Chapter 78 – The Strongest Turtle Shell in History

Li Yuan, San Zang looked at the young man rolling on the ground, his forehead covered in cold sweat, not knowing what to do for a moment.

He didn’t know that the young master of the Li family was so weak!

Wasn’t the young master of the Li family a disciple of the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal?

“Master Li.”

San Zang urgently said, “This monk has no money, how can I compensate Master Li?”

On the ground, Li Ziye heard this and immediately stopped acting spoiled, grinning and said, “Teach me a move.”

San Zang was taken aback, and after a moment, he put his palms together and recited the Buddhist chant, “Amitabha, Brother Li, the martial arts of the Qingdeng Temple cannot be passed on.”

“Ah, my lumbar disc!”

Li Ziye rolled on the ground again.

Outside the west wing, Bai Wangyu floated over and saw the scene inside, saying lightly, “San Zang, I advise you to teach him a move, otherwise, this matter will definitely not end.”

San Zang looked embarrassed, and after a long time, gritted his teeth and said, “Then Master Li must promise not to pass on the techniques of our Qingdeng Temple.”

“I swear on my life.”

Li Ziye lay on the ground, holding up four fingers, solemnly swearing.

“Alright, Master Li, what technique do you want to learn?” San Zang asked.

Li Ziye heard this and looked at the little red hat not far away, gesturing with his eyes, meaning, which one to learn?

Bai Wangyu understood and mouthed, “Bodhi Three Degrees.”

“I want to learn Bodhi Three Degrees.”

Li Ziye immediately repeated after seeing this.


San Zang looked even more embarrassed after hearing this.

“Ah, my cranial vault!”

Li Ziye continued to roll on the ground.


Seeing this, San Zang quickly agreed and said, “But I can only teach one move.”


Li Ziye, having achieved his goal, grumbled and got up, walked to the little monk, coughed, and said, “I’ve made up my mind, I want to learn the Mirror of Truth!”

San Zang nodded at this and looked at Bai Wangyu not far away.

“I’ll leave.”

Bai Wangyu immediately turned and left the west wing.


Seeing the senior disciple of the Confucian School leave, San Zang put his palms together and recited a Buddhist chant, saying, “Master Li, you must pay attention, this move is not easy to learn. Next, this monk will teach you the starting posture and the method of guiding the meridians. Remember, you cannot make any mistakes.”


Li Ziye nodded, looking excitedly at the little monk in front of him.

Absolute defense, sounds very cool.

“Bodhi Three Degrees!”

In the courtyard, San Zang shouted, and in an instant, golden light shone all over his body, and two divine techniques were revived, erupting with a thunderous sound, and vigorous genuine Qi burst forth.

“Mirror of Truth!”

San Zang flipped his palm, and the Buddha’s light shone, boundless genuine Qi rose and turned into Buddha’s light, which then turned into a golden wave, forming a protective mirror-like light around him, shining brightly and dazzling.

“I’ll test its power.”

Seeing this, Li Ziye’s face showed excitement, then drew the Pure Jun Sword and stabbed directly.


The sound of metal clashing rang out, and Li Ziye felt a numbness in his arm. The sharpness of the Pure Jun Sword was difficult to penetrate.

“What a hard shell.”

Feeling the power of this move, Li Ziye was greatly excited. With this move, he wouldn’t be afraid of being beaten in the future.

“Master Li, remember, all defensive moves have their limits, and the Mirror of Truth is no exception. Don’t be reckless just because you have this move, and try to block all the attacks of your opponent.” San Zang put away the Buddha’s light and earnestly admonished.

“Rest assured, I understand this principle.” Li Ziye nodded vigorously.

“This monk will teach Master Li the method of guiding the meridians.”

As he spoke, San Zang stepped forward, placed his hand on Li Ziye’s chest, and suddenly, genuine Qi surged in, leaving a mark of guiding the meridians in his meridians.

After a while, San Zang withdrew his hand and looked at the young man in front of him, somewhat surprised. “Master Li has only opened up four meridians?”

“Sorry, sorry.”

Li Ziye smiled awkwardly. Was it embarrassing to have only opened up four meridians?


San Zang recited the Buddhist chant and said, “This monk has taught Master Li the method of guiding the meridians. Next, Master Li will have to practice on his own. This monk has some other matters to attend to, so I will leave for a while.”

After speaking, San Zang bowed respectfully again and left the west wing.

After San Zang left, Bai Wangyu returned to the west wing, puzzled, “Where did he go?”

“I don’t know, he didn’t say, probably went to find Princess Qingqing.”

Li Ziye responded indifferently, then excitedly said, “Old Bai, I’ve learned it, let me show you.”

After that, Li Ziye operated his genuine Qi according to the method of guiding the meridians left by the little monk, and in an instant, a weak light that was almost invisible appeared, turning into bubbles and protecting his body.

Seeing this, Bai Wangyu stepped forward, extended a finger, and lightly poked it.


An embarrassing scene occurred, Li Ziye’s protective Qi bubble burst with a sound, turning into starlight and dissipating.


Li Ziye and Bai Wangyu were both silent, not knowing what to say.

After a moment, Bai Wangyu, afraid that the atmosphere would be too awkward, encouraged, “Brother Li, don’t be discouraged. Maybe with more practice in the future, this protective genuine Qi will become indestructible.””Hehe.”

Li Ziye let out a soulless chuckle, his voice dripping with disdain, “Hypocrite!”

“Let’s do this.”

Bai Wangyu spoke, “Since the Confucian Scholar has also agreed that Brother Li can learn all the techniques of the Confucian School, I will teach Brother Li the defensive moves from the Vast Chapter. Perhaps, practicing two sets of defensive martial arts together will provide Brother Li with more insights.”

“That makes sense.”

Li Ziye stroked his chin and nodded, “I will learn both martial arts. Later on, when I go out, I’ll wear a golden silk soft armor or some other precious armor. I’d like to see who can break through my shell then.”

Bai Wangyu chuckled lightly, stepped forward, and with a focused gesture, channeled his qi. In an instant, the righteous energy of the Vast Chapter surged and poured into the chest of the former.

“This move is called Vast Righteous Qi, and it shares the same ingenious principles with the Buddhist Sect’s Clear Mirror Stand.”

While speaking, Bai Wangyu left traces of the meridian pathways inside Li Ziye’s body, helping him to learn this absolute defensive move from the Vast Chapter.

The meridian pathways of the two martial arts were imprinted inside his body at the same time, and immediately, the Genuine Qi began to circulate automatically under the guidance of the two breaths. Li Ziye felt it and immediately sat down cross-legged to carefully comprehend the profound mysteries of the two martial arts.

Bai Wangyu stepped back and watched the youth before him, with flickers of light passing through his eyes.

There were others who practiced both Buddhist and Confucian techniques, but none had ever learned both the Vast Chapter and the Bodhi Three Degrees at the same time.

These two supreme martial arts of Buddhism and Confucianism, along with the original Sword God’s Divine Hidden Technique, complemented each other in offense and defense. Perhaps, Brother Li was embarking on an unprecedented path of martial arts.


At this moment, the two Divine Hidden Techniques within Li Ziye began to awaken, rumbling faintly into existence.

Buddhist light and Vast Righteous Qi alternated in appearance, and although both were very weak, they were gradually taking shape.

Seeing this, Bai Wangyu’s face revealed a trace of joy.

He could succeed!

His greatest concern just now was that the two martial arts would conflict with each other. Now it seemed he had worried unnecessarily.

Perhaps, the martial arts of both Buddhism and Confucianism were meant to converge despite their different paths.

Half an hour later, Li Ziye opened his eyes, and a golden and a white light flashed by.

“Old Bai, quick, try it out.”

Li Ziye jumped up excitedly, “I think I’ve found the trick.”

“How much of your strength will you use?” Bai Wangyu asked.

“All of it.”

Li Ziye replied, then added, “But don’t hit the vital spots.”


Bai Wangyu nodded, flipped his palm to Condense Qi, and Genuine Qi surged, secretly holding back three-tenths of his strength.


Seeing this, Li Ziye shouted deeply, Genuine Qi swirling around him, and Vast Righteous Qi emerged in response.

“Come on!”


Bai Wangyu responded and struck out with his palm.

Instantly, a tumultuous wave, like a raging torrent, roared down upon him.

“Well done.”

Having acquired two peerless martial arts, Li Ziye’s confidence soared, and he used the Vast Righteous Qi to withstand the incoming attack.


A loud noise was heard as the Vast Righteous Qi shattered on cue, unable to withstand the overwhelming palm force.

However, Li Ziye showed no sign of panic and shouted loudly, his body shining with golden light, “I still have this!”

A golden mirror appeared, and at this moment, its might was clearly much stronger than the bubble-like defense from before.

It was this that greatly increased Li Ziye’s confidence.

But Li Ziye had forgotten that Bai Wangyu was much stronger than him.


Another loud noise erupted, and the golden mirror shattered, the vast palm force hitting Li Ziye directly.


In an instant, Li Ziye’s body flew out like a kite, crashing into the wall of the courtyard with a loud rumble.

The courtyard wall shook, stones fell, revealing a figure sprawled in all directions.


The next moment, Li Ziye’s body hit the ground, battered and dazed, seeing stars.

Ahead, Bai Wangyu wiped the sweat from his face, relieved. Fortunately, he had held back three-tenths of his strength, otherwise, he would have really killed the guy.

Too weak!

It seemed that if this guy wanted to become the world’s number one shell, he needed to practice much more.

In the Desert North, the Huyan tribe, the extreme night continued to spread!

In the darkness, creatures shrouded in black qi appeared, attacking one tribe after another.

In just a few days, the Desert North was in chaos.

The only good news was that these creatures seemed to only appear at night and could not venture out of the extreme night.

This provided a bit of psychological comfort to the tribes outside the extreme night.

Three days later, the four Great Sovereigns of the eight tribes of the Desert North gathered to discuss a solution to the events that had befallen the Huyan tribe.

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