Chapter 88 – Little monk, I haven’t eaten anyone, nor have I harmed anyone!

Capital City, Prince’s Mansion.

Fa Hai made a move, and the golden light of the purple-golden bowl illuminated the royal mansion.

The golden light was dazzling and radiant, and under the light, everyone felt as if they were bathed in the morning sun, except for Qing Qing.

In the light, Princess Qing Qing trembled all over, her beautiful face filled with extreme pain, and her eyes turned blood-red.

“Monster, she’s a monster!”

Inside the main hall, everyone saw the appearance of Princess Qing Qing and quickly got up and retreated, showing a look of fear.

Beside the Emperor, the Noble Consort was also pale with fear and subconsciously moved backward.

The most composed person in the main hall was the Emperor, who gazed at the young girl in front of him with a slight frown.

This Princess Qing Qing is also a monster?

When did this happen?

Does the Southwest King know about this?

“Qing Qing!”

Outside the main hall, Zhu Qingge saw his sister in extreme pain inside and rushed in without thinking, using his own body to block the Buddha light.


Qing Qing looked at the young man in front of her and called out instinctively.

Having been in the capital of Great Shang for a few days, Qing Qing could clearly feel that the person in front of her was the one who truly cared for her.

“Qing Qing, this marriage is beyond our reach. Let’s go with brother!”

Zhu Qingge reached out and grabbed the girl behind him, preparing to leave.

“Young Master, you need to see clearly. This woman is a monster, not the real Princess Qing Qing.”

Outside the main hall, Fa Hai looked at the Southwest King’s son who rushed out and reached out to stop him.

“Monk, I only believe in my own eyes. Qing Qing is my sister, not a monster!” Zhu Qingge said coldly.


Fa Hai chanted the Buddhist mantra and said, “Mortals are always deceived by appearances. So be it, I will let you see the true face of the monster with your own eyes.”

After speaking, Fa Hai waved his hand, and outside the main hall, a soldier’s sword flew out and cut across Princess Qing Qing’s arm.

In an instant, the bright red blood splattered and fell to the ground.

The next moment, an amazing scene occurred, the blood on the ground turned into frost, and a chilling air filled the air.

Inside and outside the main hall, everyone was even more shocked to see this.

It really is a monster!

“The blood of a monster is as cold as its heart. Young Master, do you still believe she is your sister?” Fa Hai said seriously.

Zhu Qingge trembled, and although he had doubts in his heart, the situation was urgent, and there was no time to distinguish the truth. He had to save the person first and then find out the truth.

Otherwise, if there were hidden secrets, he wouldn’t even have a chance to regret it.

Thinking of this, Zhu Qingge’s expression became firm, and he said in a deep voice, “I believe! Qing Qing has been suffering from a cold illness since she was a child, so the blood in her body is affected and different from ordinary people.”

Behind her, Qing Qing looked at the young man who had always stood in front of her, and a tear glistened in her blood-red eyes.

“Qingge, take Qing Qing and leave!”

At this moment, outside the main hall, the eleventh prince, Mu Qing, also came to his senses and stepped forward, saying in a firm voice, “I will handle this.”


Zhu Qingge agreed and pulled Qing Qing to leave.

“Young Master, the monster cannot be let go!”

Fa Hai stepped forward to block their way and said seriously.

“Rakshasa King.”

Mu Qing saw the woman in the hall and said.


In the seat, Tao Yaoyao sighed softly, stood up, and without saying more, her figure flashed and she struck out with a palm towards Fa Hai who was blocking the main hall.


The powerful palm was like a surging wave, and Fa Hai’s expression changed slightly. He immediately activated his Buddha power to resist.

With a loud bang, Fa Hai took a half step back, and his Buddha power around him showed a brief tremor.

Inside the main hall, everyone looked at this scene, their expressions filled with shock.

The Rakshasa King is actually the person of the eleventh prince?

On the main seat, the Emperor saw this scene and narrowed his eyes slightly. This eleventh prince was indeed impressive. It seemed that this eleventh prince was not as reckless as he appeared on the surface.

His sons were all outstanding talents!

In front of the main hall, at the moment when Fa Hai was restrained by the Rakshasa King, Zhu Qingge immediately pulled Qing Qing and rushed out.


Seeing this, Fa Hai’s expression changed, and he raised his palm to activate the power of the purple-golden bowl to capture the monster.


In the void, under the golden light of the purple-golden bowl, Qing Qing, who was about to walk out of the main hall, stumbled, spat out a mouthful of blood, and her body trembled violently again.

“Qing Qing!”

Zhu Qingge’s face changed slightly, and he pulled Qing Qing behind him.

However, this time, even though Zhu Qingge used his body to block the Buddha light, he could no longer stop the endless Buddha power.

“Qing Qing!”

Seeing this, Mu Qing in front of the main hall drew the soft sword at his waist and stabbed the monk in front of him.


The harsh sound of metal clashing rang out, and Fa Hai used the Buddha beads in his hand to block the sword, and his Buddha power was activated again. In an instant, under the purple-golden bowl, the golden Buddha light completely enveloped the entire mansion.


Under the Buddha light, Qing Qing’s painful screams echoed, her body trembled violently, and blood continued to flow from the corners of her mouth.

Inside the main hall, the courtiers and officials were shocked to see this scene, and no one stepped forward to stop it.

In their understanding, monsters were man-eaters and must be eliminated.

However, it was truly unbelievable that the Southwest King’s daughter was a monster.

On the main seat, the Emperor also watched the development of the situation quietly, without intervening.

This grand wedding had already given him too many surprises. He wanted to see what other changes would occur.

Thinking of this, the Emperor’s gaze fell on Li Ziye and the other two outside, and a hint of curiosity flashed in his eyes.

They have also arrived.

If he wasn’t mistaken, the little monk following the legitimate son of the Li Family and the Imperial Academy’s Bai Wangyu was a Buddhist disciple of the Buddhist Sect.

The people of the Confucian School and the Buddhist Sect had all appeared. This farce was becoming more and more interesting!

Outside the main hall, Li Ziye looked at the events unfolding in front of him, his eyes narrowed.

What a great show!

Li Ziye glanced at Little Red Riding Hood and then looked at the little monk beside him.Beside the two, San Zang stood there in a daze, seemingly stupefied, silent and unresponsive.


In front of the main hall, Tao Yaoyao saw the eleventh Prince engage in combat with Fahai and, without hesitation, immediately lent her aid.

Fahai was multitasking, on one hand, he was using the Purple Gold Bowl to capture demons, and on the other, he was dealing with the Rakshasa King of Great Shang, gradually losing ground.

“Bodhi’s Triple Salvation.”

Unwilling to let the tiger return to the mountain, Fahai let out a soft chant, and the golden light around him burst forth once again, revealing the secret techniques of the Buddhist Sect.

“The clear mirror is not a platform!”

Amidst the light chant, the rapidly spreading golden mirror light forcibly reflected the Rakshasa King’s offensive, and with a loud bang, repelled him.

Three steps away, Tao Yaoyao steadied herself and looked at the monk before her with a grave expression.

This monk was not easy to deal with.

Especially this shell of his, it was truly troublesome.

“Brother Fahai.”

At this moment, outside the main hall, San Zang, who had been silent all this time, seemed to have snapped out of his shock and softly said, “Is she really a demon?”


Fahai nodded, calmly stating, “Only a demon’s blood would be cold.”

“Do demons necessarily have to be captured?” San Zang murmured.

“Demons devour humans; they must be captured.”

Fahai earnestly replied, “Little brother, your understanding of the Buddhist teachings is shallow, you cannot see through the demon’s disguise, hence you are confused by the demon’s appearance. A demon is a demon, greedy and murderous, they cannot be let loose!”

“Little monk, I haven’t eaten anyone, nor have I harmed anyone!”

Behind Zhu Qingsong, Qing Qing, enduring the severe pain in her body, said with a trembling voice, “Little monk, you must believe me!”

Hearing the term ‘little monk’ again, San Zang trembled and looked at the pained girl before him, softly asking, “Princess, are you truly a demon?”


Under the golden light, Qing Qing let out another pained groan, involuntarily kneeling down, clearly unable to hold on much longer.

“Old Bai!”

Seeing this, Li Ziye spoke up, “If this continues, will Princess Qing Qing die?”

“She will.”

Bai Wangyu said solemnly, “Not only will she die, but her soul will also be scattered, never to be reborn!”

“Damn it!”

Li Ziye cursed upon hearing this, discontentedly saying, “That’s really ruthless!”

“Brother Li, she is a demon,” Bai Wangyu gently reminded.

“So what if she’s a demon!”

Li Ziye turned his head and retorted, “Humans can be good or evil; why can’t demons be the same? Has anyone seen her harm others? Even murderers get a trial, but for her, just because this monk says she’s a demon, she should have her soul scattered? If I say this monk is a demon monk, can I also stab him with a sword? In the end, it’s just because he has the bigger fist.”

With that, Li Ziye turned to San Zang and reminded, “Little monk, I’m not persuading you to save her, I just hope you won’t regret it later.”

Upon hearing this, San Zang trembled and looked at the young man before him, grasping at straws with hope in his voice, “Donor Li, do demons really have good and evil within them?”

“I don’t know.”

Li Ziye said indifferently, “Decide for yourself. If you want to save her, I’ll think of a way to help you. If you don’t want to save her, we can all just watch the show. I’m happy to stay out of it, just don’t regret your decision.”


After hearing the words of the person before him, San Zang’s struggling eyes finally began to firm up.


At that moment, under the envelopment of the Purple Gold Bowl’s golden light, Qing Qing’s body suddenly trembled violently, blood gushed from her body, and her life hung by a thread.

“Qing Qing!”

Mu Qing, Zhu Qingsong’s face changed, and he called out urgently.


In that instant, within the royal mansion, under the dazzling golden light, San Zang stepped forward, the blood-red Buddhist seal on his forehead flickering with light, blocking the Buddhist light from the Purple Gold Bowl.

“Little brother, you!”

Seeing this, Fahai’s expression darkened, and he said, “Do you know what you are doing?”

“Brother Fahai, the Princess has never harmed anyone, could you spare her life?”

San Zang stood in front of Qing Qing, looking at his senior brother ahead, and softly spoke.

“Absolutely not!”

Fahai said sternly, “How can you believe the words of a demon? Little brother, step aside!”

“Brother, I believe her!”

San Zang refused to budge, earnestly saying, “She said she hasn’t eaten anyone, and I believe she hasn’t!”

“Little brother, you too have been bewitched by the demon. Now it seems, this demon cannot be spared.”

As he spoke, Fahai’s expression turned completely cold, and with a deep shout, he raised his palm, and a drop of Buddhist blood flew from his fingertip into the Purple Gold Bowl.

Suddenly, in the void, the Purple Gold Bowl erupted with an unparalleled dazzling light, and the golden Buddhist light, like a tidal wave, descended from the sky.

Seeing this, San Zang’s fair face changed, his hands formed a Buddhist seal, attempting to retrieve the Purple Gold Bowl.

However, the absolute difference in cultivation made the Purple Gold Bowl, which had already recognized its master, no longer under San Zang’s control. The Buddhist power pressed down, unmatched.

In an instant, the sky filled with golden waves crashed down, completely engulfing everything before it.

Meanwhile, at the Imperial Academy.

Eastern Courtyard.

Kong Qiu’s gaze was fixed on the distance, a flicker of unusual color in his eyes.

Whether demon or human, good or evil, it’s actually just a matter of thought.

To break through the calamity of the cold winter, Qing Qing’s heart must harbor goodness; otherwise, when the cold winter descends, it will never end.

Their choices today will determine the future of the human world.

Plant good seeds to reap good fruits.

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