and their success or failure is tied to his own, so he naturally wouldn't spare any praise.


"Although it was just a chance encounter, the four of us being able to gather here today is all thanks to Taiping. Because the sect has regulations that prevent us from helping with cultivation matters, but when you from the Liefeng Hall come to patrol the area in the future, you must take good care of the Green Bamboo Residence."


Uncle Nine casually instructed Xu Youzhi.


Upon hearing this, Xu Youzhi and Liu Songshan exchanged a glance, both breathed a sigh of relief, thinking, "So, Little Junior Uncle brought us here to take care of the Green Bamboo Residence!"


"Uncle Nine, you can rest assured that in the future, we will have Zuoju and Zhougu carefully patrol the Green Bamboo Residence."


Xu Youzhi assured Uncle Nine.


"Uncle Nine, this is a small matter. You just need to have Baihong come and inform me, there's no need for you to personally host a banquet."


Liu Songshan also looked relieved.


However, Xu Taiping, who had been watching the show, became confused after hearing their conversation. He thought to himself, "Uncle Nine has no connection to me, why is he suddenly asking the leader of the Liefeng Hall and the master of the Green Bamboo Residence to take care of me, just because of this meal?"


It definitely couldn't be just because of this meal. As Xu Taiping thought this, he looked at Uncle Nine.


At this moment, Uncle Nine was gnawing on the lamb leg. When he saw Xu Taiping looking at him, he grinned and winked at Xu Taiping.


Xu Taiping frowned and thought, "This old man looks cunning, he definitely doesn't have such good intentions."


Then, he looked at Baihong on the side.


Baihong noticed Xu Taiping's gaze and immediately smiled at him.


"Sure enough, Baihong deliberately brought Uncle Nine to the Green Bamboo Residence, so that he could take this opportunity to take care of me."


Xu Taiping suddenly realized.


With this in mind, he nodded slightly at Baihong and gave him a grateful look.


Upon seeing this scene, Uncle Nine immediately furrowed his brow and thought, "This brat, I'm the one helping, why is he thanking someone else? No, I have to make it clearer to him, I can't let this kid only have good feelings towards Baihong!"


Then, he put down the lamb leg in his hand and looked at Liu Songshan and Xu Youzhi, who were trembling beside him, and said, "Since you two are here today, call Zuoju and Zhougu to join us for a meal, and make sure they bring their own chopsticks."


Liu Songshan and Zhougu looked at each other in bewilderment.


"Unc… Uncle Nine… I… I don't have any more messaging talismans on me."


Liu Songshan looked embarrassed."Uncle Jiu, I came in such a hurry, I didn't, didn't bring any."


Xu Youzhi echoed the sentiment.


These kinds of communication talismans capable of transmitting messages over a thousand miles were extremely expensive to make. That Liu Songshan had two on him was already quite generous.


"Little guy, do you have any?"


Uncle Jiu turned to look at Xu Taiping.


And sure enough, Xu Taiping did have one on him—it was the very one left to him by Zuo Ju last time.


However, to avoid unnecessary trouble, Xu Taiping decided not to hand over the communication talisman, and he also didn't want to get involved in the disputes of these people.


"I don't have…"


"I can pay double the price to buy it."


Just as Xu Taiping was about to refuse, Uncle Jiu abruptly interrupted him.


"I have one!"


Xu Taiping didn't hesitate to pull out the talisman scroll from his bosom.


"That's more like it!"


Uncle Jiu took the talisman scroll from Xu Taiping's hand with a beaming smile.


"Isn't this… isn't this our Lie Feng Hall's voice transmission talisman?"


Xu Youzhi immediately recognized the talisman scroll in Uncle Jiu's hand.

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