Chapter 85 – Green-robed monk

In the Shihua Garden, Mu Qing walked in, wearing armor, looking very conspicuous.

Under Li Ziye’s signal, Bai Wangyu stood up and walked towards the eleventh prince.

“Bai Wang.”

Mu Qing was surprised to see the newcomer, just about to speak, but was interrupted.

“Eleventh Young Master.”

Bai Wangyu politely greeted.

“Young Master Bai.”

Mu Qing understood, just about to say something, but his gaze fell on the woman beside him, and he said, “Young Master Bai, did you bring any silver with you? You left in a hurry and didn’t bring any money with you.”

“I didn’t bring any either.”

Bai Wangyu smiled and said, “But Brother Li did.”

After speaking, Bai Wangyu turned and looked at Li Ziye at the nearby table, and said, “Brother Li, can you get some silver?”

At his seat, Li Ziye heard this and got up, took out a handful of silver notes from his pocket, and handed them over, saying nonchalantly, “Is this enough?”

“It’s enough.”

Bai Wangyu looked at the large pile of silver notes in his hand, smiled helplessly, and then handed them to the eleventh prince in front of him, saying, “Eleventh Young Master.”

Seeing this, Mu Qing’s eyelids twitched. Who is this young man? Even as a prince, he had never seen anyone spend money like this. What a spendthrift!

Mu Qing only took one silver note and handed it to the woman beside him, saying, “I don’t need company, miss, go about your business.”

“Thank you, General.”

The woman was surprised to receive the silver note handed to her, and after a moment, her beautiful face showed excitement as she took the silver note and thanked him repeatedly.

“Eleventh Young Master, this way please,” Bai Wangyu smiled.

“Young Master Bai, please.”

Mu Qing nodded and walked towards the nearby table with them.

At the table, San Zang was already a little drunk, his fair little face was flushed, looking even more adorable.

On both sides, several women were still trying to get the little monk drunk, occasionally taking advantage of him and pinching his childish face.

“What is this?”

Mu Qing was surprised. How could there be a little monk here?

Monks also visit brothels?

Everyone at this table is so strange. Bai Wangyu, the eldest disciple of the Confucian School, used to be the most courteous person, but now he has come to this place of revelry. It seems that this is not his first time here.

Mu Qing looked at the three people at the table and felt even more incredulous.

“Ladies, please go about your business. We have something to discuss.”

Li Ziye took out a stack of silver notes from his pocket and gave one to each person, smiling gently.

“Thank you, Young Master Li.”

The women at the table joyfully accepted the silver notes and then got up and left.

“The legitimate son of the Li Family in Yuzhou City?”

Mu Qing seemed to remember something and asked.

It is said that the legitimate son of the Li Family has come to the capital city, and judging by his lavish spending, it should be him.


Li Ziye nodded and saluted, “Greetings, Eleventh Highness.”

Mu Qing reached out and pressed down the other’s hand, saying, “Since you are a friend of Wangyu, there is no need for so much courtesy.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Li Ziye nodded and sat back down.

“Master Li, Master Bai, have some tea.”

At this time, San Zang, who was drunk, held up a wine cup and swayed it in front of the three of them, urging them.

Li Ziye pulled the little monk’s arm away and blocked the wine cup that was about to fly up, saying helplessly, “Eleventh Highness, please don’t mind. This little monk is drunk.”

“He is a Buddhist disciple.”

Beside him, Bai Wangyu answered the eleventh prince’s earlier question, saying, “Because he has nowhere to go, he is temporarily living in the Li Family’s garden.”

“Buddhist disciple San Zang?”

Mu Qing was shocked. How did he end up like this?

“It’s a long story.”

Bai Wangyu looked embarrassed and looked at Li Ziye beside him, saying, “Brother Li, why don’t you explain.”

“Well, it’s not that long.”

Li Ziye said as he held down the little monk, “This little bald donkey fell in love with a woman and refused to admit it. As a result, he almost went mad from practicing, so Old Bai and I were afraid he would get into trouble. That’s why we brought him out to relax. Just now, we chatted for a while, and I don’t know what’s wrong with this little monk. He started drinking like crazy and ended up getting himself drunk.”

“Master Li, you are right. All phenomena are illusory and false, just like this tea!”

San Zang, with a flushed face, picked up the wine pot on the table, opened the lid, and was about to pour it into his mouth.

“Oh my god.”

Li Ziye saw this and hurriedly reached out to stop him, forcefully pulling the wine pot out of the little monk’s hand.

“All phenomena are illusory?”

Mu Qing repeated, somewhat surprised, “Did Young Master Li say that?”


Li Ziye smiled awkwardly, “I didn’t expect this little monk to believe it.”

Mu Qing nodded thoughtfully, did not speak, poured himself a glass of wine, and drank it in one gulp.

Beside him, Bai Wangyu looked at the eleventh prince’s expression and asked, “Your Highness, it seems like you’re not in a good mood.”

“I just caused a scene at Mu Yuan’s mansion.” Mu Qing said truthfully.

Bai Wangyu sighed lightly and said, “Your Highness, the matter with Princess Qing Qing has been settled. Why bother?”

On the side, Li Ziye listened to the conversation between the two and immediately understood what was going on.

He had also heard about the relationship between the eleventh prince and Princess Qing Qing from Little Red Riding Hood, but he didn’t expect the eleventh prince to be so infatuated and daring to cause trouble at the Crown Prince’s mansion.


They are truly trouble!

“I will enter the palace tomorrow and ask Father to cancel this marriage.” Mu Qing said irritably.

“Your Highness, you can’t.”Bai Wangyu was startled and said, “This matter has already spread throughout the entire Great Shang. His Majesty will definitely not retract his decree at this time. Your Highness, going to the palace now will only provoke His Majesty’s wrath.”

“I can’t worry about that now.” Mu Qing downed a drink and said.

“Your Highness, it seems you have found the wrong person.” Li Ziye, who had been silent, finally spoke up.

“What do you mean by that, Young Master Li?” Mu Qing asked, puzzled.

“To change His Majesty’s decree is not so easy. At least, regarding this matter, Your Highness’s words do not carry much weight,” Li Ziye said earnestly.

“I would like to hear the details,” Mu Qing said with a frown.

“The matter of Princess Qing Qing was discussed by me with the Crown Prince of the Southwest not long ago. The only person in this world who can change His Majesty’s decree is the Confucian Scholar.”

Li Ziye said seriously, “But the fact that His Majesty has not yet retracted his decree, what does it imply?”

“Zhu Qingge failed to meet with the Confucian Scholar, or rather, the Confucian Scholar is unwilling to deal with this matter,” Mu Qing said gravely.


Li Ziye nodded, “Therefore, theoretically speaking, there is no solution to this matter.”

Hearing this, Mu Qing’s expression grew even more solemn. He picked up the cup in front of him and drained the wine in one gulp.

“Brother Li, you’re so clever, can you think of a solution?” Bai Wangyu said from the side.

“The bell must be untied by the person who tied it.”

Li Ziye said calmly, “Actually, the key person in this matter is the King of the Southwest. If Your Highness can persuade the King of the Southwest, there might still be a glimmer of hope.”

“That’s right, Brother Li… Brother Li’s words make sense.”

Mu Qing said with a heavy tone, “The King of the Southwest loves Qing Qing the most and would not completely disregard her lifelong happiness. This time, it must be that Mu Yuan promised the King of the Southwest something, which made him choose him. I, Mu Qing, can promise the same!”

After speaking, Mu Qing drained the wine in his cup and stood up to leave.

“Your Highness.”

Li Ziye reached out to stop him, smiling, “It’s too late now, and moreover, it’s somewhat inappropriate for Your Highness to go to the King of the Southwest’s mansion in armor and smelling of alcohol. You should return to your mansion to rest, change your clothes, and go after dawn.”

Mu Qing looked at his armor, nodded, and said, “Brother Li’s reminder is apt, thank you.”

Then, Mu Qing left the Shihua Courtyard and headed back to his mansion.

“What a day!”

Inside the Shihua Courtyard, Li Ziye, who had been consoling others all night, poured himself a drink to quench his thirst.

He was almost becoming a confidant little angel, comforting one after another.

“Brother Li, is the solution you mentioned really useful?” Bai Wangyu asked worriedly.

“Of course,” Li Ziye replied promptly, “it’s not.”


Bai Wangyu was speechless and then asked in confusion, “If it’s not useful, why did Brother Li still suggest it to His Highness?”

“I’m just considering your good relationship with him, trying to prevent him from doing something suicidal.”

Li Ziye sighed, “Can’t he see that this is deliberately orchestrated by the Emperor of Great Shang? If you hadn’t told me about the relationship between the Eleventh Prince and Princess Qing Qing, I wouldn’t have realized that the Emperor is such a scheming person. Such a clever plan to kill two birds with one stone is not something ordinary people can come up with. It’s just a pity for the little monk, becoming the third innocent bird.”

As he said this, Li Ziye extended his hand with pity and patted the little monk’s bald head, poor child.

“Benefactor Li, have some tea.”

San Zang, feeling something, immediately woke up from his daze, picked up the cup, and said.

“What should we do?”

Bai Wangyu asked worriedly, “Is there really no turning point for Princess Qing Qing’s matter?”

“There isn’t.”

Li Ziye pressed down the mischievous little monk and said, “As I said before, unless the Confucian Scholar intervenes, this matter is already decided. These past few days, just hearing the name Qing Qing so much that my ears are about to develop calluses. I don’t know what that old fox, the Emperor, is really plotting. This move is too ruthless. Is he planning to play the two princes to death?”

“Qing Qing?”

Upon hearing this, Bai Wangyu’s brow furrowed slightly, and after a moment, as if remembering something, he said, “I recall the Confucian Scholar once said, ‘Qing Qing is dead, demons eat humans, eternal night descends.’ Could this Qing Qing be referring to Princess Qing Qing?”


After hearing Little Red Riding Hood’s words, Li Ziye also looked puzzled and said, “Now that you mention it, there is indeed a possibility. But isn’t Princess Qing Qing alive and well?”

“Could it be a prophecy of the Confucian Scholar?”

Bai Wangyu said solemnly, “Indicating that something will happen to Princess Qing Qing?”

“This old man, he never speaks clearly, always speaking in riddles.”

Li Ziye complained, “Just watch, the grand wedding of the Crown Prince and Princess Qing Qing won’t be peaceful. We need to keep an eye on this little monk and prevent him from doing anything rash.”

However, what Li Ziye and Bai Wangyu could never have imagined was that the monk they should be worried about was not San Zang.


In the night, in front of the King of the Southwest’s mansion, a monk dressed in a blue robe approached, his gaze fixed on the mansion ahead, a hint of concentration flashing in his eyes.

Princess Qing Qing had just arrived in the Capital City, and then the heart-digging demon appeared. It couldn’t be a coincidence.

Perhaps, this Princess Qing Qing is truly a demon.

If the demon eats humans, he, cannot let her stay!

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