Chapter 9 – Little exercise is not dangerous

Not far from the lake shore, Qin E'nuo and Slovenly Zhang saw this scene and exchanged a glance, neither of them said anything.


Li Ziye, the Second Young Master of the Li Family, was truly astonishing.


At such a young age and with such cultivation, it was truly terrifying.


By the lake, Li Ziye silently picked up the sword on the ground. His stubborn nature never allowed him to suffer losses, and at this moment, he didn't retort.




In the distance, Li Youwei saw Li Qingzhi approaching and whispered, "Younger brother has been working hard, give him some time."


"Elder sister, when can you and adoptive father protect him?" Li Qingzhi's expression was indifferent as he said, "If he continues to be such a waste, the Li Residence will be defeated by him sooner or later."


"The Li Residence owes its current state to him, and now he is working hard to protect this family. Qingzhi, I hope you can give him more patience and time." Li Youwei sighed softly.


"He has indeed brought glory to the Li Residence, but he doesn't have the ability to defend it, which is his biggest mistake." Li Qingzhi's eyes glanced at the young man on the lake shore, his expression cold.


By the lake, Li Ziye picked up the sword and returned it to Qin E'nuo.


"Fairy, can I take half a day off? I will make up for the missed time when I come back." Li Ziye said.


"Go ahead."


Qin E'nuo didn't ask further and took the Frost Ancient Sword, nodding in agreement.


"Thank you, Fairy."


Li Ziye thanked her and walked towards the distance.


"Second Brother."


Li Ziye quickly approached the two, even though he had just been reprimanded, he still greeted them with a smile, "You're back."


Li Qingzhi looked at the young man in front of him and said calmly, "Have you finished practicing the sword?"


"Not yet. I promised the Third Prince earlier that I would give him an answer in these two days." Li Ziye replied.


"Your elder sister is going to the capital city, do you know about this?" Li Qingzhi asked.


"I know." Li Ziye nodded.


"The capital city is treacherous. This should have been your responsibility as the legitimate son, but because of your inaction, it can only be left to your elder sister. Do you understand?" Li Qingzhi said coldly.


"I understand, Second Brother." Li Ziye humbly accepted the criticism and replied.


"Your elder sister is going to the capital city, and I will secretly follow. Yuzhou City will be left to you." Li Qingzhi said calmly.


"Rest assured, Second Brother."


Li Ziye nodded vigorously, looking obedient and well-behaved. No one could have imagined that he was the unruly Young Master of the Li Family.


"Go, be careful dealing with the cunning Third Prince." Li Qingzhi's expression softened slightly as he gave his advice.


"Thank you for your concern, Second Brother. I will be careful."


Rarely being cared for by his older brother, Li Ziye happily responded and left.


"You, you are too harsh on your younger brother."


Seeing Li Ziye leave, Li Youwei said helplessly, "Actually, he respects you as his older brother. Every time you come back, he is happy for a long time."


"He is the only legitimate son of the Li Residence, so he should bear more responsibility than others. That is his fate." Li Qingzhi said calmly, "By the way, I will keep an eye out for a suitable sword for him. I heard that there are a few good ancient swords in the Eastern Sea and Southern Frontier. If I have the time, I will personally go and find them."


"You, always tough talk but soft-hearted." Li Youwei said softly.




Yuelai Inn, second-floor guest room.


Mu Yao finished fixing his hair and adjusting his clothes, then walked downstairs.


Li Ziye was already waiting in front of the inn.


"Your Highness, please!" Li Ziye politely said.


"Brother Li, please!" Mu Yao also said politely.


The two smiled at each other and walked side by side.


The customs of Yuzhou City were different from the capital city. The people here were simple and straightforward, but also relatively fierce.


The streets were bustling with people, and children were playing and joking from time to time, passing through the crowd.


"What do you think of my suggestion, Brother Li?" Mu Yao asked casually while looking at the customs of Yuzhou City.


"The Li Residence naturally accepts the Third Prince's kind offer. My elder sister will go to the capital city in a few days to discuss cooperation with the three families." Li Ziye replied.




Mu Yao looked surprised and said, "Is it your sworn sister who is going? Aren't you going together, Brother Li?"


"I don't interfere with the Li Residence's business. It is my elder sister and father who handle it. My father is old and can't travel far, so my elder sister will go on his behalf." Li Ziye smiled and replied.


"That's a pity."


Mu Yao looked regretful and said, "I thought I could have a friendly gathering with Brother Li in the capital city."


"If there is a chance, I will definitely visit the capital city and pay a visit to the Third Prince." Li Ziye said.


Mu Yao nodded, his lips curved slightly, and he didn't say anything more.


It was a pity that the legitimate son of the Li Family couldn't accompany them this time, but it was said that the relationship between the Li siblings was very good. As long as Li Youwei had trouble, this young man would not hesitate to go to the capital city.The two of them strolled for a long time, and Mu Yao looked at the young man beside him and asked, "By the way, when will Sister Ling set off?"


"It will be in a few days." Li Ziye replied.


"Alright, I have been away from the capital for some time, it's time to go back."


Mu Yao said, "I'll accompany Sister Ling back to the capital, so we can take care of each other on the way."


"That's great, then I'll trouble Third Royal Highness." Li Ziye smiled.


"You're welcome." Mu Yao replied.


After discussing the important matters, the two of them engaged in meaningless conversation, asking and answering questions, trying to extract useful information from each other.


Both of them were intelligent people, so even though their words were extremely insincere, they still appeared to be like old friends meeting, enjoying their conversation.


After noon, Li Ziye and the Third Prince parted ways and returned to their respective homes.


In the backyard of the Li Residence, Li Ziye walked over and sat down beside Old Zhang, wiping the sweat off his face, preparing to rest for a while.


"Why, tired after going out for a trip?" Slovenly Zhang asked.


"It's indeed tiring to talk to someone as scheming as the Third Prince." Li Ziye took a deep breath and said.


"You still have the nerve to say that others are scheming, I think you're the most scheming person in Yuzhou City." Slovenly Zhang smirked.


"Old Zhang, you have misunderstood me." Li Ziye said seriously, "I have always treated people with sincerity."


"Hmph." Slovenly Zhang sneered, "Even the dogs in Yuzhou City wouldn't believe that."


Li Ziye was about to retort, but suddenly, he felt a chill behind him, and an ancient sword flew towards him, firmly embedding itself in front of him.


"Finished practicing the sword?" A cold voice came from behind, although pleasant to the ears, it made people shiver.


"Almost." Li Ziye immediately stood up, drew out the sword in front of him, and continued practicing.


Slovenly Zhang took a sip of wine, his lips curved.


Qin E'nuo stood by the side, watching the young man not far away, her eyes flickering as if she was contemplating something.


"Sword Enthusiast, what do you think about finding him an opponent?" After a long time, Qin E'nuo asked.


"Do you want to kill him?" Slovenly Zhang asked in surprise, "He has only been learning the sword for a few days. Even if you use Genuine Qi and Potent Medicine to nourish his meridians and temper his body every day, his meridians are still unblocked, so he can't cultivate. Moreover, accidents can happen in a fight. Finding him an opponent now is like wishing for his death."


Qin E'nuo fell silent for a moment and said, "A jade needs to be polished to become a gem. If he continues to practice like this, even after ten years, he won't be able to catch up to Huo Lin'er. If he wants to progress faster, he can only do so through actual combat. I heard that there are many bandits in the mountains north of Yuzhou City. Let him go there in a few days."


Slovenly Zhang's mouth twitched when he heard this. This woman really wanted to play this kid to death.


Those bandits were all ruthless characters who lived by the blade, very fierce. With the kid's current strength, going there would be seeking death.


Li Ziye had no idea about the tragic fate he was about to face next, and he was still practicing his sword happily.


Meanwhile, the others in the residence were busy preparing for Li Youwei's departure to the capital.


In the following seven days, Li Ziye immersed himself in practicing the sword and taking medicinal baths, being tortured to the point of near death. There were several times when he could barely get up.


However, during this inhuman torture, Li Ziye's meridians and physical strength rapidly improved, surpassing ordinary people and approaching true warriors.


And after seven days, Li Youwei was finally ready to set off.


Li Baiwan personally went to see her off, accompanying her all the way to the outskirts of Yuzhou City.


But Li Ziye, who had the deepest feelings for Li Youwei, never showed up.




"Aren't you going to see off your elder sister?" In the backyard of the Li Residence, by the lake, Slovenly Zhang looked at the young man who was practicing his sword not far away and casually asked.


"No need, Second Brother is secretly protecting her. Sister Youwei will be safe." Li Ziye replied while practicing his sword.


Slovenly Zhang smiled. This kid had a more peculiar temper than him.


"Li Ziye."


At this moment, Qin E'nuo walked over and said, "Come with me."


"Where to?" Li Ziye stopped and asked, puzzled.


"I have prepared some training for you." Qin E'nuo replied.


"Is it dangerous?" Li Ziye instinctively asked.


"Just a small training, not dangerous." Qin E'nuo casually replied.


Of course, it was indeed not dangerous for her, but for this kid… who knew.


Upon hearing this, Li Ziye put away his sword and followed her happily.


Slovenly Zhang sat by the lake, watching the two figures walk away, a look of schadenfreude on his face.


He had never realized before that this Plum Blossom Sword Immortal, who seemed like an immortal, was such a cunning person.


Indeed, not all families share the same door.




In the north of Yuzhou City, in front of Qilian Mountain, a carriage rumbled forward.Qin E'nuo stepped down from the carriage, looking at the cliff in the distant mountains, and said, "On this cliff, there is a Blood Ginseng Medicine King. It will be very helpful for you to repair your meridians. If you can collect it, I am confident that I can help you unblock one of your meridians in a short time."




From behind, Li Ziye also got off the carriage, his eyes fixed on the cliff ahead, his face showing excitement. He was unable to cultivate because his eight meridians were blocked. If he could unblock one of them, although he would still not be as good as those geniuses, at least he could start trying to cultivate.




Qin E'nuo nodded, responding lightly.


"Alright, I'll go now."


After Li Ziye finished speaking, he immediately headed towards the mountain range ahead.


"Wait a moment."


Qin E'nuo handed over the sword in her hand, saying, "Take this."


"I'm just collecting herbs, I don't need a sword." Li Ziye said in surprise.


"Take it."


Qin E'nuo didn't explain, just said.


Li Ziye took the sword with a puzzled look, didn't think much, and turned to enter the mountain range.


Outside the Qilian Mountains, Qin E'nuo watched his back, her lips slightly curved. Then, with a step, she leapt into the forest, graceful as a fairy, heading deep into the mountains.


Half an hour later, deep in the Qilian Mountains, not far from the cliff, Qin E'nuo's figure arrived in front of a camp. She stood on a tree branch, pinched a falling leaf, and then threw it towards the camp.




Seeing the leaf flying over, a wooden pillar in the camp broke in response, and a corner of the camp collapsed with a loud noise.


"Who's there!"


Inside the camp, a man with a fierce face suddenly stood up, walked out of the camp, looked outside, and shouted, "What are you all standing around for, go check it out!"




Several bandits took the order and immediately went out to check.


On the tree branch, Qin E'nuo stepped on it, not hiding her tracks, and left under the gaze of all the bandits.


"Chase her!" The man shouted angrily.


In front of the nearby cliff, Li Ziye, who knew nothing about all this, finally climbed up with great difficulty.


"Blood Ginseng King."


Li Ziye looked around, according to the location pointed out by Qin E'nuo, searching for the trace of the Blood Ginseng King.


Where is it?


Just as Li Ziye was looking for the Blood Ginseng King, not far away, a shout of anger came.


"There's someone there!"


In the midst of the conversation, more than a dozen bandits rushed over like mad.


"Damn it!"


Seeing this, Li Ziye was immediately startled.


He was set up by Old Qin!


No wonder Old Qin specifically reminded him to bring the sword!


He's not a fool, if he still can't react to what's going on at this time, his head must have been kicked by a donkey!


Seeing the bandits rushing over like mad, Li Ziye came to his senses, didn't say a word, turned around and ran.


"Old Qin, asshole!"

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