Chapter 10 – Arrogant and forgetful, Li someone

Qilian Mountain, more than ten bandits holding knives are searching in the mountains, looking fierce and murderous.


Not far away, Li Ziye cautiously hides in the bushes behind a big rock, trembling like a bullied little beast.


Qin E'nuo, asshole!


Li Ziye is really angry. How can a master treat his disciple like this?


When a woman holds a grudge, she becomes unreasonable.


Li Ziye peeks out from behind the rock, looking at the positions of the bandits, constantly calculating how to escape.


It's getting dark, and when the sun sets, he will leave under the cover of night.


Ha, Qin E'nuo, you want to scheme against me, but you're still young.


Just as Li Ziye starts to feel proud, in the distance, a sword aura breaks through the air and directly hits the giant rock in front of Li Ziye with a loud bang.


The loud noise startles the nearby four or five bandits.


Li Ziye is stunned, then he realizes and angrily curses, "Qin E'nuo, fuck you, you immortal bitch!"


After cursing, Li Ziye immediately stands up and runs away.


"There, brothers, kill him!"


The five bandits see Li Ziye running away and chase after him with all their might.


In the distance, on a tree branch, a beautiful figure stands quietly, watching the young boy desperately fleeing in the mountains, with a slight smile on her lips.


The sun is about to set, and the light in the mountains becomes dim.


"Kid, prepare to die!"


One of the bandits catches up to Li Ziye and swings his iron knife down.


In a hurry, Li Ziye rolls his body to avoid the blade, looking quite embarrassed.


"Haha, useless!"


The bandit laughs and kicks him.


On the ground, Li Ziye quickly uses his sword to block, but he can't withstand the force of the bandit's foot and is kicked several meters away.


In the distance, Qin E'nuo sees this scene from a treetop and furrows her brows.


Has this kid forgotten everything she taught him?


Swords are not used like this.


It seems that letting him enter the mountains and fight against these bandits was the right decision. No matter how strong his body is or how many times he practices his sword, it's useless without experiencing life and death battles.


In the mountains, Li Ziye, who has no combat experience, is being tossed around by the bandits and can hardly fight back.


And not far away, several more bandits hear the commotion and are coming over.


"This guy, with his appearance and delicate skin, is obviously a young master from a wealthy family. Haha, instead of enjoying a comfortable life, he insists on seeking death. Let me fulfill your wish!"


The bandit in front of Li Ziye sees his miserable appearance and becomes even more arrogant. He walks forward with his iron knife in hand.


Ten steps away, Li Ziye looks at the bandit in front of him, his anger rising in his eyes. How can a young boy like him easily admit defeat?


This bandit is not a martial artist, just an ordinary person like him. If he can't defeat someone like this, what's the point of learning martial arts?


Ten steps, five steps, three steps, getting closer!


Li Ziye holds his breath and forces himself to calm down in the face of life and death.


At a distance of three steps, Li Ziye suddenly bursts out!


Drawing his sword, swinging his sword, all in the blink of an eye.




Under the remaining sunlight, the gleam of the sword is dazzling, like a startled swan, sealing the bandit's throat with one strike!


In the distance, Qin E'nuo sees this and her eyes light up.


Not bad!




In the mountains, the bandit covers his bleeding throat, opens his mouth to say something, but can't speak anymore, and falls straight down.


"Bad people always die from talking too much."


Li Ziye sits exhausted on the ground, looking at the fallen bandit in a pool of blood, weakly saying.


Is this what it feels like to kill someone? It's really uncomfortable.


"Old Ninth!"


At this moment, three bandits rush over from not far away, seeing this scene, their faces filled with rage.


Seeing three more people coming, Li Ziye forces himself to stand up, without saying a word, he turns around and runs.


He can't fight against three of them right now.




The three bandits immediately chase after him.


The sun sets, night falls, and the forest gradually becomes dark.


The bandits light torches and continue to search in the mountains. It seems that they won't stop until they find Li Ziye.


"They really don't give up."


Li Ziye looks at the flickering flames in the forest, a cold light flashing in his eyes.


Facing several bandits at once is indeed a bit difficult for him, but in such a dark night, with the enemy in the light and him in the dark, it's a good opportunity to take them down one by one.


Thinking of this, Li Ziye lowers his body, quietly approaches the bandit closest to him under the cover of night and bushes.




In the dark night, Li Ziye silently comes behind the bandit, covers his mouth with his hand, and then swiftly slashes his throat with his sword.




The bandit trembles and opens his mouth, but soon loses his breath.


After killing two people in a row, Li Ziye feels a bit nauseous, but he endures it and retreats back into the bushes.


In this era of survival of the fittest, he must adapt. If he doesn't kill, then today, he will be the one to die!


In the bushes, Li Ziye wipes away the blood on his hands, adjusts his breathing carefully, and stares at the flickering flames ahead. His gaze gradually becomes cold and fierce, like a beast, firmly fixed on his prey.


After experiencing life and death trials, Li Ziye's state of mind finally begins to change. Nervousness and fear gradually fade away, and the more dangerous the situation, the calmer he becomes.


In the distance, Qin E'nuo sees the transformation happening to Li Ziye and feels relieved. She shifts her gaze to the bandit camp in the distance.


Now, she can focus on her own tasks.The matter of the Blood Ginseng Medicine King, she did not lie. A few days ago, when she entered the mountain, that Blood Ginseng Medicine King did indeed grow on the cliff.


To be honest, she was also surprised when she saw the Medicine King for the first time.


The rarity of the Medicine King was beyond imagination, surpassing any potent medicine.


In order to temper Li Ziye, she did not pick it.


Unexpectedly, when she came again today, the Blood Ginseng on the cliff was nowhere to be found.


The only possibility was that the Blood Ginseng Medicine King had been discovered and picked by the bandits in this mountain, and hidden in their camp.


She hoped that this kid would be lucky enough that the Blood Ginseng had not been eaten.


Otherwise, it would not be as easy as she imagined to find another Medicine King.


With this in mind, Qin E'nuo lightly stepped on the ground and swiftly flew towards the bandit camp in the distance.


After about ten breaths, in the depths of the forest, in front of the camp, a graceful figure flew through the air like a startled swan, instantly arriving inside the camp.


Most of the bandits in the camp were already asleep, only a few were still patrolling.


Qin E'nuo avoided the patrolling bandits and began to search for the whereabouts of the Blood Ginseng.


Inside the camp, there were plenty of gold, silver, jade, and precious medicinal stones, piled up in boxes. Obviously, these bandits had not been sparing in their looting.


Qin E'nuo didn't even glance at the gold and silver, not because she wasn't interested, but because she didn't care.


No matter how much money these bandits had, could they compare to her useless disciple?


Ignoring the gold and silver, Qin E'nuo's gaze fell on several boxes containing medicinal herbs, and she began to search through them one by one.


Inside the boxes, there were plenty of medicinal herbs, such as Ginseng, Deer Antler, and Fo-Ti Root, all complete and abundant.


"Found it."


Finally, after searching for a while, Qin E'nuo opened an exquisite wooden box. When she saw the blood-colored ginseng inside, she couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.


That kid was lucky. The Blood Ginseng was still there, not ruined by these bandits.


"Who are you!"


Just at this moment, a furious voice sounded from inside the camp. On a tiger-skin chair not far away, a fierce-looking man opened his eyes, suddenly stood up, and grabbed a wine jar beside him, throwing it directly.


Ten zhang away, Qin E'nuo calmly put away the Blood Ginseng, dodging the wine jar.


"Woman, dare to come here and steal from me, I think you're tired of living!"


In the dim light, the fierce man couldn't see Qin E'nuo's appearance clearly. He stomped his foot forcefully and charged like a cannonball.




Qin E'nuo frowned, waved her hand, and instantly, an extremely powerful sword qi burst out, with a loud bang, sending the fierce man flying dozens of zhang away.




Dozens of zhang away, the fierce man fell to the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood, his face showing a shocked expression.


How is this possible!


"I'll spare you today, but someone will come to take your life in the future."


Qin E'nuo said calmly, then turned and walked away.


This bandit leader was a martial artist who had obtained a Divine Hidden Technique. He was neither strong nor weak, just suitable to be an opponent for that kid.


Her master had really put a lot of thought into this.


In the forest, Qin E'nuo walked under the moonlight. She walked for a long time but did not see Li Ziye, nor did she see any bandits.


Along the way, there was only blood, staining the forest red.


A strange light flashed in Qin E'nuo's eyes, and she walked towards the edge of the forest.


At the end of the forest, a thin figure of a young man sat there, covered in blood, gasping for breath.


"Where are the people?"


Qin E'nuo walked up and asked.


"They're all dead."


Li Ziye replied wearily.


Qin E'nuo narrowed her eyes, as expected.


She had underestimated him. This kid was more ruthless than she had imagined.


In front of the forest, Li Ziye took a deep breath and looked at the woman beside him, saying, "Fairy Master, you did it on purpose!"




Qin E'nuo didn't try to deny it at all.




Seeing the other party admit it so straightforwardly, Li Ziye didn't know what else to say.


"How does it feel to kill for the first time?" Qin E'nuo asked.


"Not good."


Li Ziye honestly replied, "It's a bit nauseating."


"You'll get used to it."


Qin E'nuo said lightly, then walked towards the carriage outside the forest.


"Let's go back."




Li Ziye nodded and followed.


"Fairy Master."


Under the moonlight, the carriage rumbled past, and Li Ziye's voice came from inside the carriage.


"What is it?" Qin E'nuo responded.


"If I had died at the hands of those bandits, would you have helped?" Li Ziye tentatively asked.


"I don't know."


Qin E'nuo calmly replied, "You can try."




Li Ziye was speechless. His life was more important, and he didn't dare to gamble.


Inside the carriage, the atmosphere became somewhat heavy. After a while, Qin E'nuo spoke again, saying, "From today onwards, in addition to practicing swordsmanship, you will also come to this mountain to eliminate bandits every day. I'll remind you, the leader of those bandits is a martial artist who has obtained a Divine Hidden Technique."


"A martial artist?"


Li Ziye was shocked, then quickly backed down, saying, "Fairy Master, I think my strength is not enough. Let the government handle the bandit situation."


"I have made up my mind about this matter, no need to say more."


After saying that, Qin E'nuo casually threw a wooden box.


Li Ziye opened the box with a puzzled expression, and when he saw the Blood Ginseng inside, his face showed ecstatic joy.


"Fairy Master, I love you! Hug!"


Li Ziye was so excited that he almost forgot his own surname, reaching out to hug the other party.


Qin E'nuo's eyes turned cold, and instantly, even the air in the carriage seemed to freeze.Li Ziye's body trembled slightly, but he quickly regained his composure. His face turned pale, and his arms stiffened.




The next moment, a powerful surge of Genuine Qi erupted from the carriage. The carriage shattered with a loud crash, and Li Ziye was sent flying, landing in a heap on the ground.


Under the moonlight, the carriage rumbled away into the distance.

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