Chapter 7 – A little pain won’t kill you

Yuelai Inn, second-floor guest room, Li Ziye came to visit the Third Prince Mu Yao, his concerned expression was moving.


"I heard that the Third Royal Highness was injured in an assassination attempt. I have always wanted to come and visit, but I was afraid of disturbing the Highness's recovery, so I waited until today to come. I hope the Highness won't mind." Li Ziye raised his teacup and said softly.


"Brother Li is too polite."


Mu Yao coldly snorted in his heart, but his face did not show it. He smiled and said, "I am very happy that Brother Li came."


Although he didn't know who attacked him that night, he could guess that it was related to the Li Family.


However, he had no evidence now, and it was not the time to turn against the Li Family.


"What are the Third Royal Highness's plans? After you recover from your injuries, are you going back to the capital city?" Li Ziye asked tentatively.


"No rush."


Mu Yao smiled and said, "Since you are here, I also want to see the customs of Yuzhou City. At that time, I will inevitably trouble Brother Li."


Li Ziye narrowed his eyes slightly at these words. This idiot, he still hasn't left.


"Don't be polite. How can I say it's a trouble? If the Third Royal Highness is willing to stay, I couldn't ask for more." Li Ziye said sincerely.


"Thank you."


Mu Yao nodded, hesitated for a moment, and asked, "By the way, there is one thing I have been curious about. When I was in the capital city, I heard that the Li Family in Yuzhou is involved in the perfume, crystal, and soap business. Is it true?"


"Of course not."


Li Ziye laughed and said, "How could the Highness believe these rumors? The Li Family's perfume business has been around for ten years. Ten years ago, I was still an ignorant child. How could I invent these things? These are just gimmicks used by storytellers to deceive ignorant people."




Mu Yao chuckled and said, "It seems that I was also deceived by these storytellers."


Speaking of this, Mu Yao picked up the teapot and poured a cup of tea for the person in front of him, casually saying, "Regarding this perfume and crystal business, has the Li Family ever thought of finding business partners?"


Here it comes!


Li Ziye's eyes suddenly narrowed after hearing the words of the Third Prince. This was the true purpose of the Third Prince coming to Yuzhou City.


The court really wanted to interfere in the business of his Li Residence.


"Business partners?"


Li Ziye picked up the tea poured by the Third Prince, took a sip, and pondered. He said, "I rarely interfere in the Li Family's business, but according to my elder sister, the Li Residence's business has indeed encountered a bottleneck. If they want to further expand, they need to find suitable business partners."


Mu Yao's mouth curved slightly. In the past two years, the court had intentionally or unintentionally suppressed the Li Family's business. Although the effect was not significant, it still restrained the Li Family's crazy expansion of business.


However, this was just a prelude. The court's purpose was to interfere in the Li Family's business.


And if the Li Residence wanted to continue to expand its commercial influence, it had to rely on the power of the court.


"There are a few good choices in the capital city. They have strong financial resources and good connections. If Brother Li is willing, I can introduce them to you." Mu Yao took the opportunity to say.




Li Ziye became alert and asked, "Which ones?"


"The Zhangsun Family, the Merchant Alliance, and the Yin Family Money House." Mu Yao answered.


Li Ziye's expression slightly condensed after hearing this. It turned out that these three commercial giants in the capital city were all related to the court.


Being able to get this information, this trip was not in vain.


He was well aware that the Third Prince revealing this information was not without conditions. These three families were the choices given to the Li Residence by the royal family, and the Li Residence had no choice but to choose.


At least, before the Li Residence and the royal family officially fell out, the Li Residence had to give face to the royal family.


"Third Royal Highness, I need to go back and discuss this matter with my father and elder sister. I hope the Highness can wait for one or two days. I will definitely give the Highness a satisfactory answer." Li Ziye stood up and respectfully said.


"Alright, I will wait here for Brother Li's good news."


Mu Yao stood up to see him off, with a smile on his face.


Li Ziye nodded and quickly left.




In the backyard of the Li Residence, in the study.


Li Baiwan and Li Youwei were checking the account books inside. Li Ziye pushed open the door and walked in directly.




Li Baiwan was about to get angry, but when he saw who it was, his face immediately filled with a smile. He said, "Son, why are you here? You rarely come to the study."


"Sister Youwei."


Li Ziye ignored the nouveau riche in front of him and greeted Li Youwei. He asked, "Do we have any business dealings with the Zhangsun Family, the Merchant Alliance, and the Yin Family Money House in the capital city?"


"We have some with the Merchant Alliance and the Yin Family Money House, but not much with the Zhangsun Family. Why?" Li Youwei asked in confusion.


"They are backed by the court." Li Ziye said seriously.


"The court?"


Li Baiwan and Li Youwei exchanged glances and their expressions turned serious.


"Is the news reliable?" Li Baiwan asked in a deep voice.


"The Third Prince personally told me, so it should be true." Li Ziye replied.


"If that's the case, it's troublesome."Li Youwei said in a serious tone, "For these years, we have been avoiding the interference of the royal court in our Li Family's business, just to avoid being controlled by them. Unexpectedly, the royal court's reach has extended so far."


"Sister Youwei, there's no need to worry too much."


Li Ziye said solemnly, "There are pros and cons to everything. The royal court is so eager to interfere in our Li Family's business, so this time we will expose some information. We always have to return the favor."


"What do you mean, little brother?" Li Youwei asked, puzzled.


"The Third Prince gave us three choices, didn't he?"


Li Ziye's mouth curved slightly, "Our Li Family's business is so big that these three families must have been envious for a long time. Unfortunately, we can only choose one to cooperate with."


"What do you mean, let them fight each other like dogs?" Li Youwei said.


"You're the smartest, Sister Youwei. People are driven by self-interest, even if these three families are all backed by the royal court, they can't completely unite."


Li Ziye agreed and smiled, "Alright, you decide on these troublesome matters. I don't care anymore. I'm going to become a Sword Immortal. How are my potent medicines prepared?"


"They are almost ready. I have already sent people to search for the remaining potent medicines in various cities. You can rest assured, little brother," Li Youwei said softly.


"Haha, Sister Youwei is always the best to me. Hug."


Li Ziye approached and hugged his elder sister in front of him, feeling much happier.


"Alright, go find your wife quickly."


Li Youwei lightly tapped his forehead and smiled.


"My wife?"


Li Ziye let go and immediately reacted, "You mean Old Qin? Right, I'll go ask her when she will start cultivating. I'm about to become a Sword Immortal, hahaha!"


With a wild and arrogant smile, Li Ziye left the study and went to find Qin E'nuo.


Seeing her younger brother leave, Li Youwei's kind smile disappeared from her face, and her tone became cold, "Adoptive father, I think little brother's proposal is good. Let the bootlickers of those three royal families fight each other first. While we watch the tigers fight from the mountain, we can seize the opportunity to erode their power and buy ourselves some time."


"That's indeed a good idea."


Li Baiwan nodded and said, "If necessary, let Qingzhi secretly take action and increase the suspicion among the three families."




Li Youwei pondered for a moment and nodded, "There have been many incidents in the residence recently. It is indeed necessary for Second Brother to come back for a visit. However, if possible, we should avoid exposing his identity. After all, his true identity cannot be revealed."


Everyone in the world knows that there are three siblings in the Li Family, but Li Qingzhi, the second-ranked one, is mostly known by name. Other than that, not much is known. Even the people in the Li Residence rarely see this Second Young Master and do not know his true identity.


However, she, her younger brother, and their adoptive father know.


The number one tower in the world, Misty Rain Tower, the fastest-rising assassin organization under the Great Shang Royal Dynasty's influence in the past ten years.


And Qingzhi is the Tower Master of Misty Rain Tower.


The wealth of the Li Residence is unparalleled in the world. Therefore, in the past ten years, Misty Rain Tower has recruited countless experts, with the goal of jointly resisting the royal court, one in the light and one in the dark, together with the Li Residence.


And the initial proposal to establish Misty Rain Tower was made by her younger brother.


Thinking of this, Li Youwei sighed lightly in her heart.


It is also because of this reason that the relationship between Qingzhi and her younger brother has always been bad.


Qingzhi is a true martial arts genius. At a young age, his cultivation level is already close to that of the Grandmaster Level experts. However, because of her younger brother's proposal, he has been in the darkness for the past ten years, and his identity has never seen the light.


If Qingzhi doesn't hold any grudges, that would be impossible.


She understands, and her younger brother understands too.


Therefore, her younger brother, who never wants to suffer any losses, has always been patient and never confronts Qingzhi.




In the backyard, by the lake.


Li Ziye searched around but couldn't find his Fairy Master. He couldn't help but ask, "Old Zhang, where is Old Qin?"


By the lake, a cold smile appeared on the corner of Slovenly Zhang's mouth as he said, "She's right behind you."


"You're… kidding."


Li Ziye instinctively turned around and, upon seeing the woman behind him, a bootlicker-like smile appeared on his face as he said, "Fairy Master, when did you arrive?"


"Just now."


Qin E'nuo said calmly, "What do you need from me?"


"The potent medicines are all prepared. When can I start cultivating?"


Li Ziye eagerly asked.




Qin E'nuo said, then walked towards the nearby pharmacy.


"So soon."


Li Ziye looked surprised and quickly followed.


When they were near the lake, Li Ziye also winked at Old Zhang and mouthed, "I'm about to become a Sword Immortal."


Old Zhang didn't respond, he closed his eyes with a smile that didn't reach his eyes. Kid, just wait to die.


It is said that women hold grudges, and it's absolutely true.


He really doubted whether Qin E'nuo's method was purely for revenge, aiming to kill this young man.


Shattering every inch of his meridians and then repairing them, repeating this process a hundred times, hm.The thought alone was enough to lift one's spirits.


In the pharmacy, a massive bathtub had already been prepared. The servants of the mansion continuously poured steaming hot water into it, followed by baskets of potent medicine.




Inside the room, Qin E'nuo looked at the young man before her and spoke indifferently.


"This… this isn't appropriate."


Li Ziye's face showed a hint of difficulty. It was improper for men and women to touch each other. Even though she was his teacher and a mother figure, he was, after all, grown up.


"Enough with your nonsense!"


Qin E'nuo sneered, not saying anything more. She grabbed his arm, tore open his clothes, and with a swift palm strike, forcefully shattered the meridians in his right arm.




Immediately, the room was filled with a pig-slaughtering scream. It was so miserable that it sent chills down one's spine.


The next moment, Qin E'nuo picked up Li Ziye and threw him directly into the medicinal bath.


"Qin E'nuo, asshole!"


Inside the scalding medicinal bath, Li Ziye was in so much pain that he was on the verge of going mad, cursing without restraint.


"If you can still curse, it means you're full of energy. As expected, a little pain won't kill you!"


Qin E'nuo sneered again, stepped forward, grabbed Li Ziye's other arm, and with a strong grip, her genuine Qi surged, shattering the meridians in his left arm.




Inside the room, the pig-slaughtering scream rang out again, startling the servants passing by in the mansion.


By the lake, Slovenly Zhang picked up the Intoxicated Blossom Brew, took a swig, and began to hum a tune cheerfully.


"Apricot tree, oh, blooming white flowers, today an immortal visits my home, the immortal touches my head, oh, to grant me eternal life…"

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