Chapter 86 – Grand wedding

Two days passed so quickly.

During these two days, the atmosphere in the entire capital city became somewhat strange.

Li Ziye still couldn’t stop the 11th Prince.

Because the conversation between the 11th Prince and the Southwest King was not pleasant, he had no choice but to go to the palace.

As a result, the 11th Prince and the Emperor had a big quarrel in the Shou’an Hall.

In the end, the 11th Prince stormed out, and the Emperor was so angry that he smashed the chessboard, leaving the eunuchs in the palace breathless for the whole day.

“Master Li, did I really lose my composure that day?”

In the western courtyard of Li Garden, San Zang was still feeling troubled about his performance in the Yuhua Garden two nights ago and asked.

“You didn’t lose your composure.”

Li Ziye grinned and said, “You were just drinking with a few girls, it’s normal, it’s a place for revelry, everyone understands.”

“Amitabha, I have sinned.”

San Zang hurriedly closed his eyes and recited the scriptures vigorously while turning the prayer beads.

“After the wine and meat have passed through the intestines, the Buddha sits in the heart. Isn’t that what you said?”

Li Ziye patted the shoulder of the little monk and said with a smile, “Actually, you didn’t do much that night, just got kissed by a few girls and drank a bit. As long as you have the Buddha in your heart, it’s fine. This is the time to test your willpower. Do you want to go again tonight and continue the test?”

“Amitabha, Master Li, I can’t do that.”

San Zang opened his eyes and quickly refused.

“Young Master.”

Just then, a servant boy hurried over and respectfully said, “As the young master expected, the 11th Prince went to the Western King’s Mansion and then went to the palace again, and had a big quarrel with the Emperor.”

“Got it, you may leave.” Li Ziye nodded.

“Yes.” The servant boy took his leave.

Beside him, Bai Wangyu frowned and said, “Brother Li, did you already know that the Southwest King would not change his mind?”

“It’s obvious.”

Li Ziye nodded and said, “I just wanted the 11th Prince to confirm it again to verify my guess.”

“What guess?” Bai Wangyu asked in confusion.

“The Emperor has a terrifying aspect that even several Martial Kings are wary of.”

Li Ziye’s expression became serious, “Perhaps, we have underestimated this Emperor all along. It seems that only the Martial Kings closest to the Emperor truly understand this old fox, which is why they are so wary.”

“Brother Li, you must not show disrespect to the Emperor.” Bai Wangyu reminded.

“There’s no one else here.”

Li Ziye replied, curious, “Old Bai, how well do you know this Emperor?”

“Not much.”

Bai Wangyu shook his head and said, “But the Confucian Scholar has met the Emperor a few times, and each time, no one was allowed to approach. And over the years, the Confucian School has always strictly forbidden interference in court affairs. The relationship between the Confucian School and the court is not as good as it seems on the surface, but it’s not too bad either. It seems to be maintaining a delicate calm.”

“It seems that even the Confucian School is on guard against our Emperor. The waters of the capital city are truly deep.”

Li Ziye sighed lightly and said, “If it weren’t for the court’s coercion, I really wouldn’t want to come to this capital city and wade into this mess.”

“Brother Li, since you’re here, you might as well make the best of it.”

Bai Wangyu said calmly, “And with Brother Li’s intelligence, you are capable of dealing with these troubles.”

“Deal with what.”

Li Ziye said irritably, “I’m just trying to live the life of a playboy for a while, why is it so difficult? I finally learned some martial arts, and now I encounter one weirdo after another, each one more abnormal than the last, undermining my confidence every day.”

At this point, Li Ziye looked at the little bald donkey beside him, feeling displeased, “Little monk, I helped you the other day, how are you going to thank me?”

“Master Li, I have nothing to offer.”

After staying for a few days, San Zang had also become clever and looked at the young man in front of him with a guarded expression.

“Teach me another move from the Bodhi Three Degrees.”

Li Ziye requested.

“Amitabha, I can’t.”

San Zang refused directly.


Li Ziye sneered, “I was thinking of helping you again, but now I think I’ll pass.”

“Could it be that Master Li has a deeper understanding of Buddhism?”

San Zang was surprised.

“Teach me another move, and I’ll do something big for you, I guarantee you won’t lose out.”

Li Ziye smirked.

“Master Li, I really can’t teach you anymore.”

San Zang said in distress, “Before this, I had already violated the rules of the Qingdeng Temple by teaching the Ming Mirror Yifei Platform to Brother Li without permission. I have to go back this time to confess to my master.”


Li Ziye didn’t want to continue to trouble the little monk, so he thought for a moment and said, “Then you promise to help me with three things, and I’ll teach you a section of Buddhist scripture.”

“Just one thing.”

San Zang bargained.

“You have no conscience, just three things, take it or leave it.”

Li Ziye said with a displeased expression, “Just three, whether you like it or not.”

“Two, if Master Li disagrees, then forget it.”

San Zang smiled.


Li Ziye gritted his teeth, “Little monk, you’re not as cute as you were when you first arrived!”

Beside them, Bai Wangyu listened to their conversation and his expression became somewhat strange.

This Buddhist disciple is also changing.

Li Garden is truly a magical place.

“Listen carefully, I’ll only say it once. This section of scripture is called the Heart Sutra of Prajna Paramita.”

Li Ziye began to recite like a robot, “When Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara was practicing the profound Prajna Paramita, he illuminated the Five Skandhas and saw that they were all empty, and he crossed beyond all suffering and difficulty… Therefore, the Prajna Paramita is the great mantra, the great enlightening mantra, the unsurpassed mantra, the unequaled mantra, able to remove all suffering, it is true, not false…”Leaning back, Li Ziye wiped the sweat from his face and cursed inwardly. If only he had memorized more ancient poems and scriptures in his past life, his stock of knowledge was running low. How would he continue to impress others?

San Zang was visibly shaken after listening to the scriptures recited by the young man before him.

Beside him, Bai Wangyu’s expression grew increasingly peculiar. Where on earth did Brother Li hear all these things?

In this world, to dare discuss the Dharma in front of a Buddhist Disciple and even bewilder them so thoroughly, Brother Li was truly one of a kind.

After a long while, San Zang recovered from his shock and respectfully bowed to the young man, saying, “Li benefactor’s comprehension of the Dharma far surpasses that of this humble monk. If Li benefactor is willing to join our Buddhist Sect, I am willing to relinquish the title of Buddhist Disciple to you.”

“Get lost, I have no interest in becoming a monk.”

Li Ziye replied irritably, “And you’re still trying to repay kindness with ingratitude.”

San Zang smiled helplessly and said, “Actually, being a monk isn’t as bad as Li benefactor imagines.”

“Can a monk take a wife, drink wine, eat meat, swindle people, or keep his hair?”

Li Ziye said with disdain, “Little monk, you chant your scriptures, and I’ll woo my girls. Let’s not bother each other. Oh, and by the way, Princess Qing Qing’s grand wedding is tomorrow. Don’t you go causing trouble.”

“Why would you say that, Li benefactor? How could I possibly do such a thing?” San Zang replied.

“Better not.”

Li Ziye nodded, glancing at the Little Red Riding Hood nearby, signaling to keep an eye on this little baldy.

Bai Wangyu nodded in agreement.

In the Capital City, the sky had darkened without notice, the calm before the storm was oppressively quiet.

Li Garden, the residence of the Great Prince, and the Southwestern King’s Mansion all became eerily silent that day, unnaturally so.

Finally, as dawn broke the next day, the grand wedding of Princess Qing Qing and the Great Prince Mu Yuan officially began.

The wedding procession that set out from the Great Prince’s residence was grand and lively, with drums and gongs sounding, stirring the entire Capital City into excitement.

At the Southwestern King’s Mansion, the maids dressed Princess Qing Qing in her wedding gown, a bright red dress as vivid as blood, strikingly beautiful.

Qing Qing did not struggle or cry anymore; her beautiful eyes showed no sign of turmoil.

Her heart was already dead; all she wanted was to see him one last time.

She knew he would come!

In Li Garden, in the western chamber, as the sky outside brightened, San Zang finally stopped turning his prayer beads.

Outside the room, Li Ziye and Bai Wangyu had been blocking the door since early morning, fearing the little monk might go mad.


The moment the door opened, Li Ziye and Bai Wangyu’s expressions tensed.

“Li benefactor, Bai benefactor.”

San Zang greeted the two waiting outside with a smile, “Were you waiting for me?”

“Little monk, are you alright?”

Li Ziye asked skeptically, still able to smile? Had he gone mad?

“I am fine.”

San Zang glanced at the overcast sky and said, “Today is the Princess’s grand wedding day. The Princess and I are acquainted, and I wish to bid her farewell.”

Li Ziye and Bai Wangyu exchanged glances, not understanding what the little monk was planning.

“You’re not planning to disrupt the wedding, are you?” Li Ziye asked warily.

“Of course not.”

San Zang smiled and said, “Li benefactor need not worry, I am just going to bid farewell.”

Li Ziye looked at Little Red Riding Hood beside him, seeking advice with a glance.

Bai Wangyu returned the look, suggesting they agree and follow to see what happens.

After receiving Little Red Riding Hood’s signal, Li Ziye coughed softly and said, “You can go, but you must promise us, whatever you want to do, you must consult us first.”

“Agreed,” San Zang nodded.

“Alright then.”

Li Ziye thought for a moment and agreed.

Subsequently, the three left Li Garden and headed towards the Southwestern King’s Mansion.

At the residence of the Eleventh Prince, nine loyal guards who had followed Mu Qing for many years were stationed outside early in the morning, fearing the Eleventh Prince might act impulsively.

Yet, in this Capital City, how many could truly stop the Eleventh Prince?

As dawn broke, Mu Qing broke through the guards’ blockade and rode towards the Southwestern King’s Mansion.

The Capital City, quiet for two days, was suddenly engulfed in turmoil.

Meanwhile, within the Great Shang Imperial Palace, the Emperor, who orchestrated everything, sat quietly in the hall, his gaze fixed on the chessboard, placing one piece after another.

Both black and white pieces were moved by the Emperor alone, and the outcome of the game was also decided by him.

In the silent Shou’an Hall, where one could hear a pin drop, aside from the sound of the chess pieces, there was no other noise, creating an exceptionally oppressive atmosphere.

After a long time, the Emperor placed the last chess piece, his eyes on the board, a barely discernible smile on his lips.

The time was almost upon them!

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