Chapter 87 – Is Qing Qing a demon?

Capital City.

The dark clouds covered the sky.

It should have been a day of great joy, but the weather was not cooperating. The dark clouds obscured the sun, making the entire capital city appear very gloomy.

Outside the Li Family’s estate, Li Ziye looked at the dark clouds in the sky, a strange glint in his eyes.

It wouldn’t rain today, would it? He didn’t bring an umbrella.

Ahead, San Zang walked quietly, with a smile on his face, his pace quickening.

Li Ziye and Bai Wangyu hurried to catch up, afraid that this little monk would break free from their control.

A cultivator of the Third Realm, ordinary people couldn’t stop him.

At the same time, in front of the Southwest Prince’s mansion, the welcoming procession from the Grand Prince’s mansion arrived. A young maid was supporting Qing Qing, the princess of the Southwest, who was dressed in a bright red wedding gown and a red veil, as she walked into the bridal sedan chair.

Soon after, the procession set off for the Grand Prince’s mansion.

Not long after, Li Ziye and the others arrived at the Southwest Prince’s mansion and saw the Southwest Prince in front of the mansion. They immediately knew they were a step too late.

“Brother Li?”

In front of the mansion, Zhu Qingge saw the three of them and showed a hint of surprise on his face, saying, “What are you doing here?”

Li Ziye was about to speak, but San Zang spoke first, “Prince, the princess may be in danger!”


Zhu Qingge’s expression changed when he heard this, and he said urgently, “Little monk, why do you say that?”

Li Ziye and Bai Wangyu exchanged a glance, both showing surprise in their eyes.

“Amitabha, this monk met the princess at the southwestern border, and the princess once said she would rather die than marry the Grand Prince,” San Zang replied.


Zhu Qingge’s expression changed when he heard the little monk’s words, and he immediately shouted into the mansion, “Prepare the horses!”

“Prince, can you take the little monk with you to the Grand Prince’s mansion? Perhaps he can help,” San Zang said respectfully, bowing.


Zhu Qingge said in a deep voice, “Then I’ll trouble you, little master!”

“Prince, we’ll also go and help.”

Li Ziye saw the little monk about to break free from their control and hurriedly said.

“Brother Li, are you going too?”

Zhu Qingge’s expression changed, but he didn’t ask any more questions. Time was of the essence, so he nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go together!”

The four of them then mounted their horses and galloped towards the Grand Prince’s mansion.

The sky was rolling with dark clouds, and a storm was approaching. The entire capital city seemed unusually oppressive.

In front of the Grand Prince’s mansion, the welcoming procession came to a stop, and the auspicious time was about to arrive.

Princess Qing Qing got out of the bridal sedan chair and, supported by a maid, walked into the mansion in her red wedding gown.

Across from the mansion, a monk in green robes looked at Princess Qing Qing in her red wedding gown, his eyes narrowing slightly.

This demon was really well hidden. If he hadn’t seen the deceased Princess Qing Qing with his own eyes, perhaps he wouldn’t even be able to tell if this person was a demon.

However, today, everything would be revealed!

Inside the Grand Prince’s mansion, the guests were in high spirits. The guests invited by the Grand Prince were all nobles, and even several princes and martial kings had come.

“Has the Eleventh Brother not arrived yet?” Among the guests, the Fourth Prince, Mu Bai, looked at the front of the mansion and frowned.

“It’s better if he doesn’t come,” Mu Rong poured himself a cup of tea, took a sip, and said softly, “To avoid causing trouble again.”

“The Eleventh Brother shouldn’t be so impulsive,” Mu Bai said.

“That’s because the elder brother doesn’t understand Mu Qing. There’s nothing he wouldn’t dare to do,” Mu Rong said calmly.

Mu Bai frowned again when he heard this. Today was the Grand Prince’s day of great joy, and no matter what, he couldn’t let the Eleventh Brother cause trouble.

“The Emperor has arrived!”

Just then, a sharp voice rang out from outside the hall, immediately silencing all the noise.

Everyone’s gaze turned towards the outside.

Outside the main hall, under a fluttering canopy, the Emperor, dressed in a dragon robe, walked in.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Everyone stood up and respectfully saluted.

“At ease.”

The Emperor sat down in front of the main seat, a faint smile on his dignified face, saying, “Today is Yuan’er’s day of great joy. There’s no need for so much ceremony. Please, everyone, be seated.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Everyone thanked him and then sat back down in their seats.

“Your Majesty, the auspicious time has arrived.”

After the courtiers had taken their seats, a beautiful woman beside the Emperor spoke up, reminding him softly.

The woman was the birth mother of the Grand Prince, Noble Consort Rong.

The Emperor nodded and said calmly, “Let’s begin.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire mansion once again became lively, with the sound of gongs and drums echoing inside and outside the mansion.

Amidst the sound of gongs and drums, a couple in splendid attire walked into the main hall under the gaze of everyone.

Dressed in a court robe, Mu Yuan sat in a wheelchair, while Princess Qing Qing, in a bright red wedding gown, held one end of a red silk cloth in each of her hands, symbolizing unwavering loyalty for life.

The festive atmosphere had everyone smiling, and no one noticed that under the red veil, Princess Qing Qing’s eyes had gradually turned red, exuding a chilling aura.

“First bow to the heavens and earth.”

“Second bow to the parents.”

The Confucian scholar, Lu Siqing, with his deep and confident voice, reminded the couple to perform the rites. Beside the Emperor, Noble Consort Rong could no longer conceal the joy in her heart.

She knew that as long as Princess Qing Qing entered the family, her son would become the most promising candidate for the position of Crown Prince.

“Bow to each other as husband and wife!”

For the final ritual, Mu Yuan and Princess Qing Qing turned to face each other, and as the ritual was completed, everything was set in stone.


At this moment, outside the Grand Prince’s mansion, galloping horses arrived, and five horses arrived in front of the mansion at the same time.

Mu Qing dismounted and was taken aback when he saw Zhu Qingge and the others who had also arrived. However, time was of the essence, and there was no time to think. He quickly walked towards the mansion.

Similarly, Li Ziye, Zhu Qingge, and the others also dismounted and entered the Grand Prince’s mansion.

“Bow to each other as husband and wife!”

Inside the main hall, Lu Siqing saw that the couple had not performed the ritual and reminded them again.

“Just a moment!”

At this moment, two voices sounded at the same time from outside the main hall.”Mu Qing!”

Inside the main hall, the Emperor of Great Shang’s expression darkened upon seeing the newcomer.


Unexpectedly, ahead of the eleventh prince, a monk clad in blue robes who had entered the royal mansion first appeared before everyone. He chanted the Buddha’s name and said solemnly, “Your Highness, you must not proceed with the bowing ceremony!”


A cold glint flashed in the Emperor’s eyes as he said, “Who are you to act so presumptuously here?”

“The humble monk’s dharma name is Fa Hai, from the Temple of the Green Lantern.”

The monk in blue spoke calmly, “I am here to subdue a demon.”

“A monk from the Temple of the Green Lantern?”

Upon hearing this, the ministers inside the main hall were all startled.

The holy land of Buddhism in the southwest of Great Shang?

“You should be reciting scriptures in your temple, monk. Why have you come to cause trouble at my son’s grand wedding? Do you wish for death?” the Emperor said coldly.

“Your Majesty, there is a demon in this royal mansion, a heart-digging demon. The humble monk cannot ignore it,” Fa Hai replied respectfully.


The Emperor slammed the table and said sternly, “How could there be a demon in my son’s mansion? Guards, seize this monk!”


The soldiers waiting outside the main hall received the order and immediately entered to apprehend the monk.


Fa Hai brought his palms together and chanted the Buddha’s name. A golden light emerged around him, and the approaching soldiers were instantly repelled several steps back.

Inside the main hall, the Rakshasa King Tao Yaoyao, the Martial King, and several other martial kings narrowed their eyes, ready to take action.

“Your Majesty.”

Fa Hai looked at the Emperor of Great Shang and said earnestly, “The humble monk means no disrespect, but if this heart-digging demon is not dealt with, the citizens of the Capital City may continue to suffer. In recent days, many young men in the city have had their hearts gouged out. The esteemed officials present should be aware of this matter.”

Among the guests, the court officials exchanged glances.

They had indeed heard of this matter.

“Spreading rumors to create panic!”

The Martial King stood up, stepped forward to Fa Hai, and reached out to subdue him.


The moment the Martial King’s palm force was applied, Fa Hai’s body shone with a brilliant golden light, and a bright mirror expanded, blocking the attack.

At the same time, the mirror reflected the attack back, and the Martial King, caught off guard, was repelled three steps by his own palm force.

Everyone was shocked by this turn of events.

The Martial King was at a disadvantage?

Meanwhile, outside the royal mansion, Li Ziye and others had also arrived and were surprised by the scene unfolding before them.

“Brother Fa Hai?”

San Zang exclaimed upon seeing the monk in blue robes in front of the main hall.

“Fa Hai?”

Li Ziye turned to the young monk beside him, surprised, “His name is Fa Hai?”


San Zang nodded and said gravely, “Brother Fa Hai is second only to our master in cultivation at the Temple of the Green Lantern. He left the temple three years ago due to a bottleneck in his Buddhist practice and has not returned since. I did not expect to encounter him here.”

“A master second only to the Buddha of the West?”

Li Ziye caught the key point in the young monk’s words, his gaze shifting to the monk in blue robes ahead, his expression becoming serious. Was this to say that this man was a near-Five Realms, or even a Fifth Realm powerhouse?

“Demon, won’t you reveal your true form?”

In front of the main hall, under everyone’s gaze, Fa Hai looked at the Princess Qing Qing in her bright red bridal gown and said calmly, “Or shall I force you to reveal yourself?”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s gaze instinctively turned to Princess Qing Qing standing before the Prince.

The Princess was a demon?


Sensing something in the crowd’s gaze, Qing Qing removed the red veil from her head and looked towards the young monk outside the main hall. Her beautiful face, framed by the bright red bridal gown, appeared even more stunning and charming.

“You’ve come.”

Qing Qing spoke, a radiant smile appearing on her beautiful face as she softly said,


Seeing Qing Qing’s gaze directed at him, San Zang felt an inexplicable tremor in his heart.


Outside the main hall, Fa Hai brought his palms together, turned to look at the young monk behind him, and said, “Little brother, lend me your Purple Gold Bowl.”

With that, Fa Hai pointed his finger, and the Purple Gold Bowl flew out from San Zang, shining brightly and illuminating the entire mansion.


Bathed in the Buddha’s light, Qing Qing let out a pained grunt, her body trembling violently, and her eyes gradually turned red.

“She’s a demon, she’s a demon!”

Inside the hall, as everyone witnessed this, their expressions changed, and they cried out in fear.

At that moment, outside the main hall, Li Ziye, Bai Wangyu, and San Zang were all stunned. The Princess was a demon?

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