Chapter 84 – The Conflict of the Two Princes

In the Shihua Garden, Li Ziye bluffed his way through and successfully scared the Buddhist disciples of the present world, almost to the point of asking to be their master.

“Brother Li, where did you hear all this from?” Bai Wangyu asked in a low voice after coming to his senses.

“Why do you care where I heard it from? As long as it works,” Li Ziye looked at the contemplative little monk and said in a low voice, “Look, this little monk is about to have an epiphany. Maybe in a while, he’ll be surrounded by golden light and become a Buddha on the spot.”


As soon as Li Ziye’s words fell, a sudden surge of golden light and a thunderous roar of the Divine Hidden Technique appeared on San Zang, who had been silent and contemplative.

Bai Wangyu and Li Ziye were both shocked to see this.

No way!

Did he just make it happen by saying it?


Bai Wangyu suppressed the waves in his heart and said.

Unexpectedly, the Buddhist disciple became the first of their younger generation to enter the third realm.

“Damn, did I just jinx it?” Li Ziye looked at the little monk in front of him in disbelief.

In the Shihua Garden, everyone saw this scene and their expressions were all shocked.


Three Divine Hidden Techniques. What is the identity of this little monk? At such a young age, he has already entered the third realm.

Doesn’t this mean that this little monk is even more powerful than the Divine Child of the Tianyu Hall and the Fourth Prince of our Great Shang?

In the golden light, the third Divine Hidden Technique was activated on San Zang, and the thunderous roar and the surging golden sea inside the Divine Hidden Technique were extremely shocking.


Li Ziye saw the little monk’s breakthrough and his face showed a look of discontent. Why him!

Every time he breaks through, it’s like killing a pig. Why can this little bald donkey break through after drinking a few cups of wine?

Is there still justice, is there still law!

“Brother Li, you are still amazing!” Bai Wangyu said admiringly on the side, “The ability to understand people with just a few words is something only sages have. But, Brother Li, if you can understand others, why can’t you understand yourself?”

“Get lost!” Li Ziye said impatiently, “Stop bothering me!”

Bai Wangyu chuckled lightly. Based on his understanding of Brother Li, he probably didn’t even know what he had just said.

After a long time, San Zang slowly opened his eyes in front of the two of them, and the blood-red Buddha seal on his forehead looked even more enchanting and captivating.

“Thank you, Master Li.” San Zang stood up and bowed respectfully again.

“Hehe.” Li Ziye smiled dryly and said, “You’re welcome.”

San Zang smiled and sat down again, looking at the wine on the table. This time, he didn’t hesitate and drank it all in one go.

Li Ziye and Bai Wangyu looked at each other, their eyes full of questions.

“Is this monk pretending to be stupid?”

“It doesn’t seem like it.”

“Should we ask?”

“I don’t want to ask, you ask!”

The two exchanged glances continuously, and finally, Li Ziye decided to ask.

“Little monk.”

Li Ziye looked at San Zang and said, “How’s the wine?”

“The tea is not bad,” San Zang smiled.

“This is wine,” Li Ziye emphasized.

“This is tea,” San Zang replied.


Li Ziye was speechless and gave a look to Little Red Riding Hood, meaning, it’s over, he’s been fooled.

“In fact, what I said just now was nonsense,” Li Ziye decided to admit his mistake and said seriously to the little monk.

“Master Li’s words are the ultimate truth of the Buddhist Sect,” San Zang smiled, “As the saying goes, after the wine and meat go through the intestines, the Buddha sits in the heart. As long as the monk has Buddha in his heart, even if he holds a butcher’s knife, the Buddha’s heart remains unchanged.”

Li Ziye reached out to the little monk after hearing this.

Bai Wangyu also silently reached out his hand.

The two clapped their hands together with a bang.

Congratulations, another twisted one.

This little monk has surpassed the master.

While Li Ziye, the little monk, and Little Red Riding Hood were having fun in the fireworks area, in the capital city, before the city gates closed, ten light cavalrymen rushed into the city and headed directly to the residence of the Fourth Prince.

At the forefront of the ten men was a young man in a blue battle armor, exuding an extraordinary aura. However, at this moment, he was unable to conceal his anger, and his murderous aura was chilling.

The eleventh prince, Mu Qing, the most distinguished among the princes of the Great Shang, had finally returned to the capital city of Great Shang before the marriage of Princess Qingqing.

In front of the residence of the Fourth Prince, the ten riders arrived, and Mu Qing dismounted directly and walked towards the residence of the Fourth Prince.

“You guys wait here!”


Behind him, nine iron guards respectfully accepted the order.

“Eleventh Prince.”

The guards at the residence of the Fourth Prince were surprised to see the visitor and immediately saluted.

“Where is Mu Yuan?” Mu Qing asked coldly.

“The Grand Prince has already retired,” the guard replied.


Mu Qing snorted coldly, without saying more, and went straight in.

“Eleventh Prince!”In the rear, two soldiers saw the situation and hurried forward to stop it, saying, “Eleventh Prince, you can’t just go in like this. If there’s anything, we will inform His Highness.”

“Get out of the way!”

Mu Qing waved his hand, pushing the two men back, and then quickly walked towards the backyard.

In the backyard, Mu Yuan sat in a wheelchair, his legs covered with thick brocade, his eyes looking at the moon in the sky, with a hint of sharpness in his eyes.

At this time, the noisy voices outside awakened Mu Yuan from his thoughts.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Yuan’s face showed displeasure as he spoke.

“Your Highness, Eleventh Prince has broken in!”

A servant ran over in panic, speaking urgently.

“Eleventh Prince?”

Mu Yuan’s eyes narrowed at the news, coming quite quickly.

“Mu Yuan!”

As the servant’s words were spoken, a young figure in a green armor had already stepped forward from outside the backyard, looking at the man in the wheelchair in front of him, and said coldly, “You really can keep your composure. I didn’t expect that among all the brothers, you are the most cunning one.”

“What do you mean by that, Eleventh Brother? I really don’t understand.”

Mu Yuan said lightly, “Eleventh Brother seems to have some misunderstanding.”


A cold light flashed in Mu Qing’s eyes as he said, “If it weren’t for your scheming, how could Father agree to betroth Qing Qing to you? Just based on you being a cripple?”

Listening to the words of the man in front of him, Mu Yuan clenched his fists, then after a moment, he relaxed his hands again, saying, “Eleventh Brother, the matter of the marriage was Father’s decision. I was not aware of it before.”

“You’re talking nonsense, save it for someone else, Mu Yuan. I came here today just to tell you that no matter what, I will not let Qing Qing marry a cripple like you!”

Mu Qing said coldly, not wanting to waste any more words, and turned to leave.

“I am indeed a cripple, but what about Eleventh Brother?”

From behind, Mu Yuan spoke calmly, “You can’t even protect the woman you love. Are you even worse than a cripple, Eleventh Brother?”

“You’re asking for it!”

Outside the backyard, Mu Qing, who was about to leave, heard this and turned back with an angry expression, swiftly approaching Mu Yuan.


An angry punch, like a raging wave, with an amazing momentum, but at this moment, an older figure appeared in front of the Crown Prince, blocking the attack of the Eleventh Prince.

“It’s you again, old dog!”

Mu Qing looked at the old eunuch in front of him, his face full of coldness.

“Eleventh Prince, what are you trying to do?”

Zhao Jie spoke calmly, “Breaking into the Crown Prince’s mansion is a serious crime. Now, Eleventh Prince, are you going to fight in the mansion as well?”

“Don’t label me with such a big accusation.”

Mu Qing stopped, speaking coldly, “I just missed my older brother so much, so I lost some manners. As for fighting in the mansion? That’s just nonsense. It’s nothing more than a normal sparring between brothers. I remember, the Crown Prince still has some foundation in martial arts.”

“Zhao Jie, step back.”

From behind, Mu Yuan looked at the Eleventh Prince, who had not completely lost his reason, and said.


Zhao Jie respectfully took his leave and then retreated behind the wheelchair.

“Eleventh Brother.”

Mu Yuan tugged at the brocade on his legs, saying, “If you have any dissatisfaction with the matter of Princess Qing Qing, you can go to Father. If Father changes his mind, I will not stop you.”

“That’s exactly what I intend to do!”

Mu Qing snorted coldly, then turned and walked towards the courtyard.

As he was about to leave the courtyard, Mu Qing stopped in his tracks, speaking coldly, “Mu Yuan, I underestimated you before!”

After speaking, Mu Qing said no more, taking his leave.

In the backyard, Mu Yuan looked at the departing figure, a hint of coldness flashing deep in his calm eyes.

This Mu Qing, after so many years of tempering, is no longer the impulsive Eleventh Prince he used to be.

Hopefully, he will really go to Father to argue, so that this show can be more exciting.

In front of the Crown Prince’s mansion, Mu Qing walked out and looked at the nine Iron Guards waiting in front, speaking calmly, “You can go back first.”

“Aren’t you coming back to the mansion, Your Highness?” one of the Iron Guards asked, puzzled.

“I’ll take a walk by myself.”

Mu Qing said, walking towards the street ahead.

The night in the capital city, as autumn deepened, was getting colder.

Mu Qing walked in the cold night, feeling inexplicably restless.

He didn’t understand why Father wanted to betroth Qing Qing to the Crown Prince.

Doesn’t Father know that he and Qing Qing grew up together, childhood sweethearts?

Or does Father know, but did it on purpose.

Thinking of this, Mu Qing felt even colder on this night.

“General, would you like to come in for a drink?”Before the Xiang River, a bustling pavilion stood tall, where a thinly-clad beautiful woman stood in the wind, her fair skin largely exposed and shivering slightly from the cold. She looked at the general before her with eyes full of anticipation and asked.

Upon seeing this, Mu Qing looked up at the pavilion ahead, a flicker of unusual color passing through his eyes.

Shihua Garden, the land of fireworks?

After pondering for a moment, Mu Qing nodded, his expression serene as he said, “Very well.”

Hearing this, the woman’s face lit up with joy, and she immediately stepped forward to take his arm, walking towards the interior of Shihua Garden.

Inside Shihua Garden, as Mu Qing entered, many people looked over.

Perhaps because he had not returned to the Capital City for a long time, no one inside Shihua Garden recognized his identity.

Except for one person.

Bai Wangyu!

As the leading disciple of the Confucian School, Bai Wangyu’s status was not ordinary, having seen the eleventh Prince of Great Shang more than once.

Thus, at first glance, Bai Wangyu recognized Mu Qing’s identity.

“Brother Li, the eleventh Prince has arrived.”

After coming back to his senses, Bai Wangyu whispered a reminder.

Li Ziye, upon hearing this, was momentarily startled, following the direction of the little red cap’s gaze. When he saw the figure of the eleventh Prince, the corners of his mouth curved up slightly.

What a coincidence!

It would be a disservice to heaven’s arrangement not to do something about this.

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