Chapter 8 – Brothers live in harmony, Li Qingzhi

As the sun set, Qin E'nuo walked out of the pharmacy.


Half an hour later, Li Ziye was carried out of the pharmacy.


How to describe it?


The words "dead dog" might be the most appropriate.


The servants of the Li Family were so scared that they didn't dare to breathe. For so many years, it was the first time they had seen Young Master in such a miserable state.


Li Baiwan and Li Youwei rushed to Li Ziye's room as soon as they heard the news.


There was also the doctor from the residence.


"Young Master just fainted from the pain, there's no major problem."


After examining Li Ziye's meridians, the doctor from the residence spoke.


Upon hearing this, Li Baiwan breathed a sigh of relief.


"Younger Brother."


Li Youwei sat by the bed, looking at the unconscious Li Ziye with a distressed expression. She also felt a hint of anger towards Qin E'nuo.


This Qin E'nuo is really hateful. Couldn't she use a gentler method to clear Young Master's meridians?


Seeing that Li Ziye was fine, Li Baiwan and the doctor left the room, leaving only Li Youwei by the bedside, staying there until late at night.


"Sister Youwei."


In the quiet night, Li Ziye woke up, struggling to open his eyes and saw the woman by the bed. He called out softly.


"Younger Brother, you're awake."


Li Youwei's face showed a joyful expression as she cared, "Does it still hurt?"


"No, it doesn't hurt anymore."


Li Ziye pretended to be relaxed and replied, "Sister Youwei, it's late, you should go rest."


"No rush, I made your favorite lotus seed soup for you."


Li Youwei got up and brought a bowl of lotus seed soup from the table, then fed it to him little by little.


Li Ziye silently ate the lotus seed soup, feeling a slight sourness in his heart.


In this Li Residence, if there was anyone who treated him the best, it must be his Elder Sister.


Even his own father, Old Li, often fell short in comparison.


Moreover, for these years, Li Youwei had been managing most of the Li Family's business, which was quite exhausting.


On the other hand, he, as the legitimate son of the Li Residence, was either idling around or indulging in unrealistic dreams of becoming a Sword Immortal.


To be honest, he felt guilty towards his Sworn Sister.


"Younger Brother."


Li Ziye spoke, wanting to say something.


"Rest early, don't overthink."


Li Youwei seemed to understand what he was thinking and said softly, "As long as you're happy, Elder Sister will be happy."


After saying that, Li Youwei didn't stay any longer and left the room.


In the room, Li Ziye lay quietly on the bed, feeling a determination he had never felt before.


He knew that the Li Residence was now in a difficult situation, and the court had begun to target the Li Residence. With the current strength of the Li Residence, they were still unable to truly resist the court.


However, if the Li Residence could produce a Sword Immortal, the situation would be completely different.


Therefore, no matter how hard it was, he had to persevere.


The people he wanted to protect were all in this Li Residence. No matter what, he couldn't let the Li Residence decline.


A sleepless night passed, and the next day, Li Ziye got up from the bed as soon as the sky brightened.


During breakfast, Li Ziye couldn't even pick up the dishes with his hands, trembling. It was obvious that his shattered meridians had not fully recovered.


"Younger Brother, don't worry."


Li Youwei brought the food in front of him and comforted, "Hmm."


Li Ziye nodded, ate a few bites of food quickly, and then left.


"What's wrong with Ziye?" Li Baiwan asked in confusion.


"Younger Brother's thoughts are heavier than we imagined." Li Youwei sighed softly.


Not far from the lake, in front of Qin E'nuo's room, Li Ziye walked over, knocked on the door, and shouted, "Fairy Master."


With a creak, the door opened, and Qin E'nuo looked at the person in front of her and said calmly, "What's the matter?"


"I'm fine now, we can continue." Li Ziye grinned.


Qin E'nuo glanced at him and said calmly, "Your meridians haven't fully recovered yet. Are you sure your body can handle it?"


"Sure." Li Ziye nodded confidently.


"Then let's go!"


Qin E'nuo said calmly, then walked out of the room and headed towards the pharmacy.


Li Ziye followed without any hesitation.


Half an hour later.


Inside the pharmacy, the sound of agonizing screams resounded once again.


The pain of shattered meridians was unbearable for anyone.


But Li Ziye, with a heart as firm as a rock, persisted with all his might.


By the lakeside, Slovenly Zhang silently drank from a jar of wine. This time, he didn't take pleasure in others' misfortune.


Li Ziye, from the Li Family, really exceeded his expectations.


He thought that after experiencing such deep pain yesterday, the kid would retreat.


But he didn't expect Li Ziye to be so stubborn.


Half a day later, the door opened.


Qin E'nuo walked out, with a faint sweat on her forehead.


"Fairy Master."


Li Ziye's voice came from inside the pharmacy. Today, he didn't faint.


"What's the matter?"


Qin E'nuo stopped and asked calmly.


"Don't you want to teach me the sword?" Li Ziye said wearily.


"Can you still stand?" Qin E'nuo asked.


"I can!" Li Ziye replied.


Qin E'nuo nodded, without saying much, and continued walking forward.


Inside the pharmacy, after a full half hour, Li Ziye finally managed to walk out, his clothes neat after the medicinal bath, his long hair tied behind him, a distinguished and extraordinary Young Master.By the lake, Qin E'nuo was already waiting. When she saw Li Ziye approaching, she asked, "What is a sword?"


"The ruler of a hundred soldiers," Li Ziye replied.


Qin E'nuo frowned and said, "No, try again."


"A sword is the king among weapons," Li Ziye answered again.


"No, try again!"


Qin E'nuo's tone became noticeably stern.


Li Ziye fell silent for a while before slowly saying, "A sword is a killing machine!"




Qin E'nuo nodded, and in an instant, her aura changed. Sword energy shook the quiet lake, causing ripples to appear on its surface.


"A sword is a killing machine, so no matter how exquisite the moves are, they all have only one purpose in the end."


As she spoke, Qin E'nuo clenched her right hand, and suddenly, an ancient sword appeared in a nearby room.


Qin E'nuo held the sword and swung it. In an instant, sword energy filled the air as she forcefully slashed through the lake.


By the lake, Li Ziye watched this astonishing sword strike. Even though he had seen it before, he was still greatly shocked.


"The essence of a sword is speed, accuracy, and focus. And the essence of sword techniques lies in a single swing, slash, or stab."


Qin E'nuo calmly explained, "From today onwards, you only need to practice three moves: swing, slash, and stab. Repeat them a thousand times every day without missing a single one, until you can draw your sword without any unnecessary movements or errors, until it becomes instinctive."




Li Ziye clasped his fists, respectfully saluting and agreeing.


Seeing the young man perform such a formal salute for the first time, Qin E'nuo's expression softened slightly. She said, "If you can reach the level I mentioned, even if you can't open your meridians in the end, no one in the Great Shang Dynasty will be able to ignore your sword, except for a few martial arts masters."


Not far away, Slovenly Zhang quietly drank his wine without saying a word.


Qin E'nuo's words were indeed correct, but in the world, there were only a few who could train their swords to such a level.


Although this pancake was not small, it at least gave this kid some hope.


By the lake, Li Ziye's confidence was greatly strengthened after hearing Qin E'nuo's words.


"This sword is called Frost. You can borrow it for now."


Qin E'nuo handed the ancient sword to the young man in front of her and said seriously, "However, every sword cultivator will have their own sword, so you should find a sword that truly belongs to you as soon as possible."


Li Ziye accepted the Frost ancient sword and nodded gently, saying, "Thank you, Fairy."


Qin E'nuo nodded in response and didn't say anything more. She turned and walked away.


Li Ziye stood by the lake and began to practice move by move.


"You actually lent him your own sword. It seems that he is different in your eyes. I didn't expect you to approve of him so quickly." Not far away, Slovenly Zhang took a sip of his wine and said.


"From the moment he walked out of the pharmacy, he had the qualification to learn swordsmanship from me," Qin E'nuo said calmly.


"Do you really think he can embark on the path of martial arts?" Slovenly Zhang asked seriously.


"I don't know," Qin E'nuo said calmly, "But judging from his performance today, unless he really dies, he won't give up."


"It's a waste for a playboy like him to learn martial arts. He's just asking for trouble," Slovenly Zhang sneered lightly and didn't say anything more.


Qin E'nuo also didn't say anything. She looked at the young man in front of her, knowing that everyone had their own persistence. Perhaps he also had something he wanted to protect, which was why he was working so hard.


As the sun set, Li Ziye was still practicing tirelessly by the lake. His clothes and hair were soaked, sticking to his body.


The meridians in his arms still hadn't fully recovered, and every swing of the sword caused a deep pain that penetrated his bones.


Faintly, blood seeped out, staining his sleeves red.


"Younger brother."


In the distance, Li Youwei watched this scene, feeling sorry in her heart, but she understood her younger brother's personality and didn't go forward to stop him.


It wasn't until sunset and after a thousand repetitions that Li Ziye finally stumbled back to his room, collapsing onto the bed. Even his consciousness had become blurry.


As the sun set and night fell, Slovenly Zhang, who was about to return to his room by the lake, suddenly froze and looked towards the end of the night.


A master!


In the darkness, a young man dressed in a silver-gray robe walked over. His expression was cold and serious, and his icy aura sent shivers down one's spine.


"Second Young Master!"


The servants in the residence were stunned when they saw the newcomer, but quickly saluted.


Li Qingzhi ignored them and walked straight towards the study.


By the lake, Slovenly Zhang narrowed his eyes.


So this is the legendary Second Young Master of the Li Residence. He has such cultivation at such a young age.


In the study.


Li Qingzhi entered and respectfully saluted, "Adoptive father, Elder Sister."




Li Baiwan and Li Youwei's expressions softened when they saw him.


"I wonder why adoptive father called me back. Elder Sister will tell you," Li Qingzhi said calmly.


"Let's talk about it," Li Baiwan looked at Li Youwei beside him and said, "Youwei."




Li Youwei nodded and looked at the young man in front of her, saying, "Qingzhi, you already know about the Third Prince coming to Yuzhou City. Do you know why he came, apart from wanting to apprentice himself to Qin E'nuo?"


"I don't know," Li Qingzhi shook his head.


"Spying on the strength and weakness of our Li Residence, and under the name of the Royal Family, trying to interfere with the business of our Li Family."


Li Youwei said seriously, "The Zhangsun Family in the Capital City, the Merchant Alliance, and the Yin Family Money House, these are the choices the Third Prince has given us, and we have no choice but to choose."


Li Qingzhi was silent, and after a moment, he asked, "What do you want me to do, Elder Sister?"


"In a few days, I will go to the Capital City to discuss business cooperation with these three families. I want you to secretly send people to sabotage their relationships at that time. Can you do it?" Li Youwei said calmly.


Li Qingzhi thought for a moment and nodded, "I can."


"Qingzhi, this matter can only be done by sending people, you must not take action personally." Li Baiwan reminded from the side.


"Yes, Adoptive Father." Li Qingzhi respectfully replied.




Li Baiwan waved his hand.


"Qingzhi takes his leave."


Li Qingzhi bowed, then turned and left.


Li Baiwan got up and walked to the front of the study, looking at the latter's back, he sighed lightly, "Qingzhi's temperament is getting colder and colder. If something happens to me one day, only you, Youwei, can restrain him."


"Adoptive Father."


Li Youwei opened her mouth and said, "Although Qingzhi holds grudges in his heart, he is ultimately loyal to the Li Residence. Moreover, Qingzhi is not completely devoid of feelings for his younger brother."




Li Baiwan gave a bitter smile. He dared not say for others, but for Li Ziye, Qingzhi would definitely not show any good face.


Early the next morning, Li Ziye was practicing sword by the lake.


At this time, on the other side of the lake, Li Qingzhi, dressed in a silver-gray robe, walked over.


Seeing the approaching figure, Li Ziye was about to speak, but he felt a blur in front of his eyes and instinctively blocked with his sword.


In the blink of an eye, Li Qingzhi had already rushed over from a distance of ten feet, his right hand pointing forward, aiming at the hand that held the sword.


With a thud, Li Ziye only felt a numbness in his right hand, and the ancient sword in his hand fell out of his grip.


"Can't even hold your own sword, you're useless!"


Li Qingzhi said coldly, then turned and left.

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